Friday, October 20, 2006

Ok well I'm not a very good blogger but in my defense my family is constantly on the computer playing Diner Dash. It's a super swell game. And another thing is I forgot I had a blog. Sorry.
Well Fall break was fun! I spent $150 on clothes and I ate sushi which is surprisingly good. I also bought this totally sweet new mascara. I like it. But I had to work every day but Wednesday and Sunday. I even have to work like all day Sat so I won't be going any where BLAH! Well Also some guy tried to accuse me of stealing his credit card number and charging him too much money. But I didn't so there old man. But on the other hand I did get pretty good tips tonight. This one guys bill was 10.70 and he tipped me 10 dollars yeah I'm that amazing at being a waitress!! Also this other guy tiped me $10. So i did have a pretty good night. Also I've been doing a lot of homework because teachers are dumb and think I like doing homework which I actually hate. I don't even know why I'm doing it because they're going to close my classes for not having a shot that doesn't exist. Oh well I've never been fond of school any ways. Maybe I can fulfill my dream of becoming a hobo. (Just kidding Guys I really just want to ride a train). See a hobo is more cultured than a bum because they ride trains and travel all across the country seeing many things. It would be pretty much amazing to be a hobo. well I don't know what else to write because I write in a stream of consciousness. Still I feel no different being 18 too just so you know!
Oh yeah ok I'm putting on these pictures of when we went camping That is me shooting the arrow and then my totally awesome bullseye!!! Yes archery and shooting are fun I do enjoy that!ok now I'm actually done :)


alirara said...

oh sorry it is so small I forgot about that

Lil Renny said...

I love camping! I'm so jealous!

alirara said...

how do i get a picture on my profile cuz i can't figure it out