Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Dinner: Bringing Families Together

What a marvelous Sunday we had at my Apartment.

Well first of all Shirley and I were twinners.  It's my fault but Shirley didn't mind.  She has the cutest red dress with white polka dots.  So cute.  And as I went to sleep Sat I thought "What should I wear to church tomorrow?"  Hmmm "I shall wear my red dress with my red shirt and my red and white polka dot shoes."  

Well Here comes Sunday morning and I arise, take a shower, and then I see Shirley and she's looking so rad in her red dress.  I said "Shirley I'm going to wear my white dress with my red shirt and my red and white polka dot shoes."  She gave me a huge baby smile.  So I knew she was ok with it. 

So I put on my pajamas and cut my hair.  

It just really needed some trimming and to be thinned out a bit.  I could no longer stand it.  Now it's really cute.  The good thing about cutting your own hair is you end up with a slightly different haircut everytime because you don't really know how to cut hair you just kind of do it until it looks ok.

Then I put on my matchy matchy twinners outfit with Shirley.

Then we went to church, twas swell.  And then we did visiting teaching, got home taught and disrupted the boys in my wards plan for a totally lame closing social. (They just don't want to put effort into planning so they want to just play volleyball...lame).

And the whole while this delicious smell was wafting through our home.  Because, you see, we were having a dinner party that night, and the pork roast was smelling just divine.  I insisted that we did not make pulled pork with the roast because I don't like it.  Usually it's too dry, & too saucey and then it's all messy Not cool pulled pork, totally uncool

So around 4 our home teachers came and around 4:45 they left and we started preparing other things for dinner.  I made mashed potaoes, and gravy from the drippings of the pork (it was the 2nd best gravy ever).  Dayan made Bolivian rice (I don't like rice so you can believe me when I tell you it was wonderful). Shirley poured the apple sauce in a bowl.  Haha jk she did more than that, she also cut up the most wonderful loaf of french bread.  This was perfect bread, it reminded of us the bread in Aladdin.  Kerri brought a deliciouso salad (seriously after she left Allan kept talking about how good the salad was).  

I think my favorite thing was our Apple Streudal Crisps.  But I will let Shirley tell you about those tomorrow when she guest blogs on my blog!!

Now here come the good story.

I invited my cousin Mallory (Yay you made it on my blog) (haha) to partake in this wonderful feast.  She brought her roommate Diana.Dang those girls are awesome, especially Mallory (no offense Diana) because she's part of my family we just can't help being hilarious and awesome.  It's in our blood.  

I'm really happy that Mallory moved here because she lived in Texas and I lived in Arizona we hardly ever got to see eachother growing up (blame it on our parents Mall haha) so now she's here and I get to see her a lot more so it's way fun.  Though probably not as much as I would like because I go to bed at 8 and am lame.
Anyways...right after Mallory and Diana came, Shirley walked in from picking up Allan, her bro (remember I highlighted him for Meet My Friends Wednesday).  Allan brought his friend Nick.  And then I heard (I was in the kitchen)  
"Oh my goodness What are you doing here?!"  "Wow it's you!!"  (or some other cheesy thing like that).

BECAUSE  Diana and Nick are cousins!!!  Isn't that crazy?!  They hadn't seen each other in 10 years!!!  And now they're reunited again in Utah.  It's like a lifetime movie or a tv show.  The show would probably be on TLC.  And come to think of it the movie would probably be on the Hallmark channel because it's too happy of a story for Lifetime.

Think of how awesome it is.  All the little things that had to happen to reunite these cousins.  

It was a cousin party because Kerri came who is my old roomie Kelli's sister.  And Kerri brought her cousin Doug.  So it was a family affair really and it was so awesome.  And delicious.

So Sunday was awesome, good food, great company, and great...something else was great I'm sure.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


The spelling of sushi is really close to one of my nick names; Shushi.

Pretty cool.

Well folks it has finally happened.  2 weeks ago or no last week my friend Nick took me out to eat sushi.  It was so nice of him to do that.  Awesome.

It was good.  I liked it.  Well I like fish so I thought I would like sushi and I was right!  
Here are the pictures. 

 Nick really likes sushi.
SO there is one more thing I can cross off my 22 list.    Thanks so much Nick, you're the best!!!

It's snowing a lot today so I feel like I should make an igloo, but I don't want to and I have homework...
haha one day!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Weird Dream and Hope

So first I'll tell you about my weird dream I had today.

See after class I had like 3 hours till my next class, so I decided to go home and make myself some tilapia and do my homework.  
My fish was good, I grilled it on the George Foreman and it only took like 3 min to cook.  So that was awesome. It probably could have stayed on longer but I wanted to eat it.

Anyways, I then went upstairs to sit on my bed and read.  

I love my bed, it's the most comfy bed that ever existed.  And it should be I have like 6 pillows I think, 1 Fuzzy Wuzzy bear, and my cabbage patch doll, Rudy, plus my comforter, fur blanket, and to top it off beneath my nice cotton sheets I have 3 mattress pads.  Yes 3 and they are so comfy I love to sleep in my bed.

Anyways so I'm all nice and comfy in my bed, even wearing my jammies bottoms to be most comfortable.  And I start reading.  And then I quickly fell asleep.

Maybe deep in my mind I knew that I would really rather have a nap than do my homework seeing as how I haven't really had that great of sleep this week (but I have not missed a single day of work mind you).  I thought well if I sleep through my class I can just go to the one tomorrow right.  Although I know I can't because I have a class at that time.  
My mind is strange when I'm tired.  

But anyways I had this really strange dream.  First I was with my family in this weird huge "house."  Except if you couldn't tell by the quotes, it wasn't really a house, it was just this ginormous white room thing.  And Tracy was there, she is a family friend and I used to babysit her kids.  Anyways,  She made this replicas of the planets but I kept knocking them over and ruining them.  I felt really bad.  Finally I did do something right and she invited me to go shopping and out to lunch with her.  And I said I would love to go but I had to go out with Tim and Shirley first to this place.

So Shirley, Tim, and I take the bus to this place.  I don't even know where it is or anything like why we were there because time kind of jumps and it's time to leave.  Tim and I are looking at this painting maybe, and I was like we better go so we can catch the bus.  And I follow Shirley out and she gets on the bus but as I'm getting on the bus starts speeding away.  

This is like really fast speeding because I start to fly backwards behind the bus and I'm only holding onto the door to keep from dieing.  But unfortunately the bus decides to do a U-turn at unusually high speeds, and I keep thinking I can't miss this bus because I am going to be late.  Anyways so the bus does this U-turn and I start flying out you know like on those rides where it spins in a circle and you are forced too the outside edge of your seat.  Yes the laws of Physics still work in my dreams.  
But after the U-turn the bus starts to slow down suddenly but I having all this inertia keep going.  And sadly I'm only holding onto the rubber part of the door which rips easily off the door and I start flying soon to crash into the pavement.

And then I was like "Ooh!" and that woke myself up.

Epic dream.  Oh and then I checked my clock and it was 8 after 3.  So I quickly did my assignment and went to class.  

Good job for me.

Next I will tell you about Hope.  One of my favoritest talks ever is by President Uchtdorf called The Infinite Power of Hope.  It's so awesome and i think you all should read it.

When I was younger it was really easy for me to be unhappy and discouraged.  Probably because that is just easy for anyone I think.  It's easy to see only the bad and depressing.  But when i came to college I didn't want to be that girl that was a downer all the time.  Because if you ask Lindsey i really can be, I used to tell her depressing stories all the time.  Anyways that's the past.  I make an effort now to be happier, and more easy going; to have a positive outlook.  I think those things help me to have hope.

Bad things happen, and they will continue, but if we can see the future through hope and have faith (yes there's a reason they're always together) then there's no reason to be continually sad, or downtrodden right?  Of Course.

I was thinking of this this past holiday weekend (President's Day woot) because I did not have the best weekend in the world, actually it wasn't the worst weekend but it was not flippin' awesome how I would want it to be. I had that huge paper constantly on my mind among other things that worry/bother me (I get my worrying nature from my mother, but it's only because we care).

And Monday if you couldn't tell I was feeling so blah.  And so as you know I've been listening to Mumford and Sons a lot.  Anyways I was sitting there writing my paper listening to this song, The Cave, right.  And it goes "And I will hold on hoping."  and I thought about President Uchtdorf's talk, and I just felt this little light start to grow in me and it was like "Come on Alicia were you really going to give up hope of everything?  Don't be so dumb, life goes on and yeah it's hard but you know that there's better coming."

It's great.  I love that.  I just felt like I should put that up here to share with you guys.  Maybe you are having a hard time or something, but I just want you to know there's more and things get better you just need to have hope.  Hope will help you to have faith, which is always a good thing to have.

Cheers, love you all!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet My Sister Wednesday

Yes today you will be meeting my older sister Lindsey.  I've known her my whole life.  She's awesome!!  I don't rememebr when I met her because I was only a baby.  
When we were younger Lindsey and I would play lots of fun games like Stephanie, and she would pretend to be my dog sometimes.  Which now that I think about it is rude of me because we had a real dog. RIP Misty.
Together Lindsey and I are unstoppably hilarious.  
You got a blimp wit choo right now.  Sasquatch.

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Birthday: October 29
Major: Undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts in History, and right now I am in law school, studyin' to get my Juris Doctorate
Hair: yep, I have it j/k j/k it's naturally blond but I dye it dark brown with red tints.


Color: Turquoise (best color ever!)
Food: I love me some cheese, pumpkin, and chocolate, especially if they're all together. I also love Italian food, mostly cause of the cheese.
Movie: Well I pretty much always say "The Princess Bride" but I don't know if that is true. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE that movie, it's just that I love so many movies that I don't know if I can ever truly pinpoint a favorite.
Book: In the 4th grade I read Little Women eight times in one month, so that is probably my classic favorite. I do love Harry Potter, LOTR and the Hobbit though (did you know I was a science fiction nerd? Because I didn't, until recently...) Mmmm, books.
Band: Anberlin, and mae.  (probably Lindsey likes mae because it's my middle name)
Sculpture: I don't know that is hard. I've always like Rodin's The Thinker. He reminds me of me. Someone who often would rather just be by himself (or me by myself) thinking, but then feeling a little bit lonely because of it.
Architecture: I like old churches and cathedrals. It's amazing the intricate details they put into their work back in the day. I also like windmills.

Zombie apocalypse: First I'd shave my beard (because this question makes me think of Rip Van Winkle) Then I'd pull out my warrior armor from under my bed, and strap on my laser gun and my combat boots and I'd go fight zombies and velociraptors a la Will Smith (because he gets it done, ya know?) (Thank you This is how this question should be answered people)!

Ninja Turtle: Donatello. Totally.

TV character: Mary Richards. I always wanted to move to Minneapolis and live in my own apartment and be an associate news producer because she made it look so awesome.

dating celebrity: Zachary Levi. I certainly have a major crush on him and his gorgeous self. Plus he is really religious and he seems to have a good light about him ya know, which makes me think he is a good person, which seems rare with famous people. I also get crushes on music people that are less famous, like Dave Elkins and Stephen Christian, but they're always married, which is lame. For me.

2 Historical dates: When the Berlin Wall fell (because I was too little to think it was important at the time anyway, so I want to be there as a full fledged adult) and... I just don't know! I feel like most historical things are not just one event, but a long continuous trend in history, or I'll seem morbid if I say them because they're kind of depressing. Like the roaring 20s would be interesting, or I want to go to Alexander the Great's library, or live in Confucian China, but those are all long time spans, not just historical moment in time. :-/

Oh and the Anything else: I like benches. A lot. Maybe that is my favorite architecture? Hmmm.
(weird benches? I mean they are great for sitting but ok whatev')
I'm obsessed with music.

I also think juice boxes are the greatest thing ever.

I'm the funniest person ever(except for me)

The end. 

and you're probably wondering about meeting Tom.  Probably most likely one day he will send me back the survey and you can meet him.  But he has not done so yet.  He wants me to just make up answers but I refuse.  IF you'd like to be featured in a MMFW just comment and let me know.  I'll send you the survey.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I just wrote a paper about how Martians could have existed.  But don't worry they were only microbes.  Definitely they won't be coming to attack us anytime soon.
   Mars Attacks is a hilarious movie.  I think that if you don't like country music you will like that movie.  And if you do like country music you will like that movie.
One thing though that always bothered me about it is that Michael J Fox dies.  That always made me sad because he's one of my favorites.

So I guess I was in a bad mood yesterday.  If you couldn't tell.  But I'm pretty over it now.  I just continued to listen to Mumford and Sons and realized how awesome their lyrics are.  Well I already knew but they're lyrics are mostly uplifting to me and calming.  Except Little Lion Man, because they drop the F-bomb in that one.  So I don't endorse that song.  I do endorse everything else I've listened to.  Probably mostly because I love the banjo. and his voice it's so gritty but melodic.  If that even makes sense.

Well folks I wrote a paper, which means I stayed up all night and didn't get to shower yet.  Right so I'm going to go shower now so I don't feel like a hotdog anymore.  Pretty gross description, but ever since I was little I have felt like a hotdog whenever I feel gross like I need a shower.  An uncooked hotdog.  Anyways, you get the point. 


Monday, February 21, 2011

Well There You Go

Well can I just say WHAT A WEEK!
Glad last week is over and if I can just get this stupid paper written all will be well with the world.

Guess what the stupid enter button on this keyboard isn't working very well.

This will be awesome.  My whole paper will be one long paragraph.  I'm pretty sure the GSA would except it that way... No they wouldn't because they're incredibly picky.  But guess what I'm not sending them my paper that would be stupid.  My paper is just everyone else's research.  Can I say I just don't understand the point of a research paper that you don't do the actual research for?  I mean I feel stupid writing it because I pretty much have to site everything I say in the paper.  Oh well

 I'm completely confused about everything at the moment.  Frustrated and starting to wish I took this semester off to go live in a big city for awhile.  Dye my hair and change my name so no one could find me, but me.
Oh dear, maybe I've been listening to too much folk music, I'm becoming a bit you know, crazy.  I guess that's what Mumford & Sons will do to you.  Well I can't entirely blame them.

So one thing maybe you don't know about me: when things happen and I should react right away or have questions or have answers, I don't.  My mind goes completely blank.  All I can think about is what just happened.  It's weird and I don't really know how to process things.  Of course this is not always the case.  Sometimes it's just hours later. Haha.  So now I have all these questions and I'm trying to find answers and it's so tiring and distracting.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some Future Plans

In case you were wondering what I decided to do about my student teaching dilemma.  I will tell you.  Along with some other thinks that may shock and surprise you.

So I decided that I won't be student teaching in the fall.  I'm kind of bummed about it too, but don't cry because I'm really excited about my new plan.

Ready?  Are you doing a drumroll?  

Because you should be.

I'm going to student teach next winter (so I will graduate in April).  And I'm going to be doing my student teaching in West Jordan, in the Jordan school district.

But Alicia, you don't have a car and you live in Provo?  How ever will you be getting to West Jordan on time everyday? 
Well don't worry my dears because I'm breaking out of this tiny place and I will be moving to West Jordan or Salt Lake.  And Jenna's going to come with me.  Provided she doesn't get married or something.  In the event that Jenna gets married I will be looking for a new roommate.

Oh yeah I'm excited for this adventure.  I'm excited to just finally feel like a grown-up.  Though I'm pretty sure I'll really feel like I'm playing dress-up...Sometimes I still feel like I'm 15...or 10.  Depending on the day.  

Haha it's hard to explain.  

But yeah it will be awesome.  And when I realized last night that I wasn't going to have any other friends in West Jordan besides Jenna (don't be offended Jenna geez) I was like "Oh when I move to West Jordan I'm not going to have any friends."  But Matt said he would come visit me if I would let him.  And I said he could, except we probably won't have any furniture.

Yeah I was looking at apartments and then I realized "Oh yeah they don't usually come fully furnished with everything you need, like they do in Provo."  Soooo if you're wanting to get rid of any furniture, like a mattress or fridge...or some other things like that.  It's very likely that I will take them off your hands.  Haha.  No fridge, that's crazy.  I'll have to check on the fridge thing.

This also means that next fall I really only have to take 6 credits, all education classes, all block classes.  Which is awesome because then I can be done with school by Mid-October, but still work on campus and get another job.

Really I'm so excited for this.  

Also Matt has been asking me if I'm going to run the Rex Lee Run with him.  And I was thinking "Man this is a huge commitment.  Once I say yes I can't really go back on it."  But I finally decided that I would do it. I would run the Rex Lee Run.  

If you know me, you know how much I absolutely hate running.  Loathe it really.  So this is kind of a big deal for me.

I've been running at the gym because it's good for me and whatever...And I ran a mile in 9 min 

I run faster every time I go because I get so bored of running.  I don't really mind running if there's a purpose, like I'm playing a sport, or being chased by a cougar, you know the usual.

So even though I hate running, I'm excited to do this 5k (I refuse to do the longer one) because it's for a good cause, and I can put that as one of my goals on my 22 list.

Oh yeah this year is going to be superbly awesome.

Also I got two great side jobs now.  One I am tutoring this girl in high school in physics and another is that I'm helping these kids do their science fair projects.  It's awesome.

Have a splendid Valentine's Day.  I love you all! : D

Friday, February 11, 2011

An Update on My 22 List

So maybe you even forgot that I had this list... but I do and I've been working on it. 

I'm happy to report that picture taking, journal writing, and scripture reading have all been happening daily.  I am currently in Numbers.  So I'm a little behind where I should be but I plan on getting caught up this weekend...don't worry.

Also!  I bought a pack of Tootsie-Pops for 99 cents. 
I was looking at the Tootsie-Pops though and they seem significantly smaller than I remember from my youth.  I thought that this would disqualify them for my goal because you know it's not that big of a deal if you lick a tiny thing to it's center.  But then I was like "Whatev' it's my goal, I'll just lick 2 Tootsie-Pops to the center."  So that's what I did.  

I know you're pretty impressed at my Tootsie-Pop eating skills.  But really, I've been training for thisFor the past few months I have been sucking on every piece of candy I got instead of just instantly devouring it.  Yeah, hold your applause ;).  

Anyways, I need to build an igloo still.  There's a severe lack of snow in the valley.  SOOOooOOO I need to find a way up the canyon to the freezing cold, and snow.  OR I may cheat on that one and just use ice cubes from my freezer and make a little, tiny, baby igloo.  I don't know,  I would like to make a real igloo, But I'd need people to help me and I don't have any warm clothing for the snow.

We'll see. 

Also Shirley and I are planning a trip to Mexico for a couple of days.  I decided I just will pretend I'm a deaf mute the whole time because anytime I try to speak Spanish, well, it's pretty horrible.  

Anyways so things are shaping up nicely! Except the things in red...and that are huge.  Those things I may need to think of a new goal for... I'm not made of money you know.  Although that would be really nice.  Just think if every time I brushed my hair quarters fell out.  Yeah I'd brush my hair a lot more than I do now. 

Um I brush my hair just not all the time.

  1. Go kayaking
  2. LICK a Tootsie Pop to the center (possibly count the licks)
  3. Build a telescope
  4. Design and Make my own article of clothing
  5. I need a new goal here....
  6. Sit in on a session of Congress
  7. Watch the entire (both parts) 7th Harry Potter Movie
  8. Hike Mount Timpanogos (not sure of spelling)
  9. Walk on a Glacier
  10. Do 100 hours of service
  11. Bike some significant distance (like a century that isn't mountain biking)
  12. Visit all the temples in Utah
  13. Read the Holy Bible cover to cover
  14. Build an Igloo
  15. Eat sushi
  16. Take a picture EVERYDAY
  17. Write in my Journal EVERYDAY
  18. Leave the country
  19. Take a backpacking trip
  20. Catch a fish
  21. Surf
  22. ?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet My Friends Wednesdays

I'm bringing back Meet My Friends Wednesdays. I did this twice last year. You can look at those posts here and here. But now I think I shall do it more frequently.

Next week I will highlight Tom (best friends)! but this week I'm am highlighting....

so I look kind of crazy in this picture but whatever.

He is Shirley's brother. We met around Christmas time 2009. I was waiting for my ride to take me back to Phoenix. Allan was sitting there on our couch. It was a very awkward encounter. Neither of us talked much. And then I hit my head on the railing of the stairs. Don't worry we are great friends now. I just don't make great first impressions. haha.

So This post is so you can meet my friend Allan.

Basically I sent him this questioner and he sent it back filled out. Here is what he wrote.

First of all the Basics

Hometown: Azusa, CA
Birthday: July, 23 1988 or October 10, 2007 (which ever you want to use) (yeah we kind of have the same birthday because Allan went into the MTC on my birthday. It counts)
Major: Linguistics
Hair: Allan didn't know what I was asking here. His hair is wavy and black.

Color: Green
Food: Pizza!!! All kinds!!! I love pizza (to be friends with me you must like pizza)
Movie: Finding Nemo or the Bourne Identity Series
Book: Fox in Sox... maybe... I don't read much.
Band: Aventura (does that count? it's bachata)
Sculpture: Ether 12:12. Miracles exist but you must show faith first. Allan wrote this and I was like hmmm Scripture is good too, but this says sculpture so he wrote me back and said... hahah sculpture... probably the one shirl and I made for sina's birthday once. It really isn't a sculpture but more of a clay plaque. Shirl wrote happy birthday and drew balloons into the clay and we put our handprints on it. We were young and poor hahah. Good times.
Architecture: uhm.... San Diego Temple

Other Random Questions

What would you do if you woke up from a coma to find the world in a zombie/velociraptor apocalypse?
Probably go find Shirl... and go out to eat or something at Gallo Giro or Red Robin (endless fries!!!!)) (I'm not going to ask this question any body takes it very seriously...they'll be sorry when the Zombies and Raptors come)

Which Ninja Turtle would you be?
Probably Michealangelo. I feel like he has always been easy going like me. I remember once when I was a kid I was watching ninja turles on tv before we had to drop shirl off at kindergarten and so I turned off the tv thinking it would pause the show and when we got back I turned the tv on with the greatest disappointment that the tv didn't pause the show for me... it was on probably Sally or Jenny Jones. Ehhh talk shows. (Oh Al that's funny it's like the first time you ever used a tv or something. Haha Also I loved to watch Sally when I was younger)

What TV character would you like to be?
Probably, zac morris... hahah i know funny but he was the cool guy who always got out of getting into trouble. Kelly kapouski was his gf and idk he just seemed cool. I once went to acting school for a day and then the teacher said I had a weird voice and I never went back. That was the end of my acting career.

If you could date any celebrity it would be...
Beyonce or maybe Katy Perry (really? weird I don't see it) but I think they're both married so I think I'll go with... actually I don't know... maybe shakira?

If you could visit any historical dates which would you visit?

Probably the birth of Jesus Christ it seems to have been a really cool experience. and probably the first plane ride with the wright bros... it seems to have changed the world. Actually now that i read my historical date one, it's probably more appropriate to say that the birth of jesus christ changed the world and the the first flight was a cool experience... what was i thinking?

anything else:
I speak 3 languages fluently, I speak and 4 languages not fluently but more than just a few phrases.
I love swimming in the ocean. someone at FHE asked if I would like to live on an island for a long period of time. and I said I would. she said she could picture me doing it because I seem like an island guy... idk what that means... but cool! I love love love the Caribbean and I love traveling. (that is probably what she means Al) I would love the travel the world someday.
In the name of... hahah jk jk I think that's it.

Ah so there you have Allan, although meeting him in person is better.
Stay tuned to learn about Tom next week!!

Oh you want to participate in MMFW? Well you can! Just let me know that you want to do it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Riding the Elevator and Other Things

As an update to my last post: After turning in my test I should have gone to the computer lab to work on my Sed/Strat paper, or my biology homework, or my lesson plan for my education class, or go home and do my Geophysics. But I in fact did none of those things. I felt like it was one of those days where you just feel so defeated you don't want to do anything...except be alone at a store shopping.

Not even to buy anything just to look at everything.

Anyways I can explain my affinity for shopping in another post. This post is for Matt because he told me I should blog about this. So Matthew I will do my best to give this experience the justice it deserves.

I hope that sentence made sense.

On Saturday is when Matt and I do our reading for Sed/Strat (yes the epic fail test class). We usually meet on campus some time in the morning in a room we like to call the Room of Requirement. It's just a classroom really but when people who love Harry Potter are getting together what do you expect?

And if you don't know what the Room of Requirement is referencing to in Harry Potter ....FOR SHAME! You need to turn your back on your uncultured ways and read Harry Potter or at least watch the movies. They really are quite amazing books. And the movies are alright too.

Anyways, it's usually just the two of us, because really what kind of nerd do you have to be to come to school on a Sat when you don't have a huge homework assignment do the next week? The nerdiest. But this last Sat upon entering the ROR, I found a plethora of people working on Petrology and eating pizza. Cool. A lot of them were my friends so that was nice.

But this means probably reading out loud the book wasn't going to work so well in this environment. Mostly because we already have a pretty bad time staying on task. We like to talk about things and then just sitting there for so long gets pretty boring so there's music played...and sometimes, well actually just once, someone dances. So you can see how having a room full of friends and pizza would not be so conducive to studying.

But dang, there's another problem, all the other classrooms are locked. WHA?! I know it never made sense to me either to lock all the classrooms but whatever. At first we didn't know where to go. and then Matt says "We should study on the elevator."

I thought "Um I'm pretty sure we can't do that." and then I think I said that. And he said "why not?" and I was like "really?" and he said "yes."
So we got on the elevator. and sat down took out our books and things. I pushed the button so we could go to the 4th floor. I don't know why since we were in a movable room and anytime someone wanted to get on the elevator from a lower level it would go. But I just felt more comfortable sitting in the elevator on the 4th floor.

Then Matt said "You should blog about this." and I said "Well maybe I will"

And then Matt said "I need a desk." and I said "Wow we only have to read two pages!"
And Matt said"There's a desk on the other side we should put it in the elevator on that side!" and I said "No" and he said "Yes come on let's do it." And so we went to the third floor.

When we got there I had to gather up all my stuff. And I had a lot of stuff. and
I'm a slow person.

So anyways Matt is holding the door of the elevator open. It keeps trying to close and then opening because he is there. And then we here this beeping noise and it's awful and the door starts closing and it won't open again and good thing Matt jumped out of the door because it would have smooshed him. And I started to panic. "No no I can't be stuck in the elevator. Ahh I'm going to die!" A whole probably three seconds passed and I knew that was the end of me. I would never see my family again and hopefully I would get cell reception in the elevator so I could call everyone and tell them goodbye before I ran out of oxygen and suffocated to death.

And then I pushed the 3 button and the door opened again and Matt said "That was weird. Good thing I got out of the way of the door." I said "I thought I was going to be stuck in there."

I'm not sure how much time has past since we left to read. But remember we only have to read two pages for the entire week for this class. Do you see why it takes us a long time to get this reading done?

So we go around to the other side, and sad day for Matt, the desk is gone. This leads to us just studying on this elevator. There were scales in there for a Physics class and the elevator smelled a bit like skunk. But oh well we just sat down and started reading.

While reading and going over our reading guides, three people got on the elevator. These were mostly uneventful encounters except for the last girl. Except I didn't really know it was an event until after she got off.

Right before she got on Matt said "My legs are falling asleep." So I began to move all my things so he could not have sleepy legs. And then just as the girl was getting on I was moving to the other side of the elevator. Apparently the girl made a face like she was scandalized. I suppose it didn't help that I talked to her and asked her questions for her whole ride. I guess it made it seem like I was trying to hide something.

Oh well, At least that girl had a cool story to tell her roommates when she got home. Also she was a freshman so "welcome to college."

And then we were done. Which was good because I was starting to feel nauseous.

There isn't really a moral to this story except: Always give the freshman something to tell their roommates, it doesn't even have to be a real story..., and Reading in an elevator will give you the same feeling as carsickness.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Death in the Hospital Cafeteria

And it wasn't the food.

Actually the food is what brought us there. It's tasty and really well priced.

No what killed us what this beast of a test for sedimentology and stratigraphy.

See my friend Matthew and I have been quite diligent in our reading and homework for this class. It's very good. Also we go to class and lab and do our homeworks; basically everything you should be doing.

An although we aren't the most efficient at getting all of this done, it gets done.

Now our teacher had been telling us for a couple weeks that this test is really hard. That in the past a lot of kids have done really poorly on it. I was really determined not to do so bad. I really, really, really, really, really, really, oh and did I mention really wanted an A on this test.

This class is a weird challenge I have posed to myself to prove that I'm not hopeless at Geology. That I can do well and will be able to teach this stuff. It's weird.

But let me tell you what. This was a take home test. You could study as long as you wanted but once you started the Beast, it was no notes, no book, no help and you had to finish it in one sitting. It wasn't timed but you had to do it that way.

So, Matthew and I studied. We realized there was a lot more stuff than we remembered. And we were way more efficient in our studying than usual. We eventually went to the Hospital Cafeteria (aka Cafe West) in Provo because he was starving. We studied a little more there. And then at around 10:45 we started. He moved to another table so we weren't cheating ok. Geez stop judging us.

Oh my goodness. What a BEAST. Man. Actually the first half of the test I felt pretty ok with. I couldn't exactly explain everything, and actually I think I wrote that out of frustration on my paper. But I did pretty well I thought.

But oh it was like playing Super Mario Bros trying to beat the boss at the end of the level. The second half of that test was ridiculous (I think I may have mentioned that it was beastly). I did the first part of the test 4 times before I thought I got it right. and then moved on. I couldn't understand how to do the next question. I moved on. The third question was tricky but then I got it. It was like a light shining all of the sudden on my brain. Well hopefully anyways. And I think I did the rest of the questions well enough to at least get half the points. But man.

I didn't slay the Beast. At most I maimed it so it'll be out of commission for a couple of days. But it's gaining strength again to terrify the Sed/Strat students of next Winter.

After we finished at 2:00am (right 2 am 2 hours before I have to head off to work) we sealed away our tests so we could turn them in by 5pm today.

And then I realized I totally messed up the first problem of the second half because there are 1000m in a km and not 100.

I died in the hospital Cafeteria. The Beast has slayed me and all I managed to do was hurt him.


Moral of the story: ALWAYS... no NEVER go outside in a blizzard. (JK but what movie is that from?) ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your units on a test and use KHDMdcm to move your decimal points...ALWAYS!