Thursday, December 14, 2006

i'm going to BYU next fall semester YAY ME!!! sweetness this is going to be the best 4 years maybe less depending on how my credits and all that jazz work out. Also I've decided that Calculus is my favorite class despite the fact that i'm getting a 'b' in it that irks me quite a bit but i shall live. Anyways, I also love Physics those are my two fave classes. Hey next thursday I'm going avec mes amis to see the temple lights that will be fun and exciting. So anyways. My least favorite class of all time is ENGLISH thats the devils favorite class he probably made it up. I also love history but i don't have that class anymore sadly. anyways here is why i hate english you have to write miserable and depressing stories such as this one which i will put on here now

She met him at summer camp by the lake on a hot summer afternoon. He was using the crisp cool water as a mirror to admire his square jaw. His name was Nicholas, called Nick for short. He was voted on by all the girls in the camp as the cutest boy there, and there was not one girl in the whole camp who was not wishing that he would ask her to the dance on Friday night. Emily was the most vocal of all these girls and the most determined to have him take her to the dance. She was constantly looking for the right time to get him by himself, all to herself.
The time finally came when all the girls were supposed to be in crafts class, while the boys were to be in music class. Emily had over heard Nick at breakfast saying that his voice was to good to be with the rest of the boys and was skipping music to go down by the lake and “chill out“.
When Emily got to the lake Nick was staring at himself in the water. He stole her breath away, she could not utter a word. He was the most handsome boy she had ever seen. He was tall with jet black eyes and dark brown hair. His most striking feature were his eyes. His eyes were a deep brown almost black. His eyes reflected his inner self, but people seldom realized it. His eyes were void of warmth but were a raging darkness. Finally, he felt her presence there and looked up at her.
“Ya? What do you want?” His voice was powerful and almost like a quiet thunder that commanded attention. It was a voice that struck fear in Emily’s heart. She replied timidly.
“What do I want? I want to-to um, oh, um, talk with you?”
“What about?” he replied rather annoyed.
“Um, well about anything I guess,” Emily felt her face grow red with embarrassment. Talking had never been a problem for her before, but now, here with him actually next to her acknowledging her presence, she was stumbling over her words waiting for him to make the first move.
Think! Think, Emily, say anything! Compliment him, anything!” thought Emily rapidly.
“I think you are the best boy at this camp, you know. Every one thinks so, but I thought it first,” she blurted out, her face growing redder with every word.
A slow smile crept across his face. His eyes filled with self pride and a new game to play came to his mind. Nick wasn’t stupid, nor was he very kind. In Emily he saw a very young impressionable girl. She could work for him. Not ugly at all, a little on the young side, at least three years younger than he, but they were easier to bully that way.
“Oh really? Well you’re not too bad for a girl either!” his smile somewhat scared Emily when he replied but she pushed the fear away seeing she was making some headway in the “relationship.” Now the words came spilling out of her mouth. She didn’t realize that she was doing all the talking. Nick used the time to ignore the girl and formulate a plan.
A girl is just what he needed, some one to make him feel powerful and boost his ego even more. This doll would do quite nicely, and probably wouldn’t even suspect a thing. It could be a game. See how far he could push her see what she would tolerate. Use her just like a rag doll, and just like a rag doll throw aside whatever remains.
“Would you like to go to the dance with me Friday?” he interrupted her.
To overjoyed to notice the wickedness in his eyes and the malice on his tongue, Emily quickly replied with an excited “YES!”

The romance did not end with the close of camp as Emily thought it would but, actually continued on into high school. She thought herself the luckiest freshman, going into high school with a boyfriend and a junior no less! At first everything was going fine. Nick gave her kisses at the appropriate times and presents. He took her parties and complimented her. He let her come to his house for dinner and she met his mom. His parents were divorced because his dad was abusive. She did think he was a little bossy at times, but overlooked the fact because she “loved” him.
Her friends say it started about the time homecoming was coming around. Nick decided it was time to take his game to the next level.
He went with Emily to buy a dress for the homecoming dance and told her she was too fat to get any of the real cute ones and that he may have to ask someone else if she doesn’t thin up soon. Emily lost the weight, giving the excuse to her friends and family that Nick used. But even that wasn’t the worst of it. Nick seeing that he was a puppet master decided that he should have complete dominance over his doll. At the dance, she found her friends and was talking with them. Nick came over and told her to come with him. He grabbed her by the arm and drug her away with such great force that she was bruised for two weeks after wards.
“Who were they?” he snarled at her.
“Just some friends,” she replied weakly. Terror washed over her and she was shaking as he told her she was supposed to spend the night with just him and he was the only one who really cared about her. His eyes grew darker with every word and he spoke so harshly she vowed to never disobey again.
Harsh words like this continued all through the year often times followed by beatings and rivers of tears. Each time was also followed by a long hug and his powerful voice telling her he only does these things because he loves her.
For months this cycle went on, until Emily hardly spoke at all. Emily only ever said what he told her to say. Her friends never got to talk to her anymore and they just ignored what was going on; they refused to believe that anyone like Nick could ever do such things. Yes, he was winning his little game, he had every body strung up like marionettes and he was playing a game.
She was always at his side hanging on his every word. This infatuation started as an act of love but after time she only stayed because of the fear and terror his words instilled into her mind. The thought never occurred to her until it was too late, to end the relationship.
Too late, too late was when he took her back up to the lake where they first met. She worked up the courage to speak for herself and tell him she was cutting off ties with him and that he would have to leave her alone. He flew into an angry rage that his doll got a brain. Shouting curses, he wrapped his hands around her neck and shoved her into the cave by the lake. Emily hit her head on a rock and died almost immediately. Nick seeing that his game was over sat back down by the lake to admire his reflection.

Based on the myth
Narcissus and Echo
Written by Alicia Reynolds
Per 3

on a happier note i didn't like writing that story and pretty much stole the plot line from a lifetime movie i saw one time. I t was really weird because it had candace cameron and Fred Savage he was mean and she was weak it was really creepy and sad but it's lifetime whatdo you expect
I guess that wasn't happy buthere is a happy note I only need to get a 1 on my final exam in my english class to still have an 'a' in the class. pretty sweet.

Monday, December 4, 2006

MElissa was quite hungry for the mashed potatoes
This is melissa Amy and i apparently I didn't get the memo to be cute that day
You know how those bishop's daughters are so wild and crazy She looks possessed in this picture I think
The top of Amy's pie was burnt but the rest was baked perfectly and was quite good. I liked it a lot
This is our feast in all it's glory I loved it and was so much fun Sorry the pictures are sideways Oh well it makes life more interesting right so anyways Jenna and Melissa's mom's thought we were weird for doing this but Amy's mom and my mom thought it was fun so what do you think weird or not?
So the day before Thanksgiving at school my friends and I had a Thanksgiving feast. It was quite good I brought chicken breast, yes it's not turkey but still a very tasty white meat, Melissa brought mashed potatoes, Jenna the rolls and butter and Amy the delicious Apple Pie. I also bought us some wonderful martinellis for the occasion. It was held in the office between Ms Wilhelms and Mrs Harmon's room but they did not join us because they went to hand out cookies to all the wonderful "excelling" students at MVHS. :(>~ that's a mouth with its tongue sticking out and spit. Anyways here be some pics from the occasion.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Here is a picture of jenna john calls it not_so_pretty_picture_of_jenna.JPG

Oh I found a pretty picture of me that's what it's titled a_pretty_picture_of_alicia.jpg

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Basically I just like putting pictures up. But This is a pretty Picture I think I took it off the top of the parking garage we were on to watch the fireworks on the stadium of fire night. That was a fun time. Any ways I love sunset pictures hardly anything is as beautiful as the earth that was created for us to live in.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

More pictures

this is my best friend Jenna she has red hair oh I guess we were in seminary when I took this picture in the background there is ashton
this is a picture of the lovable Miss Wilhelm the best Chemistry ever!!i don't know if you can see it but it normally moves.
ok I'm done
I'm only adding this because Lindsey told me too and for some reason I always do what she says mostly. Ilove you Lindsey happy belated bday

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Delaying Homework

I'm delaying doing my homework right now. I hate ENGLISH! I've never been fond of the subject ever since 9th grade when I had one of the stupidest teachers ever. She was a liar and a bad teacher.
SO here's some pictures that you might like I like them I took them up at Bear Canyon Lake

The first one is of that loveable bear Smokey And the one next to it is of a leaf i found laying there with rain drops beaded on it. It looked cool so I took a picture of it in sepia tone. the other one is one I took while we were driving I really like it. It looks cool the way the sun shines through.
Well I am out of here to read some poems and answer questions Keep life Jumbo Large people.

Friday, October 20, 2006

This is a picture of me eating reese's puffs. According to my friend John it is blurry because I'm eating so fast. But I like this picture. I look skinny in it ;)

Ok well I'm not a very good blogger but in my defense my family is constantly on the computer playing Diner Dash. It's a super swell game. And another thing is I forgot I had a blog. Sorry.
Well Fall break was fun! I spent $150 on clothes and I ate sushi which is surprisingly good. I also bought this totally sweet new mascara. I like it. But I had to work every day but Wednesday and Sunday. I even have to work like all day Sat so I won't be going any where BLAH! Well Also some guy tried to accuse me of stealing his credit card number and charging him too much money. But I didn't so there old man. But on the other hand I did get pretty good tips tonight. This one guys bill was 10.70 and he tipped me 10 dollars yeah I'm that amazing at being a waitress!! Also this other guy tiped me $10. So i did have a pretty good night. Also I've been doing a lot of homework because teachers are dumb and think I like doing homework which I actually hate. I don't even know why I'm doing it because they're going to close my classes for not having a shot that doesn't exist. Oh well I've never been fond of school any ways. Maybe I can fulfill my dream of becoming a hobo. (Just kidding Guys I really just want to ride a train). See a hobo is more cultured than a bum because they ride trains and travel all across the country seeing many things. It would be pretty much amazing to be a hobo. well I don't know what else to write because I write in a stream of consciousness. Still I feel no different being 18 too just so you know!
Oh yeah ok I'm putting on these pictures of when we went camping That is me shooting the arrow and then my totally awesome bullseye!!! Yes archery and shooting are fun I do enjoy that!ok now I'm actually done :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

today I turned 18! I feel the same. Well people keep life Jumbo Large!