Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elder Turner

Today my best friend left for his mission. He's going to Pocotello, Idaho. Actually he just entered the MTC but that's where it all begins
I'm soo excited for him but soo sad at the same time. It's never easy to say goodbye to people you love, no matter if they're going onto something great.

And this soo great, especially for Tom. This is what he's wanted since he joined the church, actually since his first discussion. And he's had to wait a long time, longer than he wanted but his goal has finally come to realization. I know he's going to be one of the best missionaries ever. His testimony is so strong and he is already so good about sharing the gospel with those around him. He is constantly striving to be a better person and become closer to Christ. And he is an awesome example to those around him.
He's the only member in his family. He joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when he was 17. His family didn't like the idea very much, and still aren't to pleased with his choice. But I think that his family and him will be blessed while he's out and hopefully one day they will want to know more about what Tom is doing and what he believes and knows to be true.

I'll miss him so much but I'm so excited for him on his mission and to get letters from him.