Thursday, June 27, 2013

What the World Needs Now

Is love, sweet love.

I went to this Broadcast on Sunday and it was awesome.  I think the main message I got from it is that we need to be more loving to everyone.

Even people who don't think the same as we do.  It sounds weird to write that sentence because it sounds like we're thinking collectively as a group all the same things, but that's not how it is.  I think and you think and every individual thinks and has opinions.

And that's a good thing.

Sometimes we don't agree.

And that's ok.

Sometimes we can talk about how we don't agree and still be friends and loving with each other.

That is the message I took from the conference.  Well A message not THE message.

Because I mean the message was on missionary work.  And I got that message too.

And I loved all the messages and answers to prayers I received directly from that broadcast.  I felt like Heavenly Father had been preparing me all week for that broadcast.  I was really grateful he had been.

I would make a link so you could watch the broadcast but I don't think they are rebroadcasting it.

On another note...

Sometimes I read these other blogs and the comments people make.

And it makes me sad.

Because a lot of times the comments imply that because I think differently than the majority of people on that site I am a "closed-minded sheep that just follows and obeys what I'm told to do."  and that I'm "hateful" that I shouldn't vote based on "what I think is best for society no matter how many people it hurts."

And that last one was confusing because I don't think that is anyone's thought process when they vote.  Except crazies, like Hitler.

And don't we all (or shouldn't we all) be voting on what we think is best for society and using our moral compass as a guide?

And I don't think calling me names is really going to persuade me to look at your  arguments any further.

Also I don't think I'm hateful.  I try to be really nice to people and help everyone.  I think that I can dislike someone's actions and still like the person.  To say that's not possible is to deny God's plan for us don't you think?

Heavenly Father gives us agency to make choices.  He tells us there are consequences to choices, for both good and bad.  He knows we can choose to sin.  He also loves every single one of His children.  I do not think that if God hated people who sinned He would have provided the atonement so that they could return to live with Him forever.  I do, however, think that He loves us unconditionally, but He doesn't have to like all of our actions.

Just like a parent loves their child who hits their brother.  The parent still loves both children equally, but doesn't condone the actions of the first child.

I think many people are capable of this kind of love.  Because I think that's how Christ loved.  Yes he loved the adulterous woman, and he didn't condemn her to death.  What did he tell her?  To "go and sin no more."  Because he loved her and he wanted her to be able to live with God forever and with her family.

That's what I want for everyone.  I want everyone to be happy and know that, YES, sometimes life here is hard, but we are loved and there is no reason to give up because we have the Atonement and we can repent and live forever with our families if we endure to the end.

Eternal perspective.  It's important I think.

Anyways I digress, my point is let's just remember that just because we disagree doesn't meant that one of us is a "hateful sheep."  And we can love people without loving their actions.  The greatest examples of this being Christ and Heavenly Father.