Monday, September 24, 2007

I don't even know this guy!!

I searched for my name on google becasue I'm weird like that and I found this letter written about me. I don't even know this guy!

September 21, 2005
Unproductive writings
Re: Alicia Reynolds� Sept. 18 commentary, �Katrina demonstrates U.S. drowning in a flood of inept leaders�:
Have you ever noticed that when people have a personal agenda, they blame everyone and everything? They never offer solutions, their sense of memory is selective and their timeliness for events begins and ends whenever it is convenient.
Alicia Reynolds suffers from this personal blame problem.��
She lives in the problem. She doesn�t like when people tell the truth. She blames them for not being sensitive. She forgets that greed and scandal are human character flaws and not ones owned only by conservatives, men or heterosexuals.
American politics didn�t start with the Bush administration, anymore than tax and spend was discovered by the liberal Democrats.��
But let�s be more personal because everyone knows this � everyone but Alicia Reynolds.��� Here�s the real point: What�s wrong with this country is people like Alicia Reynolds � people who live in the problem and think the way to sound smart is to blame people. Point your finger and find out who did it. It�s getting old. I think Ms. Reynolds needs to look in the mirror. She doesn�t sound smart. She sounds misinformed and angry.���Try this on for size. I point the finger at Alicia Reynolds. She is what is wrong with our country, along with the fringe radical element of the media that is further and further disconnected to what most Americans feel. She blames, and she fills the news with her bitter hatespeak, day in and day out.Ms. Reynolds needs to grow up and get a real job.
� John Somerville, Ventura

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Grover Rocks

So as a young child i loved to watch Seasame Street. Way before stupid Elmo came and took over. My favorite part of Seasame Street was the Grover the Waiter skits. I thought they were hilarious. So I found this one online the other day and I Loved it. I even remember watching it as a child. I also am fond of Super Grover, and pretty much anything with Grover in it. I love the book There's a Monster at the End of This Book. It is a classic. Ah yes to go back to those days when all you had to worry about was learning your ABC's. In fact I recently purchased a Seasame Street cd of a cassestte that we had when we were younger. It had my favorite skit on there with the letter Y and Grover and Prarie Dawn. It was tres Hilarious. And it gave some great lines such as "So I can be smart please tell me." and "I don't know why nobody likes me! I try to be so nice!!" Yes those were the days.

Roomate Sunday Dinner

so I know the pictures are out of order but oh well Picasa wouldn't load them al on at once. We had a Sunday dinner together last week and it was very nice we had much fun and there was much bonding.
<---Kelli Jean washing dishes after dinner
<--- Taylor helping to clear the table
<---Jenessa drying the dishes after dinner
<--- Our fridge's face...Isn't he a doll?
<---We named him pamplemousse (grapefruit in French)
<---- This is Jenessa putting the chicken in the oven.

<----This is Kelli helping to set the table

<----This is Jenessa making the smoothies

<----This is the makings for our dinner of Hawaiin Haystacks

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