Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Coming....

Soon so many things will be here. Like General Conference, and October, and Halloween, and all my sister's birthday's, and my birthday, and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But what am I most excited for?

The end of my adolescent development class. It ends October 19. YES! I'm so excited. I decided I don't like psychology.


Well I'll tell you, it's because there's no definate answers, no always, no most of the time, no nothing, and yet psychology tries to make there be a one way or no way answer. Our text book will say one thing in one paragraph and then completely contradict itself in the next.

So confusing.

It also may be that I don't like this class so much because it's 4 hours long...maybe...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drums Keep Pounding a Rhythm to the Brain

La di da di dee La di da di daah

Funny story I had to sing "The Beat Goes On" for a music program when I was in the 4th grade I think it was. I also sang "Let's go to the Hop" (oh baby) and "Eddie Cootchacatchakamatosanearatosanoka Sammy Kammy Wacky Brown" (correct spelling? probably not but you get the point...). is going and time runs faster than I can or even want to since I hate running. I was looking back at my grades and my best semester was the one where I had the most emotional roller-coaster. Because when my social life goes to pot I throw myself into my school work.

Is it bad to wish that my social life goes to pot? Probably is...

I'm in this adolescence development class. I don't really like it that much because it forces me to think about my adolescence and I don't like to.

Yesterday we talked about bullying. They had me share a time when I was bullied or had an experience with it and all I could think at first was "Which should I tell?" Because kids loved to pick on me when I was little. I'm not saying this to make you feel bad for me because I actually find these stories pretty funny now.

so I find this picture hilarious because the kid bullying doesn't seem to be that into it
I shall share one with you.
In the 5th grade I would walk home from school. One day this girl comes up to me and starts threatening me and yelling and stuff.

I was confused I didn't know what I did to her.

And then she tells me to leave her brother alone. I was even more confused. She said her brother's name was Jesse. I didn't even know a guy named Jesse. I said "I don't know your brother!" This girl is in the 6th grade I guess and taller and stronger than me. Though, I'm pretty sure I could have taken her because I was a bit more round than she and I could have used my momentum to overtake her.

I digress...

Anyways I told my mom of course and my mom said I couldn't hit her first, but if she hit me then I could hit her back. Self-defense you know. She unfortunately never hit me and never got what was coming to her. Because, yes, I really wanted to punch that girl.

It turns out that Jesse had either made up this story that I was bothering him at school or that she got the wrong girl to torment. And Jesse and I later became "friends". But not real friends.

Oh adolescence you were so strange to me.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the 22 list

For my birthday this year, my friends and I have decided to go out and eat sushi. This is the plan because I have never eaten real sushi before and most my friends really like it. I hope you can make it to the party. Afterward, we're going to Guru's to sing karaoke.

I actually wasn't very excited to turn 22 because really it just means you're officially an adult. After 21, there isn't anything legally I can't do because of my age, (that I'm aware of) except maybe rent a car. But that's not a big deal really.

22 was promising to just make me feel old and lame.

Well this sushi thing got me thinking, "what could I do to make 22 seem better?" And I came up with this idea:do 22 things I have never done before. Make my 23rd (technically) year of life full of adventures.

I made a list. It's epic. Some things are still under construction and such, and I actually haven't picked a 22nd thing because I don't want to be too hasty. Here's my list:

  1. Go kayaking
  2. LICK a Tootsie Pop to the center (possibly count the licks)
  3. Build a telescope
  4. Design and Make my own article of clothing
  5. Tour the East Coast (from Florida to Maine)*
  6. Sit in on a session of Congress
  7. Go to Harry Potter World/ Watch the entire (both parts) 7th Harry Potter Movie
  8. Hike Mount Timpanogos (not sure of spelling)
  9. Walk on a Glacier
  10. Do 100 hours of service
  11. Bike some significant distance (like a century that isn't mountain biking)
  12. Visit all the temples in Utah
  13. Read the Holy Bible cover to cover
  14. Build an Igloo
  15. Eat sushi
  16. Take a picture EVERYDAY
  17. Write in my Journal EVERYDAY
  18. Leave the country
  19. Take a backpacking trip
  20. Catch a fish
  21. Surf
  22. ?
What do you think I should add as my 22nd thing? Or maybe some help with 11... Awesome!

Break it Down

Well life has been shall I say crazy!

Ok since I last posted I...
  • quit my job at the MTC (sweet freedom)
  • Got a job doing early morning custodial on campus
  • Started the semester with 20.5 credits
  • Started today by dropping a credit (goodbye Chem 107)
  • Went on a two week geology camp for one of my classes 2 weeks before the semester started
  • Applied for a tutoring job (fingers crossed)
But all of that is beans compared to the most exciting thing that happened.

My brother Aaron (mentioned in the post before) Got married!! On me mum's birthday!
It was super awesome and exciting and now I have a new sister (Korina) and a neice and nephew (Shiane and Kyle). Yeah!! They are awesome and such a cute little family.

Now for the bad news...Pretty sure I'm having a nervous breakdown. How can school already be so stressful when we've only been in for a week? It's totally uncool. This is part of the reason I dropped Chem 107. Another reason being that they wanted me to pay $40 to join a website and guess who doesn't have the money. Um oh yeah, me. Not working for a month and a half but still paying bills will make you poorer than Anne. (probably no one will get that joke but it's from french class in high school; "Pauvre Anne").

Cha I need a big huge chocolate cake please. With Reese's baked into it. Oh my that sounds too good to be true.

Ok Imma post something happy now.

Cha Bye!