Friday, December 2, 2016

Lessons My Parents Taught Me

My parents are really smart. And logical. And giving.

Over my almost 3 decades of life (what?) they have taught me a lot of things about a lot of things.

They've taught me to love others. To listen more than I talk. To look for ways to help. To give willingly. To pray. To not be afraid. To befriend others. To work hard.

You get the idea.

Today I will talk about a few specific things they taught me when I was younger that I remember.

  1. "Life's not fair." 
    • My daddy would say this every time I would whine that something wasn't fair. Some of you might think that he was just annoyed with me, and tbh, he probably was because I can be really annoying when I whine. But is there a truer statement? Life isn't fair, be grateful for what you have. Try to rectify what you can to make it fair but at the end of the day, life won't be fair until Jesus comes again.
  2. "God does answer all our prayers, He just doesn't answer them the way people want, so people think he doesn't answer them."
    • My mom told me this when I asked her about why God doesn't answer every one's prayers. It was after listening to a very popular country song about unanswered prayers (You know the one). IDK if my mom remembers this, I was really young, but I've always remembered it and let it teach me to trust in God's plan for me. He knows better than I what I need.
  3. "Fear is the opposite of faith."
    • Both of my parents taught us this often in FHE. I try to remember it when I feel unsure of what is happening in life. And it goes hand in hand with the above lesson about prayer.
    This is the first time my mom got to hold Little Buns.
And a bonus fun one:

  • When you're parking at church, think about where the sun will be when you get out of church and how that will affect the shade on your car. So you don't just automatically park in the shade right away if in 3 hours the sun has moved and your car will be in full/partial sun. I honestly think about this every Sunday.
In short my parents are awesome. I love them and I hope I can teach my kids as well as they taught me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

So You're Sad

So, it's 2016, and you're feeling kind of sad now right? 

Well here's some quotes and thoughts to help you look on the bright side...

"If something seems bad, turn it around, and find something good." 

- Daniel Tiger

"Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt lovethy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?" 
- Matthew 5:43-47
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
- Philipians 4:13
Our nation is run on checks and balances, a very wise decision, because then one branch doesn't have all the power. Annoying because it then takes a long time for things to get done. But it's better than the wrong things being done quickly.
In the Book of Mormon there is a man who was going around bashing the church, his family and generally trying to lead people into unrighteousness. His family said many prayers on his behalf. One day he was visited by an angel and he changed his whole life. He spent the rest of his life trying to help and lift others, and redeem himself from his sins. He truly had a change of heart. That is the power of prayer. Alma went on to become the President of the Church.  I believe that prayer can accomplish a lot. As well as living in faith.
Living in faith means to me that your actions reflect your faith. That you are going out and trying to be a good example of the change you wish to see. It will do no good to pray and then sit inside all day and complain about how there is no change. Living in faith also means that we trust in God and his timeline. I once asked my mom, after listening to a popular country song on the radio, if God doesn't answer all prayers. She told me he does, just some people don't like the answer so they ignore it or don't recognize it. I think that includes the answer to wait and be patient. It's easy to get frustrated when waiting, but faith can make it easier.
and finally...
Christ's atonement was for everyone. Every single person. Even people you don't like. Even people that didn't like Jesus. Even people that don't believe he existed. 
I had this thought the other day that part of our journey to becoming Christ-like is finding a way in our hearts to understand that even those people are deserving of love, forgiveness, and a chance to change. Even those people can change. 
And you probably thought this was going to be a funny post. 
Ok bye.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Once I was 10 Years Old

A post from a 10 year old Alicia...


Dear J,
     I had to eat school pizza today. It Tastes really bad! Lindsey is a big badby! She hates me! I wish she was 4! I love Jacques C! I think he likes me too. I'll find out when I'm 14. Pokemon, I don't like it. Everyone asks me if I have them I do but sucky ones. I wish I never get yelled at and that Lindsey always has to clean the room!


I changed the name of the boy to Jacques Cousteau to spare the comments from my family. Also as a nod to Friends which I have been watching lately.

You're welcome.

Notice the misspelling then correction of baby. Classic Alicia.

Thoughts on Journaling

I have been journaling since 2nd grade. Not consistently, but yeah since 2nd grade. I love it. It is a way to help me clear my head and get all my thoughts out there and really think things through.

Remember when I turned 22 and I made my "22 List" of things to do that I'd never done and writing in my journal everyday was one of those things? Well I did that and I loved it. Some days all I wrote was "I'm tired." or "I love Adrian!" or "I'm mad." with no other explanation. But that's ok. Most days it was because I was really tired but I had made that goal.

Anyways, I was thinking the other day of how I only really journal when things seem to be hard or challenging in my life and I wished I could change that. But then I had another thought, but you need some back story.

Every night when we put Little Buns to bed there is a routine. Change his diaper, put him in pjs, get his milk, and as he drinks his milk we read to him a chapter of the Book of Mormon. Not one with pictures or anything but just the book (well we read it from our phones because otherwise he tries to tear all the pages). He probably doesn't get a lot of it... or any of it...maybe it's just a way to make sure I'm reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Idk but that's what we do.

Anyways, we've been reading the Book of Mormon and I noticed that the scriptures skip over when everything is going well in their lives too. Literally hundreds of years pass in a single verse because every one is righteous and doing what they are supposed to.

So now I don't feel as bad about not writing as much in the good times of my life. Though now I do try to see the good in a situation to help any one who may read my journals in the future.

Do you ever go back and read your journals and just cringe? Or laugh at yourself? I'm tempted to rip those pages up or build a time machine for the sole purpose of going back in time and punching myself in the throat. And then I'd shout,

"You know why!" and go back to the future.

Anyways, I get really embarrassed thinking my great great great great granddaughter will read my journals and I've been such an idiot. Although there are some good things.

And even with her in mind, I still don't censor myself as I write, because I'm keeping it real, you know?

Ok so if you read this far you should know I'm sorry I've been gone, I'm doing my masters and I am really busy with that. But I decided not to do it on Sundays because I need a day you know? And why not the day of rest. Literally called the day of rest so I'll take it. So sorry about that.

But the real announcement is that I'll bring back my journal posts where I write old journal entries. They are fantastic you guys! Fantastic!

Be excited...

Ok bye.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Being a Mother

Ok you guys, my son is the cutest.

I love watching him grow and develop and learn. 

Little Buns learning to play the accordion
I love his strong little personality.

I love being a mom.

But sometimes, I feel like the worst mother.

I know everyone who is a mother has at some point felt this way. Had this recognition that they are not perfect and they could be doing better.

Admitting that there is room to improve is actually a good thing.  That is part of our purpose here. To learn and grow and develop. To recognize our faults and tr to fix them. It won't be easy but it is totally worth it.

And guess what! By the time you die you still won't be perfect. That's ok as long as everyday you are trying to better yourself. Even if it's a smidge each day.

I think sometimes we make a list of all things we need to be doing to be perfect and it's so overwhelming. It's like when I walk into my kitchen and I'm thinking, "This place is going to be spotless when I walk out." But then I get overwhelmed by the dishes and the mess my son has made with all the recycling stuff and his toys and etc and etc. So I just grab Oreos and milk instead.

So we make this huge grand plan of everything we should be doing but it's overwhelming and we don't know where to start. 

But we have to just do what we can at first until that becomes part of who we are.

Then we can start on the next thing.

Anyways, this post got way off track because I was actually going to make a list of the cute things my son does but now it doesn't seem like it fits in this post so maybe I'll just make a separate post about that.

I had this thought today while I was sitting with Little Buns and feeding him some yogurt while watching my guilty pleasure show "Dance Moms" (new season on Hulu y'all). I don't want my kids to be exactly like me. I want them to be better than me. I want them to take the good parts of my personality and improve on the bad parts of my personality. And that's what I'm trying to do with Little Buns.

I know he's only 18 months but I'm constantly worried about what he'll be like as a 12 year old boy, or a teenager. I'm worried about how he'll treat his siblings (this is not an announcement except to announce that in the future sometime we will, hopefully, have more children).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, motherhood is a journey and not like a Candyland kind of journey where you get stuck in some delicious candy. It's more like a combination of Chutes and Ladders and War; where you have really big highs and lows and the game only ends never. And you never know what's going to happen next.

My advice is to rely on the Savior and our Heavenly Father's plan and always have Oreos in the pantry.

****So I know this post is kind of hard to follow. But hopefully you get it. Like I said it wasn't planned to be this way at all so meh.

Friday, August 19, 2016

10 Reasons I Love AZ

From my last post you may think I hate Arizona. But that's just not true.

I really just hate being hot. 

And I have this semi-irrational fear of gangs that I won't get into right now.

Anyways, I actually love a lot of things about Arizona.

So here's a list of 10 reasons I Love Arizona

  1. The people! Almost everyone I know from Arizona is so chill. They just roll with the punches and like to laugh. Oh sure they are human sometimes things get out of hand. But a lot of my favorite people are from/in Arizona.
  2. The winter! So it's the perfect weather in the winter because it's not so hot. It's perfect for hiking, playing soccer, playing tag, jumping on the trampoline. All those things can happen during the day and you don't have to worry about snow (most of the time-yes it has snowed in
    The 3 wise men and their camels.
    Phoenix) (and unless you're in Northern AZ where it does snow in the winter). Also the Mesa temple Lights are the best! My favorite part is the 3 wise men crossing with their camels across the front lawn.
  3. It's actually a pretty desert. If you've ever driven through Nevada you know what an ugly place the desert can be. (Sorry Nevada) But Arizona actually has the pretty red rock, the Saguaro cactus (that bloom really pretty blooms) and lots of other cactus that add color  to the scenery. And it all is so beautiful against the Arizona Blue sky. Arizona's skies are beautiful and different than other places I've been.
  4. The sky. Ok Sunsets at the beach are petty but Arizona Sunsets are the They are all that and a bag of chips. And yeah it's the pollution, but seriously, you have got to see the sunsets. To see these skies check out my cousin Libby's facebook page  Hello From New River. She takes really beautiful photos of New River, AZ where she lives.
  5. Public Pools. Ok I don't know if the prices are the same but when I was younger the price to get into the pool as a kid was like $.50 and a $1.50 as an adult. Somewhere around there. Oh and after 6pm it was $.25 for everyone. I remember that because we used to go with our friends sometimes. So I was shocked, SHOCKED, when I took these kids I was babysitting to a public pool in Utah and it was $5 per person and $10 if you wanted to use the wave rider. It was crazy! My best friend and I would go to Cactus Park at least once a week to go swimming when I was younger. That would not be possible in other places I have realized. Perhaps it is seen as a public service to keep people from dying from heat. I don't know but I loved it.
  6. Castles and Coasters. I know what you're thinking "Really?" But yes. It's probably mostly nostalgia but I love that place. I have lots of good memories from there with family and friends. Also the log ride people. It's the best ride there and if you go at the right time no one is in line and they just let you stay on forever.
  7. Water parks. Water World (I just can't call it Wet N' Wild, it will always be Water World in my heart) & Sunsplash are awesome. (I have never been to Big Surf) Not just nostalgia this time I have not actually been to water parks better than them. Plus Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was partly filmed at Sunsplash
    I took this picture at Sunsplash in 2007 in the Lazy River.
    and that's one of the greatest movies ever made. I digress. Other water parks I've been to have been way crowded, not just with people but I feel like the rides are so close together. And you have to rent tubes even for the lazy river. So that means people are SWIMMING in the LAZY river. Sorry but it's not called the "kind of lazy" river. And then if you do get a tube your constantly drowning the small children that are swimming in there without a tube. Tubes should be in the lazy river free of charge (and not be allowed taken other places understandably). I'm probably going to start a petition about this.
  8. Northern Arizona. It's really pretty you guys and if you just can't stomach the heat anymore down in Phoenix, Flagstaff is just a 2 hour drive away. Or one of the other numerous small towns in Arizona. It's really lovely. I love that most of Arizona is a lot of small towns.
  9. The down hominess of it. I don't really know how to describe this very well but I think it relates to the chillness of the people I mentioned in #1. I just feel like even though I was from this huge sprawling metropolis of Phoenix and the surrounding areas, things were...It's really hard for me to describe. People take their time to do things... But I mean idk hopefully Arizona people understand what I mean. It just had a nice feeling for the most part.
  10. Maybe you will say I'm cheating and that 10 is the same as number one but I think they are different. 10 is that my family is mostly all there. All but one of my siblings and their family live there. And I have lots of extended family there. And that's where I feel most comfortable is with them. They are my people and I love them. 
So I haven't shunned Arizona forever, maybe we could live in Northern Arizona one day, but never Phoenix.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Phoenix, Arizona

Ok, if you didn't know, now you do, I'm from Phoenix.

Most of my family is still there.

But despite that, I have a goal of never living there again.


And you're going to be like "Oh but it's a dry heat!" 

And then I'm going to have to punch you in the throat.

You don't understand. 

I don't care if you've been there and you're like "The humidity is worse."

I really don't.

It's hot. It's hot there 24/7. It doesn't even cool down at night. It's still 100F at 2 in the morning. By 9 am it's already 95F on a good day. On a horrible day it will already be 100F by 9am.

I've been to the humid places. I mean, I've been to the equator (though I will qualify that I was there in the 'winter' so it wasn't as humid as it normally gets) and I would take that any day over the sweltering oven inferno that is Phoenix, AZ. To me living in an oven is worse than living in a slow cooker.

(And when I get hot I hate everything and everyone and it's the absolute worst.

I realized this at church today because it was so hot there. I was sitting there and I was sweating and fanning myself and trying to avoid holding my child on my lap because I was so hot. And I was just mad. I just hated it. So yes it did take me 28 years to realize why I hate the heat. Probably because I was too hot to try to figure it out before.)

Anyways, last week I went to Phoenix because my dear older sister was getting married.

She got married in the Phoenix, Arizona temple. (So beautiful btw). And then her reception was outside! 
Lindsey and Austin after getting married! And probably like "It's so hot!"

I love my sister. This is how you know:
  1. I went to Arizona in the summer.
  2. I helped set up the outside reception.
  3. I didn't stand in front of the giant fans the entire time at the reception.
  4. I helped clean up the reception.

It seemed so much worse this year than ever, probably because I've been gone for almost a decade.

But I love my sister and the reception was actually really nice and lovely. And I like her husband too. He is good and they are good together. Oh and I got to do the flowers again. So I liked that. And it was nice to see my family. 

But I love them more in the winter than in the summer.*

 No but seriously, I was so happy I could go and they could get married and everything worked out. It was really fun!

*Depending on my location

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stranger Thoughts

Have you been watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix?


If not you should try it out because it's pretty good man.

We are 4 episodes in now and we look forward to watching 1 or 2 episodes every night.

Although, when I first heard about the show I was told it was going to be like an X-Files type show. And I guess it kind of is in the way that there's a conspiracy (or is there?) But the thing about the X-Files that I loved is it was scary.

So scary I wasn't allowed to watch it for years. So scary that watching it now still scares me sometimes.

And makes me laugh too sometimes, but mostly it was scary.

Like episode 2 of season 1, THAT GUY GETS INTO YOUR LOCKED HOUSE AND EATS YOUR LIVER! AND HE HAS YELLOW EYES, "SO HELP ME, YELLOW EYES!" (10 points if you know where that quote is from).

But I digress...

"Stranger Things" has so far only made me cry a lot.  It has a few on the edge of your seat moments but mostly it has just made me cry a lot.


Because a little boy goes missing and that makes me sad.


because I cry super easily. I mean I cry at commercials for goodness sakes. Not the Sarah McLaughlin animal cruelty commercial. But the "Touched By an Angel" lady commercial with the kids in third world countries who don't have families.

Basically anytime I feel like a child is hurting or a family is hurting, I'm going to cry.

Anyways, that got a bit too serious and sad.

But yeah, Adrian's coworkers told him "Stranger Things" was scary. One of them even had to watch a happy show afterwards so they could calm down and go to bed after they finished.

So far I'm like "This is just sad, not scary!"

But I think it gets scarier towards the end. Right now it's the setup and then the scare. Hopefully. Yes maybe.

If you spoil this show for me, you should know that I will find you and I will give you a purple nurple.

You've been warned. 

Or a swirly.

You've been warned.

Or a package of Oreo's that is EMPTY! And then you'll see me enjoying all the Oreo's with a nice tall glass of milk. And when you ask for some, I will say "NO! Go give yourself a swirly," while giving you a purple nurple. And then I will finish watching "Stranger Things" and glare at you periodically because I already knew all the shocking parts.

You've been warned.

I mean just because it's not "X-Files" scary doesn't mean it's not good. And I love this kind of show best because it makes you think so much. A very good thriller fo' sho'.

Just be prepared to cry if you cry easily like I do.

Ok Bye

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oh Hey There ;)

Guys, I'm sorry it's been like what... 3 years.

Yeah, I was busy working and having a baby and being married and checking Facebook and you know browsing Pinterest and watching Gossip Girl and working on my Master's degree.

You know all the important things.

No but seriously I guest blogged for my mom on her blog 3 Winks Design and it made me miss blogging so I'm back.

(Seriously my mom is a genius you should check it out. She makes the best stuff on there.)

So instead of writing a lengthy post about all the marvelous things that have happened to us in the last 3 years I will just leave you a list of  

10 Important Things That Have Happened in the Last 3 Years to the Maruri Family. 

(Um I will work on the title of the list later...ok? OK)

  1. We had a baby! We call him Little Buns(LB) and you will call him that too. He is just so little and cute. He makes our lives so much fuller and meaningful. Honestly he is the sweetest cutest baby in the world. I love him so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sooooooooooooooo much.  (so I tried to hold down the 'o' to put a lot of 'o's and it wouldn't let me it kept wanting to put an 'รถ' [umlaut{?}]) He came 6 weeks early and my water broke 8 weeks early and I had to be in the hospital just basically laying in bed for two weeks until my emergency c-section after having been in labor all day. But it was all worth it. Because he's the best, hands down.
    In the NICU
  2. Adrian got a job at Pixar! so we moved to the Bay Area (California). Getting this job involved a 6 month internship in which Adrian was in CA and LB and I were still in Utah. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
  3. I stopped teaching, because we moved here and I didn't get a job teaching here and I have to stay home with the LB. Which I'm happy about. My sister was living with me while Adrian was gone and she took care of LB while I was working. But then when we moved here she shortly after moved to Kansas to live with my brother and take care of his kids. She is an excellent baby sitter. They hardly get squashed at all.... HAHA Get it? Baby sitter! No but really she's really good.
  4. We bought a new car because our old one was leaking gas and we were about to have a baby so that probably wasn't safe.
  5. He's not playing with them here but they are using tracks he recorded.
  6. Adrian played in a band called Festive People. They are fantastic! And they got to play at Stadium of Fire. It's a HUGE 4th of July show that is put on at BYU. Um Journey was there so that was awesome. Obvs he doesn't play with them any more because they are based in Utah and we are here. But he misses it, and I do too sometimes because I like their music. FYI they have a new album coming out soon and you should pre-order it on itunes because it's available for pre-order and you won't regret it.
  7. I found out I have Hashimoto's. It's the it's not actually but it is annoying. If you google it though people act like it's the worst. I'm like "I thought I had cancer so this is much better." My Dr actually told me, "Of all the autoimmune diseases you could have, this is the one I would choose to have if I had to have one." (I feel like it was comforting in a weird way). No but it is annoying because you have to take a pill at least 30 minutes before you eat breakfast and I wake up starving a lot. And I mean you are insanely tired all the time, and it suppresses your metabolism so I basically haven't lost any baby weight (after a year), oh and it makes pregnancy difficult and causes premature births (see number one on the list)
  8.  Adrian Graduated from BYU!
  9. We went to Ecuador! It was so fun and awesome to visit his homeland and see all his family.
  10. Adrian won an award for the sound design he did on a student film called "The Surface" and he was nominated for another award at a different festival.
  11. Adrian and LB went to Disneyland for the first time and they loved it and we can't wait to go back.
Ok I made the last 4 short because it was getting kind of long. Sorry about that. It's probably because I have all this backed up blogging energy I guess. 


P.S. All this editing to change the fonts and stuff takes too long and is not as fun when I don't have assignments to procrastinate. So I probs won't be doing it anymore unless you tell me you like it.