Monday, December 14, 2009

Oz is the

I just want to be done yet I know I need to study...

But I'm going to blog instead. I wish I had something cool to blog about... but I don't

I'm going to tell you guys about a great book you should read.

The Wizard of Oz.

Here's 10 things about the Wizard of Oz that make it Awesome

  1. It's possibly one of the most imaginative books ever written. (read it you will see)
  2. I first read the wizard of Oz as a very young child possibly 1st grade. I fell in love with it. I still enjoy the book today. It's a timeless classic tale.
  3. Dorothy is part of me in that I've been reading this book since I was a child and I think I've been emulating some of her characteristics my entire life.
  4. The story tells us there's no place like home, and when you find your home you understand what Mr Baum was talking about.
  5. Friendship is very important in this book I think building good relationships starts with being a good friend. Yes even with your family.
  6. Forgiveness is also a theme in this book. As Dorothy forgives the lion, the wizard and others along their long journey.
  7. It's different from the movie in a hundred different ways but both are good in their own right
  8. It's a quick read sure to brighten your day!
  9. I love it, and I'm awesome so it's awesome by association
  10. It is actually only one book of a whole series of Oz book that are all just so good!
So you should get to the library and read it as soon as possible or just go to here to read it for free online. Thanks to project Gutenberg!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


This post has nothing to do with the Atomic Dog or dogs at all.

It does have to do with I only have 2.5 days of work left. The rest of today next saturday and next sunday!

Also I have a cold. Sigh I really don't have time to be sick though so I'm just truckin' through it.

ah well good bye

Monday, November 30, 2009

Works for Me

I said I would post about what I like about work But don't forget to read and comment on what I don't like about work, which I wrote below. Because that is still on my mind.
  • Missionaries (awesome because they are going on a mission to teach and preach and serve as missionaries do)
  • Trina (she is very nice)
  • Crazy kitchen workers (sometimes they make me chuckle)
  • The friendships I have made there (yes I have friends at work)
  • How working at the MTC has made me come out of my shell. I had to in order to use the nepotism that occurs there in my favor (haha)
  • I'm making pretty good money
  • I can work holidays for double time
  • Sometimes I'm allowed to work 40 hours a week
  • It's pretty easy to get work off
  • Sunday Breakfast (Best Shift Ever! You can eat whatever you want and I like to do the trash, I don't know why but I do)
  • Sometimes you get to meet General Authorities It's pretty Rad.
  • Occasionally they give us the leftovers
  • Oranges the oranges the MTC has had lately have been really delicious
Ok I think that is it. Bye.

Not Working Out

I think I go through periods in my life where I become obsessed with making money.

Right now is one of those times. I want to just work and work, except for one thing; I hate my job.

I just hate pretty much everything about it. Except the missionaries.

I like that there are so many missionaries. It's a good thing.

Some people I work with drive me crazy. Sometimes they seem fake, sometimes they are just not good workers, and sometimes I just find them completely irritating. Most of the time I ignore it if they are just regular workers but when my supervisor doesn't do his/her job right that just pushes me over the edge.

No, really, it really makes me angry. I hate that I will have to go around on my next shift and fix the things he/she should have had people do during that shift. It's insanely annoying. Mostly because he/she is the supervisor and he/she is supposed to be setting the bar for the employees. Instead he/she is telling them it is ok to slack off and not do your job right because someone else will take care of it.

You would think that if he/she was really this bad at supervising then the managers wouldn't let him/her be the supervisor the next semester, you would think. Oh but wait, they did. And did I get any shifts? No I did not. Not even cashier shifts. Whatever.

So that is my dilema. I want to just work all the time but being at work makes me unhappy, which doesn't help me in my quest to be more charitable, and Christ-like. Which is awkward because I work at the MTC...

Because I am so frustrated with work right now I'm going to make you a bulleted list of things I hate about work and then I will bury it and move on with my life. My next post will be things I like about working there.
  • Nepotism- that's how you get a good job there
  • Lazy workers- I love it when we have been serving just pizza at dinner but I'm sweeping up eggs, fried chicken (yes a whole drumstick), or fries
  • It's dirty (on account of lazy workers)
  • Wasteful (tons of food is just thrown away on a daily basis)
  • Ugly uniforms that are ugly (they are ugly, did I mention that?)
  • Crazy people who work in the kitchen (sometimes they just drive me insane (not always))
  • That the leftover bar on 1-4 has this superfolously long tube to empty the water out of the wells which in itself will take 15min not to mention how long it takes to clean all the stuck on food off of that thing.
  • Roaches
  • Rude customers
  • Bad supervisors (like the one mentioned above)
  • Ridiculous policies (like not walking on wet floors. Hello at night custodial to clean the floor we spray it with a hose. In the dishroom water is always splashing everywhere. Last I checked people can't hover)
  • That I had to pay $25 for my uniform deposit but if I lose my hat or apron I have to buy a new one. They won't just deduct it from my deposit.
  • Just the fact I had to pay a uniform deposit.
  • I have only been Employee of the Month once even though I was "Star of the Day" everyday over the summer.
  • That some one I work with hates me for no reason at all. One day I'm just standing there serving food on her line and I hear her go "Mel that's her" But nothing after that so I look up and she and Mel are glaring at me. Thank you very much for never ever talking to me in my entire life or smiling. I don't know what I did to you but get over it.
  • Caution this may sound racist: If there are 2 people who speak spanish that you are working with they will only speak spanish to eachother. They may even acknowledge that it's rude but continue doing it.
  • The early sitters. (people who decide that they are done at the end of the shift even though there is still tons that needs to be done)(this can also be categorized under lazy workers)
  • I always look/smell gross after work.
  • The shifts are at the most inconveinient times.
Ok I think that is enough.

Edit: I'm glad the bullets don't show up on the list that's just awesome :\

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I Want for Christmas

Lately people have been asking so here you go.
  1. A new Polaroid Camera that takes the 600 film. I got mine on for $15 I think (including shipping) But the sales aren't as good anymore I think the cheapest one is $12 (not including shipping) I need a new one because mine mysteriously stopped working when I tried to take a picture of my brother at Bridal Veil Falls. The shutter refuses to open I think. I think it would be easier to just buy a new one than to get it fixed, and cheaper. It wouldn't be such a big deal except I've got 3.5 packs of film I want to use. As the film is more expensive than the camera. Pretty much this is what I want the most.
  2. A Lady Antebellum cd. I heard one of their songs at the CMA's and decided I liked it.
  3. To go home
  4. A million dollars
k that is my Christmas list.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another One? (in whiny voice)

I really like flowers and my floral design class. It's making me want to be a wedding planner... only not like Jennifer Lopez where I steal someones groom. I would feel really mean if I did that.

I have to take 3 tests this week maybe 4 I have to check. But I really don't know how well I'll do on any of them. It's hard for me to focus lately, just because I'd rather focus on other things.

I'm getting really good at crosswords. I like to do them. Also they remind me of my Grandma. Hopefully that means I'm getting to be an old lady. (Please oh Please let me be and old Lady)

When I'm old I'm going to sit on my porch and spray people with a hose.


Like pretty much every girl regardless of relationship status, I like to look at Bridal magazines. After looking through many of these and watching "Say Yes to the Dress" I still have no idea what I want my dress to look like. But I do know I want texture, either from lace, ruching, or some other technique. Don't think I want to be studded out though with crystals and beading because I don't. I think that is not for me at all. So I don't want texture through beading. Yeah and I don't want your standard mormon girl dress either. If I had a choice I'd have Vera Wang design my dress.

That means I need to get rich and famous so she'll do it. Above is my favorite dress of hers. It's called Calalilly. Although I'm not sure why because that flower thing is definitely not a cala lilly...

The Tale to Tell

ugh I hate alliteration so I am hereby retitling this post "The Story I'll Tell You" haha


I had a root canal. It hurt a LOT!! And it was hurting a lot for over a week before I was able to get it taken care of. Because I don't feel like relaying all the funny details of the story I'll Spark it for you.

It all started Sunday when I had a terrible, no good, very bad pain, which by the end of the day resulted in me going to the ER. At the ER they gave me Percocet. Man that stuff is awesome

The next day I went to the dentist and found out 2 things: 1. I need a root canal 2. My dental insurance doesn't cover root canals in Utah.
So the dentist prescribed me antibiotics and told me I could come back if I just wanted it done.

After talking with my parents I decided to just let this dentist do the deed and give me a root canal which I scheduled for Monday because I had a very busy school week ahead of me. At first I thought of doing it on Friday but my mom reminded me that I had work all of Sat so I probably shouldn't do that.

Well I was supposed to have work all of Sat but on Friday I threw up and ruined my new white sweatshirt, no one was more grossed out than I was. This meant I couldn't go to work the next day because I might possibly be sick, and I couldn't take the makeup test that day either. HMPH. Very irritating.

So no work on Sat and by the end of the day I felt much better except my mouth which still hurt.

So on Monday I went to get my root canal and it hurt because the Novocain didn't work very well. The dental assistant was also very annoying.

After it was over I was really mad because my mouth hurt soo bad still. I'm not sure why I was mad, probably a combination of the annoying girl and the pain, but I wanted to punch someone in the face. So I went to the public library and read a Bridal magazine. It was very interesting and by 2:30pm my mouth no longer hurt as much as it did before and I was quite happy.

The End

Now just think how long this would have been had I put in all the details...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


So I need to do a creativity project for my class. Here are some of my ideas. Help me narrow it down:

a)Tell an oral story (like Homer did) only the main character is you!! It would be a sort of epic tale that would reflect the values of our day.

b)Write my own fables (like Aesop's) that reflect the values of our day

c)Make a pyramid shaped kind of shadow box in which I would put things that are important to me that I would want to have with me forever.

d)Create an ad for the American Floral Society, along with a floral arrangement where I relate giving your significant other flowers is the best way to keep them happy and to dispel misfortune (akin to the ancients making sacrifices to their gods).

e)A sort of tapestry depicting a story from my life or someone else's.

f)A kind of stained glass window depicting a story of modern times.

K that's all I got. Which do you like best? Or do you have a better idea?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What? Yeah! Ok

So my mind is going all spacy.
I have a lot to do and no time do so it... and I'm forgetting about important things.

Blame it on the Tetons.

not really I blame it on my lack of sleep.

I totally forgot about an interview I had with my bishop last night. I wouldn't feel extremely bad if this wasn't the third time they tried to set up an appointment with me. Oopsies. I'm a busy girl. What can I say

In other news I'e made some new friends and we are going to Lagoon on friday. Good right, except He said we could only be friends if I stay fun and don't get weird. Here's the problem: I'm extremely scared of some of the rides at Lagoon. Mainly Wicked and the Ferris Wheel. Especially the Ferris wheel. And let's not forget how much I hate the Rocket (akin to the Tower of Terror only with no building around you. Yep you're just looking across Utah County from up there) And I especially hate the Ferris Wheel. I'm sure it's fine except do you think not screaming when you are scared is weird? I do and I do not scream. My eyes get really big and I grip whatever I can very tightly.

I just shivered in anticipation of being scared tomorrow.

Also I can't talk to people right before the ride starts at least not civilly. Or for a few minutes afterwards. Is that weird? For one thing I don't think they'll think I'm fun...
Oh well their loss I suppose. I'm sure it's fine and they will still want to be friends with me ...Right?

If not I'll turn them into fleas and put them in a box, and put that box in another box and then I'll mail it to myself and when it comes to my door I'll Smash it with a hammer!!!! Hahahaha

In other news when I went to the mall to return some things yesterday I also picked up a pair of mockisons at Payless and they are the most amazingly comfortable shoes my feet ever been in.

I also tried on these slippers that were the most amazingly comfortable thing my feet have ever had the priveldge to wear. They were like stepping on lambs!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shark Bait OO HAHA

earlier this evening I was minding my own business reading geology when this guy comes up to the girl at the end of the table and burrows her. Then he keeps saying "I love you so much I love you I love you." While it may have been a sweet moment for them as they very soon got up and left afterwards, I wanted to do 2 things
  1. Laugh - it was extremely funny because I don't think the girl was really saying anything back just patting his head
  2. stare at them- I couldn't believe what I was hearing slash seeing from the corner of my eye
I didn't do either of these things. I may have smiled to myself after they left the room though.

I just found it very weird. The weirdest PDA moment ever.

In other news I got a 94% on my geology test after the retake and a 95% on my floral design test. I think my ending score for my BOM test was 92% so overall I'm doing alright. Of course I also took a history of creativity test I don't know the score for yet.

Oh the guy who just sat across from me at the computers just started to pretend to type really fast. It was funny. So many funny people at BYU. Love it.

I'm funny it's true.

Also my Polaroid Camera broke. Sad. Also my computer crashed. Sad.

I think I'm going to write a play for my Creativity project. It will be awesome. The end anyways I've got the end fo' sho'.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Title

Life is good. Deal with it!

I got a 90% on the MC section of my Book of Mormon test hopefully the written portion will bumb up the grade.

Have a super awesome day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dropping like flies

I dropped a class so now I only have 14.5 credits. That feels good to say because I was so behind and now I'm only a little behind and can concentrate better on my studies. The class I dropped was fulfilling a requirement that can be fulfilled with a different class I have to take. So it's a double whammy and totally worth it. WOOT!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

As of Late...

I have been so extrememly busy lately because school has started. And I'm taking 17.5 credits and working about 15 hours a week. So all I do is school study and work. I miss so much though. Like Friday night I went to bed early because I had to work all day Sat. Then when I got home Sat night they were talking about Karaoke, IHOP, the BYUvs OU game (which we won!!!), and a plethera of other things that I was so out of the loop on. But I feel like the Sacrifice is worth it if I can get good grades, bring up my GPA, Learn awesome new things, and earn money to live. Also it's not like I never do anything fun with them. I go to FHE and Ward Prayer and stuff so it's all good. I might even go to a Latin Festival thing tomorrow. Should be fun. And for my birthday since I found out my DisneyLand Plans are spoiled they're throwing me a Mocktail Masquerade Party. Seeing as I'm turning 21, Mocktail is key and seeing as how my birthday is in October, Masquerade makes it more of a Mystery! Fun stuff can't wait.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elder Turner

Today my best friend left for his mission. He's going to Pocotello, Idaho. Actually he just entered the MTC but that's where it all begins
I'm soo excited for him but soo sad at the same time. It's never easy to say goodbye to people you love, no matter if they're going onto something great.

And this soo great, especially for Tom. This is what he's wanted since he joined the church, actually since his first discussion. And he's had to wait a long time, longer than he wanted but his goal has finally come to realization. I know he's going to be one of the best missionaries ever. His testimony is so strong and he is already so good about sharing the gospel with those around him. He is constantly striving to be a better person and become closer to Christ. And he is an awesome example to those around him.
He's the only member in his family. He joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when he was 17. His family didn't like the idea very much, and still aren't to pleased with his choice. But I think that his family and him will be blessed while he's out and hopefully one day they will want to know more about what Tom is doing and what he believes and knows to be true.

I'll miss him so much but I'm so excited for him on his mission and to get letters from him.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I need a way to make some extra cash on the side of my job so that I don't just work to live.  I need money for fun too.  I think that is fair.  All work and no play makes Alicia go crazy.  I could sell Mary Kay except I don't think I'd be very good at it.  I really don't think I'm pushy enough.
Or I could do yard work for people or babysit, but I'd rather do something more fun and less demanding.  
I could sell headbands.  I make headbands, because it's fun, so I could sell them I suppose.  
What do you think?  Are they good enough to sell?   yeah it's kind of hard to see but it's red with a black feathery pouf and a dark red star burst of crystals.

I'll take more pictures and put them up later.

Friday, May 1, 2009

At Home

I enjoy coming home to AZ it's great. And the trip always seems to come at the best time when I just need to escape from Provo. This time I came home to get out my wisdom teeth. SO yes I sit here with puffy cheeks and dry socket in two places and am still thouroughly enjoying my time in AZ. While recovering I have been spending time making headbands or just the things to put on the headbands. I think they've turned out well. When I get back to Provo I'll put up pictures. Also spending time with the family is good too. Quite relaxing. The first day I was here me and three of my best friends spent the day together. We went to Castles and Coasters, twas fun. Also we went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. t'was good. Tonight we're going to a dance show and out to eat. Monday my mommy took me to Target and Payless and bought me new clothes. We are excellent bargain hunters so I got lots of clothes for $70. Yes a $10 trench coat! And it's so cute. Tuesday Jenna and I went to the mall. The new Forever 21 there is GINORMOUS! Two floors and tons of things. I bought a tank top and some jewelry at the old forever 21 though lol. I scoped it out at the new one and then walked down the corridor in the mall to the old one. I also got supplies to make headbands at Jo-Anns. It was good. The night I got in my brother Tyler took me to a rock climbing gym and then we went and hiked a "mountain" It was fun. It was very nice too. I didn't need a sweatshirt at all and it was late at night, all I was wearing was a t-shirt and short shorts. I miss the warm night air of Phoenix. I also got to visit Tracy so that was nice as well and she fed us these delicious brownies. Oh yeah one night Jenna and I made this pie it was a cavity in a pie shell for sure but it was delicious. Well that's enough of my drugged ramblings for this post. I have a great story to tell about a treasure hunt in my mouth the nurses at the office had today... but later

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So Update

So cute funny story about exactly a month and two days ago I was at Jenna's apt.  Melissa was there.  I was trying on Jenna's clothes and after I had put together this really cute outfit we opened the blinds.  Jenna lives on the ground floor with a great view of the driveway to her complex's parking lot.  So often we see people walk by or drive by and I love to bug them as Jenna laughs and tells me to stop.  So these two guys walk by and Jenna said they were in her ward.   So naturally I banged on the window.  We began talking to them through Jenna's window.  And I thought to myself "Wow that one guy is really really ridiculously good looking."  And then the boys decided to come inside and talk to us.  
The RRRGLGuy said he had just gotten a new truck and he wanted to show it off so he went to get his keys and then he ended up driving Melissa back to her cousin's house because they were unable to come get her.  It was quite nice of him.  Then we were at Jenna's again and right after they left Jenna looked at me and said "Do you want me to set you up with him?  You guys were flirting hardcore!"  and some laughing and, weird for us, giggling occured and then I gave Jenna her clothes back and left.
So then later RRRGLGuy adds me as a friend on facebook, gets my number, and then we have a date set up for that Friday.  He totally skipped going through Jenna.  Anyways we went on many many dates in this month including to General Conference, and a weekend in Boise.  
And now it's official, he is my boyfriend.  On his birthday too.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


1. Put your music library on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough. (This is freaky - sometimes it doesn't make sense, but then again..... it does. Don't cheat, stay true to the exact shuffle. It really is freaky!)
4. Ok, go!
5. When you're done, tag 5 people in this note, and make sure to tag the person who sent you this. I copied the text and pasted it in notepad and answered the questions. Then copied the notepad to this.

This Ain't A Scene

Summer Nights

Life Styles of the Rich and Famous

Since U Been Gone

Don't Push Love Away

Hold On

My Reply

i Am The Walrus

9) WHAT IS 2+2?
Oh What A Day

Carry Me Home

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Again and Again

Falling For You

Birdhouse in Your Soul

December (apparently they can't remember that I was born in October)

Don't Rock the Jukebox

Modern Nature

My Heart

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

If You Go To San Francisco


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Steel Chokers

Lately it seems like everytime I go to read the news another person has been decapitated.  It's really sad.  The most recent one I read was about this man,23, who was at his home celebrating his little sisters birthday, she was turning 5, when he flipped stabbed his 17 yr old sister to death went on to behead his 5 year old sister and then turned to his 13 year old sister to stab her but she lived because the cops came and shot and killed the man.  I seriously cried for like 5 minutes.  

There was also the tv executive who decapitated his wife and the crazy guy on the greyhound bus, who not only decapitated the passenger next to him but started eating his body.  Also there was a guy in Germany I think it was who cut off 8 people's heads.  It's sick. Seriously, what is wrong with people today?

First of all where do people get off thinking they have the right to go around killing people?  That's so not cool.  

And why do it through beheadings?  That is just so greusome. 

Seriously I know this isn't a happy post but it's not on my happy blog either.  But I'm like scared to walk around outside now for fear that someone will just jump out of the bushes and cut my head off.  I feel like I should constantly be wearing a steel choker to prevent the situation.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Charity Never Faileth

While thinking about what I wanted to do for my Philosophy of Service project I thought I had to first decide what my philosophy was.  I concluded that it was all about love.  From selfless love to selfish love, service is all about love in the end.  Yes I agree that there are many components to service that must be included to make the experience successful but I believe that if love (of the people being served and of God) is the motivator behind the service then the service will have success.

But then came the hard part of putting my philosophy into a project.  I've read the description of the assignment about a million times in the syllabus and I'm still hesitant about what to do.  
But this is what I came up with...

I want to make a book of quotations and stories about how love relates to service.  I guess almost like the Chicken Soup books.  I think I would make it more like a scrapbook kind of thing though, with pictures.  In class to present it I would show it to the class and maybe talk about my philosophy, maybe read a story or quotes.  
I guess my idea of how it ties together is that I think that sometimes for myself I get too caught up in the world and myself, or I don't know how to help my friends when they are going through something difficult.  And I think that the book will help me remember that service is a way to show my love and lend support to my fellow man.  
I not only want to include the stories and quotes that everyone has heard but I'd like to interview people that I know personally and include their stories and thoughts on service. Because as I was thinking of the individuals who have helped influence my thoughts and insights, I thought it would be nice to have their ideas in the book too since they were such a big influence.  
I'll call it "It's All About Love"  or maybe something more clever than that...we'll see

I hope that works.  I'm still a bit hesitant as I said but I think this will be a fun way to explore my philosophy on service.  Thanks so much for all you do I love the class!

~Alicia M. Reynolds

What you have just read is a project proposal for my Learning Through Service class.  And I'd like you to help me.  There are no guidelines for the project really so here's what I'd like from you please.  Could you write stories, your thoughts or quotes on serving with love.  I'd like to focus more on the good end of serving to show your love for others and for God and showing God's love for others.  

 Here's my first reflection paper for the class.  I think it kind of shows my thoughts for the project I think and my philosophy on service.  I'll try to shorten it and just put in the most relevant thoughts.

"...What are my reasons for serving?  Am I aiming for earthly goals or am I doing it because I feel charity for my fellow man? of the greatest products of service; sharing God’s love. That is something I know many people, including myself, in the world struggle with.  So many people just feel lost and alone here in this earthly life.  Service is a way of showing people that they are cared for and loved.  Now when I serve I try to think of the people I am helping.  I think of how I can share God’s love for his children not just with words but with action."  

See I shortened that greatly for you.  mostly because there was an embarrasing story about my selfishness in there but you can see what I'm getting at here.   The best part you're serving me by helping me out! 

Monday, March 16, 2009




I've been having a great time chillin in P-Town with my friends and there is only a month of school left.  Praises are being shouted!!  Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Monday, March 2, 2009

AHHH Real Monsters

Not going to lie to you last week was no bueno for multiple multiple reasons.  But it ended well so that's all that matters.  
I should be working on a review right now but I'm taking a break instead.  
I finally am going to get to volunteer at the Provo City Library tomorrow so I'm so excited.  I've always wanted to work in the library.  
Also, I decided on a career, I think for real this time.  But my Bishop said it's ok if I change my mind again.  Anyways I want to be a meteorrlogist and work for NASA.  Wouldn't that be AWESOME?  
Also I looked really good yesterday, I just thought you should all know.  But today I don't look so great.  
I'm really busy this week so I hope I can get everything done.  
Anyways...I'm also moving next fall into the same condos Lindsey lives in and that's exciting.  The ward seems to be great too.  
And what else...I had the flu type a a couple weeks ago but don't worry i'm all cought up in school and even ahead.  So that is good.  
And I missed a test while I was sick so I went in and made it up and got 89% and that was better than the class average so I feel really good about that especially since I missed like 3 or 4 days of instruction (I can't rememeber).  
And I got a 91% on the American Heritage test, which made me the curve ruiner i found out.  Oh well I better just continue to do better than everyone else to keep my good grade.  
I really like that class.  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heaeding South

So the weekened of February 20 my roommates, Natalie and Kelli Jean, and I are going down to Cedar City. Mostly because Kelli jean has an audition there but it will also be way fun I am excited. We are staying in a hotel, and we will go around the city for a bit I suppose too. I'm excited. When Kelli invited me she said that she thought I might like a break from Provo... I think she is right!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

another one

i made another blog adventures of a joyous nature.  it's at

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looky what I made...

So my roommate Kelli has the two cameras.  They are really cool.  One is a fisheye camera, the pictures when developed look like they would if a fish saw the stuff, if that was explained well.  um yeah anyways the other one takes 4 shots on the same picture so when developed it's divided into 4.  So I got jealous of Kelli and her cameras and I wanted my own cool camera.  So I got onto Amazon to look for some cool cheap cameras.  I came across one you had to assemble yourself out of cardboard and it was a pinhole camera.  It was also $24.  Yeah I was like how lame.  I have instructions on how to make a pinhole camera in that build it with boxes book I had as a child.  No way was I going to pay $24 for something I could make with a box and film.  
But I then decided I was going to make one, a pinhole camera that is.  So I scoured the internet for instructions on how to make one.  I found many good instructions but they all called for paper film which would require me developing it on my own.  I'm not so into the buying all the things necessary for developing, all though I did find instructions on how to do that too and it seems simple enough.  But It seems cheaper to take a roll of film to the store and have them developed.  In fact it is.  
So I then found the perfect instructions.  For a matchbox pinhole camera. that's the website if you want to go there.
It's awesome.  So all I had to buy was film and tape.  Today I made my camera because I finished all my work for the week.  Yes I know I'm amazing.  anyways... the end result is a bit on the ugly side so I covered my cam in scrapbook paper to make it uber cute.  
The first picture I took with it was of a potato with my awesome necklace.  
I know Potato?! but remember that story in the Wayside book about the kid who could get a tatoo and all the kids were telling him to get all these really cool things and he came back the next day with a tatoo of a potato on his ankle.  Oh LOL I love that story so that's why the potato.
Plus if the picture doesn't really come out it's not a big loss.  
Plus here is my amazing roommate playing her ukulele singing the song she wrote.  yes she's quite creative.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh What a Day is Today...

Yesterday when I was walking home from work I looked up and made a wish on a star.  I thouhgt it was a legit wish...but when I got home my anti-wish happened.  What a drag.  Not really I just wish I was 10 again that was a good age.  Sure I was a fat little girl but I didn't have all these different stressors in my life.  But I guess that's the point of getting old

In other news my legs are really smooth.  And all my scrapbooking stuff is here with me in Provo so I am excited to start scrapbooking my pictures and things.  I love Scrapbooking.

Monday, January 5, 2009

And We're Off...

Well school started again. I only have 4 classes exactly 12 credits so it shouldn't be too hard Just a lot of work. I have work heavy classes I an tell. Mostly reading. Well and Math that should have like homework everyday so you know...

I'm off to a good start though. I got 100% on a quiz I took today and I've already read the first chapter of my Geology of the Planets book and notes and I'm almost done with American Heritage. The snag in my progress is I don't have money to buy the books I need for math class and American Heritage.

Ethan gave me his old AH main book. But there are two more I need and no one has those but the book store. And math I think I can use the textbook from the library but there's also a packet included with it so we'll see if I need that. My Geology of the Planets book is online so that's awesome. And New Testament I just need the New Testament. Which I have and then some.

I went upstairs in the bookstore just to scope out the books and I got a free notebook. A 4 subject notebook. So that was awesome, especially since I only have four classes.

It's snowing today which I don't like. GRR.

Break was good because I took a break from everything and was like I'm not gonna worry about anything at all. So I didn't. Not even about my cavities, of which I had 6. Not even when the dentist said he was going to do one with out anesthesia. I was just like whatever.

I thought I just saw Mr. Huffine, but it wasn't him weird.