Wednesday, July 25, 2007


unfortunately i have not been able to post as much as I have wanted because internet acess is hard to come by. But My trip has been good so far. We started out in Vegas with my cousins wedding in the viva las vegas wedding chapel...yes the one right across from the sin city hostel that's the one so you can imagine what that was like. It wasn't a spur of the moment wedding either it was planned for many months so it was weird to have it be in vegas. Then we headed over to provo to visit with my brother and sister. It was nice. We drove around and chatted. We also saw where I was going to live there...and guess is not even that far from campus some people would just like to make me worried about that but I looked and its not far. Also its close to the mall which is a plus and a grocery store which is another plus. And it is awesomely close to the football field. Ok so after Provo we went on our journey towards missouri where we would be visiting some friends. Having made it across lovely Wyoming in just one day we had to stay the night in Nebraska. Strangely enough though the first town we stopped in,in Nebraska, all the hotels and motels and everything were filled 100% all ready. Who would have thought that in nebraska weird I know. So we had to travel on. Don't worry we found a good place just an hour later. So the next morning we got in the car and made our way to good ole Mo. Our friends house was amazing and hard to belive it cost considerably less than their old house. They have like a park for a backyard and deer come through and everything. and it wasn't hot or muggy like everyone said it was going to fact the weather was considerably more enjoyable than Arizona weather which I despise. Anyways the next morning we left for Nauvoo (um I'm not sure if that is how it is spelled but it is in Illinois) ...All I can say about nauvoo is that it is amazing and I love it and I don't want to leave. Not only is this the only place with wifi so ar that works, it is gorgeous and the weather is wonderful and right there is the mighty Mississippi so beautiful and amazing i love it and understand why Mark Twain loved it so much too. We saw the nauvoo temple pageant and a cool variety show called sunset on the mississippi. It was funny. If you are wondering what I have been doing during the drive it should be obvious to you...I have been reading Harry Potter duh its me we're talking about here. So I finished up the 5th and started the 6th I'd all ready read those two I just needed to reread them before I moved on to the 7th which we didn't get until today and I was thouroughly having nightmares about not having them I kept dreaming that none of the stores had them or if they did they didn't have jackets on them so someone had to photocopy theirs for us and that made me angry. Any ways we got it and I am currently on page 279 so not bad. Any ways... I'll have pictures soo I'm just so tired right now so later...zzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, July 16, 2007


i love college I only have 1 class on fridays french at 10 in the morning which gives me the rest of the day to play around or do homework or best of all sleep ahh awesome!

lack of adventure

I've realized that I have had a lack of adventure in my life. I was looking at my friends facebook where she took a 3 day roadtrip with some of her friends to sedona. It looked fun. Anyways I always thought I would be taking a senior trip somewhere but friends were never allowed so we never did anything. And it has made me sad. Of course we did go to Sedona for one day and I loved it it was so fun but I'd alsways wanted to go camping with my friends or something but they aren't allowed so to no avail i have not had that awesome adventure i've always hoped for. And anyways maybe college will bring up this opprotunity.
On the plus side I only have 2 days of work left before my family takes our trip to Boston. So this may satisfy my appitite to leave phoenix. BYe I'm so excited for the trip.