Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Things I've Done

SO I have a hilarious story to tell you from the library but I will tell it in a different post.

Today I have to tell you 3 count em, 3, things I get to cross off my list!

  1. Take a long bike ride
  2. Design and make my own article of Clothing
  3. Go Kayaking
Yay I did those things 

And soon I will have done 100 hours of service so that will be great too!!

I rode my bike up to Mount Timpanogos Temple in American Fork.  The temple is BEAUTIFUL.  The bike ride there was all up hill and I got lost.  SO I'm not sure how many miles I really went all together but it was a good ride, other than my chain falling off and my handlebars being so ridiculously loose.  Oh Yeah and it was uphill on the way back too.  Don't ask how just believe me because it was.  I promise you.

I made a skirt.  It's not like some new original design but I did it without a pattern.  I used fabric I had from a dress I was going to make years ago but never did.  The sewing is a bit sloppy at some points because my tension wasn't right but everyone who see's it thinks it's cute so it works.

And my friend Scott took me kayaking!  He is awesome.  He had all the things I needed and guess what It was so fun!! And even though I'm not really a lake kind of person it was still really fun.  And the weather was beautiful!!  It was AWESOME!

I will come post pictures of these things soon!

Cheers everyone!