Monday, January 23, 2017

Thoughts on Life

Here's some thoughts I have had for the past year:

  • If you were mad at Bill Clinton in the 90's for being a misogynist creep but you make excuses for Donald Trump's words, you are a hypocrite.
  • If you are mad about what Donald Trump said about women, but you make excuses for Bill Clinton's behavior in the 90's (while president), you are a hypocrite.
  • If you can't take responsibility for your actions, you're not an adult. You're just a big baby who wants to blame all your problems on other people.
  • If women deserve respect just because they are people, doesn't Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence, Obama, Sanders and everyone else deserve respect as they are also human? (This is in response to a popular meme I saw going around claiming women deserve respect because they are human)
  • I'm a conservative I am not
    • racist
    • misogynistic
    • selfish
    • hateful
    • a bigot
    • any other negative labels you would like to throw at me
  • I believe most problems actually can't be solved with money, and often solutions are slow and take time to take affect.
  • I have no problem with Welfare, but let's improve it by adding mandatory classes to help people learn how to improve their resumes, job skills, etc. 
    • As is often pointed out, I believe most people on welfare don't actually want to be on Welfare, but what help are we really offering them to get off of it?
    • And obviously I'm talking about people who are able to work but just can't find work or aren't able to get a job.
  • I don't like Big Government. I believe in local government because local government knows better what the needs of it's people are in a certain area. 
    • Like rural areas have different needs than urban areas. And San Francisco has different needs than Phoenix.
    • And I do believe the Federal Government has a place but it's shadow is growing so huge and it's grasp on our lives is getting a bit out of control.
There's more but I have stuff to do now. Maybe I will post more later. Maybe I won't. I just had to get these things out there.