Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Book List

So I was working in a library this summer and I saw all these books that I wanted to read. So I decided to start a list of books to read before I die. But now I want more. SO I want you guys to give me your suggestions of books to read. It can be anything, from children's books to classics. I like biographies also so I really do mean anything. Or if you like an author tell me them too and I'll check out some of their books. Even activity kind of books. maybe I'll do the activities, or recipe books. Really I just like books. I just need to get a library card because as we all know having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"And that's about it."

So Lindsey made me want to tell more funny stories. She told me to tell the one about when Tom went to her apt.

This was before we were dating. Lindsey was having her Pumpkin Party and so I made a pumpkin pie for it. But Lindsey lived far away from me. I lived in Wyview which is by the football field, and she lived at 700N. And unfortunately it took me all day to make the pie. Because it wouldn't cook. But in the end it was good so whatever. But it wasn't done until after dark. And I was going to walk the pie over that night so it would be there because in the morning I was going to Tom's badminton match and then there was Lauren's bridal shower. So I needed to take it over the day before. Anyways so I called Tom and asked him to walk with me over there so I wouldn't be alone. He said yes because he liked me "And that's about it" It's about a 40 min walk especially with Tom and a pie. Tom likes to walk slower and I didn't want to drop the pie. So we finally get there. Lindsey's roommate Aubrey has a boy back in her room. Lindsey doesn't know what to do. So Tom goes,"Do you go to BYU?" they say "Yeah" "Do you know the honor code?" [no response] except Aubrey looked confused I guess because she's deaf and didn't hear what Tom said so her friend had to tell her. Then I guess they scowled at him. Anyways, then we were just sitting there talking, and her other roommate came home. she was sitting at her computer doing something I don't even know. So I know Tom has to get back and take a quiz so I kept asking him if he wanted to go so he could do it. so Lindsey's roommate decides that she should yell at Tom for making me leave and that he should just go home and they could give me a ride home. I was like no you don't understand. I'm the one asking him he's not saying anything. It was weird. Also Tom put on this wig that looked really dub that I had gotten to use at football games. and we were going to leave but he wouldn't take it off so I refused to walk across Provo with him wearing that. That's when she yelled at him too to just leave without me. It was just a funny situation. When we finally left sans the wig, Tom said he didn't really like Lindsey's roommates. and the whole situation was really awkward. Later he told me that he also felt awkward because he thought Lindsey knew that he liked me. ANd I was like oh Tom that was obvious to everyone. HAHA it was funny.
I'm telling you a funny story because lindsey is whining at me. She keeps doing it. Now she's laughing at nothing. She's weird.

One time when Tom and I were doing our laundry and this girl in our ward came in. Let me describe this girl to you. She is dumb. "And that's about it." No really she's just one of those people who thinks she's way super spiritual she's a "holier than thou" type. So she was dating this guy in our ward. He is actually really cool but he had just left on his mission. So Tom says to her "So are you going to wait for Chase?"
"Well not officially," she whispers back because that's how she talks,"But in my heart I'm waiting for him. I want to go on a mission so he has to wait for me too."
I at this point am trying not to laugh because she is so dumb.
"Oh that's nice." says Tom
When she left we both started laughing.
The real funny part is that now shes engaged. Apparently to a guy she's only seen 8 times before but whatever.