Friday, September 30, 2011

2 Fer and a Journal Entry

So I know I already posted today, but I'm feeling a bit nostalgic (thank heavens for spell checker) and I know how much you love to read my journal entries from my childhood.  

I drew this picture of could be better I guess but this is the kind of thing I do in my journals.

Well actually I'm only assuming you do because you like hilarious things.


Here it goes


Hi J,
Today I woke up and ate 
pankaks they were good
Then I went to schooll 
and did some      work after 
lunch Me and Steph     went to 
prock projekt.  I We 
finishit our colums, dut 
I steell had to finsih 
finishit patieying  .   We mist
libery   becaus    we   your
jujing  some Greek and 
Roman things.  Then I went
home and did the usudol 
things I do.    I can't 
think of enthing elss
to write.  Buy  PS Sorry


So there you have it.  If you can understand over half of this you are amazing.  I understand for a few reasons, I wrote it, and I remember that day.  I remember because I did a really ornate column and I didn't ever get to finish it and it was sad.  

Also you can see I had a problem pronouncing Library.   Perhaps we should stop telling kids to sound things out if they can't pronounce things clearly.

And I defs have always had a problem with spelling.  Oh Grade school you were so good to me.  I miss the easiness of my young years.  

Les Choses

That's french for things.  IDK if I spelled it right because it's been awhile.

I want a car so badly that it hurts to think about how I don't think I'll ever be able to afford one.  

I'm not going to complete my list because there's just no time and I don't have a car.

Stupid cars.



I wish I could fly.

But I don't need a car.  I haven't needed a car the last 5 years of my life, why should I need a car now?

OO wow this post is a lot more whiny than I would have liked.

On a more happier note.  Adrian and I (Adrian=Boyfriend) are going to have a picnic tonight after I get out of work.  I'm quite excited.  Really excited actually.  Because we have really busy opposite schedules we don't get to see each other that much during the week.

Also, this weekend is General Conference.  Watch it and be uplifted.  It will uplift you and make you happy. I promise.

And I promise I'm super happy really I am.

Last time I was in an artsy craftsy mood I made tons of pinatas for a HP8 party!
I'm feeling in an artsy craftsy mood.  I want to make something.  I want to make some decorations for my room.  Those tissue paper balls that hang from the ceiling.  I think they would look cool over my bed.  And I need some kind of wall art.  IDK I'll figure something out.  Do you have any ideas of what I should do?

Also I want to make cheesecake, but I already have the best recipe for cheesecake.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ghetto Caucasian Mormon Writer

So Peeps, I have to do this cultural diorama thing for my Multi-Cultural Education class.  Yes in case you didn't know I'm going to school to become a teacher.  A Science teacher.  Because as Bill Nye Says... Science Rules!

Ah Yeah!

SO Anyways this is my cultural diorama, we had to choose 3 things that represented us culturally (Background, traditions, and daily activities).  This is what I chose.  ps I'm summing up the script in 3 words under the pics if you don't want to read it all.

Journals: Free Expression, Write Everyday, Honest
My journals:  Most of these have writing in them.  I'm not sure if this represents my traditions or daily activities but it is probably both.  Writing is such a big part of me and my family I think.  More than half of my family has a blog, and most of us keep journals.  So it's not the research paper writing, but it's a way to express ourselves.  I love it because I can express myself better through the written word than I can the spoken language.  I do not find myself to be articulate or long-winded,     I'd prefer to sit there and listen to other people talk    but I love to write in my journal everyday and                                                                                   update my blog.  In my written word I feel like I am most honest.

Medallion: Values I Value, Hard work, Daily/Future goals
  My Young Women's Medallion(don't know what this is Go Here)  This defs represents my traditions.  I worked throughout my youth to receive this medallion, projects and other things that meant a lot to me.  It still means a lot to me and serves as a reminder of what I stand for Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Choice & Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and now Virtue.  Sorry that sounded weird, I have always believed in and stood for virtue, it just wasn't a value for Personal Progress when I was in Young Women's.  Everyday I still strive to keep these values, and I defs fall short a
lot but I think that's ok I mess up but I can always
dust myself off and get back up.

Sweatshirt: Home, Family, Ugly
My Tazmanian Devil Phoenix Suns Sweatshirt  Oh man if y'all only knew how much I love this thing.  My brother's got this in 1994 when they went to a basketball day camp thing.  They got to meet all the best players the Phoenix Suns ever had: Danny Ainge, Charles Barkley.  Probably my mom will comment and tell me that they didn't meet them but I want to think they did because they were the best.  Anywho, I am from Phoenix, Az.  I grew up in not the nicest neighborhoods (think gang fights in backyard, drug dealers next door, drug addicts in the park and people getting stabbed/shot).  It's cool, I loved my childhood, and my family.  Whenever I wear this sweatshirt I think of my childhood, my family and all the great things that have happened to me.  I love to tell people the story of this sweatshirt, as if somehow they can get to know me better through it.  I love this sweatshirt because of the great things I associate with it, but it doesn't fit me well, and it's kind of ugly.  That's how I would describe my feelings for Phoenix; It doesn't fit me well and 
it's ugly but the  most important things (read: people) in the world that I love are there.  

(That's my family in case you are wondering, not the cactus)

Ok that was a lot of writing... I should sum this up better in a few words for every picture...I have made these words the picture captions but here they be in an easier to read format.

JournalsWrite Everyday
                   Free Expression

That was a free-form style poem because y'all know how great I am at poetry...chhh

Medallion: Values I Value
                  Hard Work
                 Daily/Future Goals

Sweatshirt:               Home   
                  Comfy but Ugly
Moral of this post: You've got to BEEEEE yourself. (10,000 points who can name that movie).

Friday, September 16, 2011


This is 234th published blog post on this blog.

I've had this blog for 6 years now... that averages to what?

about 39 posts a year which means I post about 75% of the weeks in a year.  Obviously that's skewed because I write on here way more now then I ever did in high school.

I think the apple I was just eating had mold growing on the inside...I'm not sure if that's possible.  

But it would happen to me if it could happen.

Somehow I have problems with that.  Someone will bring us cinnamon rolls and I'll end up with the one with mold.  Or the hair baked into the homemade rolls that the Institute Instructor brought us.

It's quite comical really.  

Oh gosh, I'm opening iTunes so that in 20 minutes when it actually opens I can listen to music.

Doesn't their drummer look like Alfred from Guess Who?
Boyfriend pointed this out to me.
Speaking of music...I'm going to a Foo Fighters concert next month.  It's the day after my birthday.  Boyfriend is taking me.  I'm excited.

from Guess Who
It's on a Tuesday so hopefully some one takes my shift because....(drum roll please)...I just got hired back at the Provo Library!!  I'll be working 5-9 every night

Except I just remembered that my class on Tuesday goes until 6...So I need to talk to my boss again...

Oh well C'est la vie.

Parlements de les autre langues, I need to learn some Spanish because Boyfriend is from Ecuador.  He's got the cutest accent ever.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beautiful Mess

Sooo I know I just said I don't want to write about boys I'm dating and I still kind of feel like that but I do want to tell you guys something...

I'm dating this guy now.

He is awesome!

His accent is really cute.

You're jealous, but in an "I'm happy for you" kind of way right? 


It's kind of a crazy story that maybe I will share with you another day.

But I'm happy, really happy.  

Today he played me a song on the guitar while he sang.  

I'm melting, but in a good way.

Not like a wicked witch kind of way.  

I hope you are all happy too.  Because I want you to be.  

Because I love you all.

Does he know what he has gotten himself into...?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

so...I think I wrote this three or four years ago

This is so not the summer I thought it would be.

One of my roommates hates me I'm pretty sure. And for no reason. Just because whenever she's home I don't go out there to talk to her because I'm back in my room being busy. I can't help it I have things to do. Like clean my room. Search for things in my boxes of stuff (which I refuse to unpack since I'm moving in 4 months). Sleep (because I have to wake up at 430 in the morning) So it's not like I'm purposefully being unfriendly she only is home at weird times because she's a nurse so she gets home as I'm getting ready for bed. Not my fault.

Also I'm working a lot already, (over 40 hours this week... oops) but I still need another job. OY VEY! and I would go get a waitressing job but everyone knows that people don't tip as well at lunch which is what I would have to work. Also I already work with food at night at the MTC so that can be a little stressful to have to do it all day.

I spend my days in rubber gloves. I think I'm allergic to the powder in them and my hands perpetually smell like rubber gloves.

Tom is gone and not coming back. So I won't see him for 3 years about.

I haven't seen my whole family since Easter and won't until Christmas

Haven't seen my best friends since Christmas and won't until next Christmas probably.

I won't have any time to explore Utah (namely Salt Lake) like I wanted to.

I also barely have any time to hang out and make friends with new people in my ward.

I was stupid enough to sign up for a job that starts at 5 in the morning. But the pay is great 8.48 an hour. 15 hours a week.

and The Office made me angry this week despite its insane hilarity.

AND I still have had no proper wallow, I feel like Rory Gillmore after her and Dean broke up the first time.

And I feel like I'm in limbo.

I thought this would get better as time went on but the feeling seems to linger and get worse I think I need closure but can think of no possible way to get it. I hate that I'm going to have a "what if I had..." kind of thing in my life.

Toilet Does NOT Equal Floor

So I work at the city library as a page.  That means I put books away and sort them.

Woah you guys I thought I posted this ages ago... dang

Ok so once one of my fellow pages picked a movie off the ground a lot of liquid fell out of it and then we noticed a huge wet spot on the carpet.

"Dang," I said, "I hope that's not pee."

we laugh and discuss how it smells kind of funny over there, but we don't really think it is urine because there is a water bottle on the table next to the spot and the liquid was pretty clear.  Plus I actually didn't smell anything.

But that's when they come, the mom and her boy about 2 years old.  They have a squirt bottle and a sponge.  They start cleaning at the spot.

"It's my turn mom it's my turn,"  The little boy wearing just a shirt and a diaper wants to squirt the bottle.

"You can do the sponge," says mom, who wears all the proper clothing a grown woman should.

After a minute of scrubbing the boy starts crying, " No mom it's your turn I don't want to do it! No No No your turn."

"I know it's hard when you pee on the floor and have to clean it up."

My fellow pages and I start snickering to each other, but really we're standing in the bookshelves trying not to burst out laughing.  I mean I hear people say a lot of funny things in the library but this is the best story ever.

The boy continues crying "No mom you do it you do it!  No No!!"

"Tell you what, next time I pee on the floor, I'll clean it up."

Good thing when you work in a library you learn how to laugh really silently, because I swear not a one of us were not laughing.

I commented to my coworkers later about how well hydrated the boy was...

peed on but a great movie
Moral of this story (well there's 2 actually): When you pee on the floor you have to clean it up. Don't check out Jumanji (the film) from the Provo Library.  

Interesting Vair Vair Ineresting

It's Tuesday.

I'm going to a party tonight with my roommate Adrienne.  I probs won't stay long because I have a lot of reading to do.

You know, you'd think with only having 6 credits I wouldn't feel this busy all the time, and while it's nothing like when I had 21.5 credits (yeah..and two jobs), I still feel like it's a lot.

I guess when you're used to doing nothing having a set schedule and then homework is a lot to handle.  Haha

So it's not very often I think that there are guys that I date, that don't know or read my blog.  And usually I try not to write my current dating situation because I don't want them to find it and read it and be all like
"Wow she's writing about me."  

I just think that would be a weird situation, don't you?

That's why I'm probably going to still not write about guys I'm dating on here.  Just giving you a heads up.

haha know I started this post with no real intent and that's what came out.

Anyways, Shirley came this weekend and it was awesomely fun!  We laughed, we talked, we cried, we ate we didn't we ate pizza.  We played Guess Who, we laughed and laughed and laughed.  I miss Shirley.  We also went shopping and that is why I can post again because we went to Best Buy and I got a thing to pick up the signal of the internet.

Recently I went home and it was so much fun.  

I went on dates, 3 of them I think.  They were vair vair  fun.

And that's about all I'll write because I don't him to stumble upon my blog and be like "Wow she's writing about me."  Because I just think that would be weird.

I would find it weird if I came upon a blog and recognized a story to be about myself.

But home was great I got to see my beautiful, funny, lovely and smart neiceS and nephew.  That's right because now I have 2 neices ... neici,...neicen... hmmm 
Jayda: I love this picture even though she's crying it's just so funny.

Jayda is a month old, and she's adorable, and big.  She looks just like my bro Aaron.  As always Shyanne and Kyle are adorable.  They can make me laugh all the time.  I miss them horribly.

I miss my family too.  They are great.  I love them.  

Also my old Chemistry Teacher from high school, the awesome Ms Wilhelm, pretty much offered me a job at the school if I minor in biology.  I'm thinking about it.

Question:  Would YOU want to work at your old HIGH SCHOOL?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Desktops Don't get WiFi Sometimes

I'm writing this from my roomies lappy That translates to "my roommates laptop"  in case you were unaware of the lingo I was using.

Yeah I am using my brothers desktop until I have the money to pay him for it, and then I will be using my desktop.  But it doesn't get WiFi.  And he gave me this little stick thing that is supposed to pick up the wireless signal but it doesn't work very well.

Anyways enough complaining. 

I deleted my Facebook!  

GASP For Shame you say.  How do you know what's going on with your friends?

Honestly they just have to tell me if they want me to know because I will otherwise be unaware. 

I just wasted too much time on there.  It's not healthy for me so that's why I deleted it.

But when will you come back?  

I tell people I'll come back when I'm engaged and I need their addresses.

Ma soeur left for France today.  That translates to My sister left for France today.  She's going on a study abroad for law school.  So exciting!  So you can see another very important reason for me to get the internet and webcam working...
Shirley is coming down from Salt Lake to visit for the weekend!!  How exciting!  I miss her because I am in Provo and she is an important teacher in Salt Lake now. 

This fall really brought a lot of changes.  I am not sure how I feel about them all.

I have to apply for graduation soon.  I graduate in April.  First I need to apply for student teaching which I will do in Winter.  Apparently at a Jr. High :P 

I don't know if you knew this but I kind of am not very fond of 12 year olds.  Haha I'm sure it will be fine...Pray for me at least please.

I only have 6 credits this semester.  So that's good.

And I moved into a new apt which I will right about and post pictures of when I get the internet working.  Just know this, it's HUMONGOUS!


If your computer doesn't get internet there is always solitaire... (ignore the internet in the background).