Tuesday, October 30, 2007


October is Birthday Month. I could tell you why but I'd have to kill you. So since I don't actually want to kill people I'll just talk about the people who have Birthday's in October in my family.
First is me, October 10th, 1988. It's a very easy birthday to remember 10/10, see that's not hard. It's like 20/20 divided by 2. yep anyways.
I'm cool but there are others with October Birthdays, namely my 2 blood sisters and my 1 siamese sister twin attatched at the elbow sometimes.
So first is Lindsey she was born October 29th, 1985. Yesterday was her birthday. She is amazing. Probably one of the best people I know. So for her birthday i got her a card, I made her a pumpkin pie, a cake and some chicken and that's the order she ate them in. Yep. Well I love Lindsey she is my big sister and we had many fun times as children. Lindsey remember when those girls beat us up at the ice cream truck? Oh good times...jk but we did have good times they are just too good for everyone reading this blog. HAHA! Sasquatch. Lindsey is my favorite big sister and the best big sister in the world. She has introduced me to a whole new world of music and I am extremely grateful for that. My world would be musicless, pretty much, without her. Lindsey likes pumpkins So do I. When I was younger I just wanted to be like Lindsey so I always copied her. yep. She's most excellent.
Next is Madalynn, today is her birthday. She was born October 30th, 1995, ending my reign as the cutest youngest child in our family. That's ok though. For some reason everyone thinks I am bitter but I'm not actually, to me it was just a joke but then people started taking it seriously. Whatev' Madalynn is my favorite little sister always will be. Plus she is the best little sister. She is very nice and I remember when she was young and so cute and I could be like "Look a worm!" And she would get so scared, that was cute. yeah. But now she's all big and 12 and I was looking for a presant to buy her for her birthday and I just wanted to buy her little girl things but I didn't. Because she's not little any more, although in my mind she will probably always be 8. hmm. I'm old. Wow Madalynn is very nice, always being nice to others, that's just how she is. And she likes animals. Madalynn and I aren't sames, but that is good because it would be not good to have a little mini me running around. Plus it makes things fun. She does like to read and I like to read but we read different books. And she doesn't read books if she sees the movie. I love her very much.
Lastly is my siamese twin sometimes attatched at the elbow born 21 days after me sister Amelia, or Amy as she is more comonly known. She was born October 31st, 1988. Amy and I met in the 7th grade when we had homeroom together. I sat in the back and she sat in the front but we had the same last name, Reynolds. Thus began our sisterdom. No not really it was actually quite some time later into the year when I found out she had a sister named Alicia and a brother named Taylor, which isn't Tyler exactly but pretty close, n'est pas? So thus began our sisterdom. We hadn't become siamese twins yet, this happened in high school I can't remember the exact day but Spirit Week was coming up and one of the days to dress up for was Twin Day. SO we decided to be siamese twins sometimes attatched at the elbow. Oh We have had so many great times together and I'm very glad we both had the same homeroom in 7th grade. We get along so well we are Best Friends Forever (BFF carved in a tree that stands for Boom Fwam Foosh). We have the same sense of humor and have just a good time always together.
So there you go the best birthday people of October.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Beest Day Ever!!!

So I thought I would share with you about the beest day ever. It was an awesome day. The Day was October 17th, 2007. It was a Wednesday. I had French and HEPE but I didn't go to HEPE becasue the day was very random and stormy and wet and cold. So I went to French and it was good. I did well in french that day and impressed my teacher with my amazing french skills. Then as I was walking out of my class by the JFSB (Joseph F. Smith Building) I walked by a protest for Burma. It reminded of an episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory was out in the cold trying to convince people to sign a petition for people in Burma. So I signed their petition because I don't like killings. Then I went home and got into my pajamas and I went and took a nap I think next. Then Jenessa came home and I made us Hot Coco and soup. It was good. Kelli Jean came home and we all decided we were having a really random day so far. Then Kelli Jean left. A little later Michael came over and invited one of us over to a missionary discussion, so Jenessa went. But while she was getting ready I talked to Michael a bit. And He just is an amazing person that's all I can say. He's amazing. So while they were gone i read my BOM and did some french homework (amazing). When Jenessa came home she told me about what happened at the discussion and it was really cool. Except for that when the missionaries asked the guy if he would pray about it and ask if the Plan of happiness is true and the Book of Mormon he said no. But Michael said the prayer and asked that he would soften his heart and do it. Then we were wondering why Tom didn't come over and we thought maybe we had offended him. So we decided to make him a card. It was a big smile. On the inside we cut out smiles from ads and such and taped them in there and then we wrote of all the smiles in the world we like yours the best! Love your FHE family. So then Kelli Jean came home while we were making it. And she was doing stuff in her room and there was a knock on the door. It was Austin from our FHE group. He had his guitar and wanted to sing a John Mayer song for Kelli out of boredom. SO he did and he was really good. Sadly we were so amazed we forgot to take pictures. Then an RA came to have us sign up for cleaning checks and so we did but she also gave us a survey to fill out and we would get a candy bar. SO we filled out the survey and we got candy bars. But jenessa gave hers to Kelli Jean. So we shared ours. I gave her a reeses and she gave me a twix. They were really good. So then we decided to go give Tom his card. But he wasn't there. So it was snowing then on our way back to our apartment. It was so exciting. We took pictures. We went back and got Kelli Jean and Taylor. We took another picture. Then Jenessa and I played in the snow and had a snow ball fight. It was so fun! Just so amazing! We got so wet though and our hands were cold. So we went to the creamery and got some cup of noodles to eat. On the way back we thought we saw Tom but it wasn't him so we called him to tell him to come over so we could give him his card. He said he would come over. So we were very excited. Amy called me also and it made me so happy. and my MOM called me too. And that made me happy. Jenna also called me and that was exciting. So Jenessa and I changed into pjs and I put my hair up because it was all wet and curly even though I had done my hair really cute that day. So we were eating our soup and talking to Kelli Jean and laughing and just having a great day and time. And Tom came and we gave him his card. It was exciting. He loved it because I said so. But he kept telling us we looked really pretty. So that was good. But we just had an awesome day and we didn't want it to end. So we took a lot of pictures and we used my label maker and we matted and labeled the picture of all 4 of us and put it on the wall in our Apartment. It was amaizing, Only when Jenessa made the label she accidentally put two "e's" in Best so it was the BEEST DAY EVER!!!! Which is actually really amazing and wonderful!! Jenessa and I in the first snow of the season! We look adorable!SNOW!!!!!!!
Here we are looking cute again!

Here is all 4 of us looking so cute on the BEEST DAY EVER!!!!

Jenessa and I are very wet after having an awesome snowball fight!Jenessa giving Tom the BEEST card ever on the Beest Day ever!! We suprised him after he went to the Bathroom. Here is jenessa and I eating our delicious cup o' noodles!! Here is kelli Jean looking cute as always!

Friday, October 12, 2007


"Yesterday, All my troubles seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though they're here to stay,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over me,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.
Why she Had to go
I don't know, she wouldn't say.
I said, Something wrong,
now I long for yesterday.
Yesterday, Love was such an easy game to play,
Now I need a place to hide away,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
Why she Had to go
I don't know, she wouldn't say.
I said, Something wrong,
now I long for yesterday.
Yesterday, Love was such an easy game to play,
Now I need a place to hide away,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.
Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm. "

Yesterday was a depressing sort of day. They were even doing screening for depression for free in the counseling center in the Wilk but I didn't want to go do it becasue what if I got diagnosed with depression. That would make me depressed.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Silly Boys

Boys can be so weird sometimes. Like when they wear girl clothes. When a girl wears guy clothes it can be cute, or funny, sometimes strange but not really that creepy. When a guy wears girl clothes it is always creepy. Emo kids creep me out because the boys wear girl pants. I don't get it. WHY? It's very creepy you look like a flippin' girl. Today I saw this boy wearing normal clothes but then he was wearing girl boots. It was very strange. I wanted to take a picture but that would have been equally as creepy. He was wearing those suede tan kind of boots that are fuzzy on the inside.
Kind of like mine only not as cute. This got me thinking: what kind of boots should boys be allowed to wear with out seeming completely creepy. So I've thought of a list; work boots, ski boots, snow boots, hiking boots, combat boots, and if worn correctly with the right outfit, cowboy boots. But that's it. Boys shouldn't wear suede boots with fuzzy inside. They probably shouldn't wear them as a fashion statement either, just when needed. Hiking boots when hiking, combat boots when in combat, snow boots in the snow, work boots when working, etc. Otherwise none boots should boys wear. I just don't know, it's creepy. I love boots really. I own like 3 pairs of boots. and I love them. yep. And if boys wear cowboy boots they should be in cowboy attire and have spurs and marry me if they are actually a cowboy...no jk about that last part.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hoboin' it up!

Today I asked my bff Amy, if she wanted to drop out of college and become a hobo with me. She didn't sound very excited about it. But I have always wanted to ride a train. My life long dream. I always say I don't care where I go just so long as it is by train. This is important to me really. Train have just this magic about them. They are always in amazing movies, like "North by Northwest" and "White Christmas." And who could forget "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." I do not know how much train tickets cost. So I always figured I would be a hobo. You see Hobos are way more cultured than just bums. Hobos travel all over and get to see the neation. and they don't have to worry about money and stuff, just travel around on a train. yes that would be the life...

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Never Ending ...Soda

Um ok so this isn't the funniest thing on Homestar but it is worth a gander because at the end just sit there and watch it.
It couples some of my favorite things. The neverending story song and homstrrnr. So just watch until homestar changes his face and is like wow this thing is liek the neverending soda. I love it.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Um so i am so excited for Christmas...I've been listening to Christmas music and making snowflakes. I've also been looking for Christmas presants for people. This is earlier than usual for me, oh Well I love Christmas. Its probably because its already Phoenix Christmas weather in Utah. That means my feet are freezing...which is the only thing I hate about cold weather. oh well. Christmas is awesome.