Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Charity Never Faileth

While thinking about what I wanted to do for my Philosophy of Service project I thought I had to first decide what my philosophy was.  I concluded that it was all about love.  From selfless love to selfish love, service is all about love in the end.  Yes I agree that there are many components to service that must be included to make the experience successful but I believe that if love (of the people being served and of God) is the motivator behind the service then the service will have success.

But then came the hard part of putting my philosophy into a project.  I've read the description of the assignment about a million times in the syllabus and I'm still hesitant about what to do.  
But this is what I came up with...

I want to make a book of quotations and stories about how love relates to service.  I guess almost like the Chicken Soup books.  I think I would make it more like a scrapbook kind of thing though, with pictures.  In class to present it I would show it to the class and maybe talk about my philosophy, maybe read a story or quotes.  
I guess my idea of how it ties together is that I think that sometimes for myself I get too caught up in the world and myself, or I don't know how to help my friends when they are going through something difficult.  And I think that the book will help me remember that service is a way to show my love and lend support to my fellow man.  
I not only want to include the stories and quotes that everyone has heard but I'd like to interview people that I know personally and include their stories and thoughts on service. Because as I was thinking of the individuals who have helped influence my thoughts and insights, I thought it would be nice to have their ideas in the book too since they were such a big influence.  
I'll call it "It's All About Love"  or maybe something more clever than that...we'll see

I hope that works.  I'm still a bit hesitant as I said but I think this will be a fun way to explore my philosophy on service.  Thanks so much for all you do I love the class!

~Alicia M. Reynolds

What you have just read is a project proposal for my Learning Through Service class.  And I'd like you to help me.  There are no guidelines for the project really so here's what I'd like from you please.  Could you write stories, your thoughts or quotes on serving with love.  I'd like to focus more on the good end of serving to show your love for others and for God and showing God's love for others.  

 Here's my first reflection paper for the class.  I think it kind of shows my thoughts for the project I think and my philosophy on service.  I'll try to shorten it and just put in the most relevant thoughts.

"...What are my reasons for serving?  Am I aiming for earthly goals or am I doing it because I feel charity for my fellow man? of the greatest products of service; sharing God’s love. That is something I know many people, including myself, in the world struggle with.  So many people just feel lost and alone here in this earthly life.  Service is a way of showing people that they are cared for and loved.  Now when I serve I try to think of the people I am helping.  I think of how I can share God’s love for his children not just with words but with action."  

See I shortened that greatly for you.  mostly because there was an embarrasing story about my selfishness in there but you can see what I'm getting at here.   The best part you're serving me by helping me out! 

Monday, March 16, 2009




I've been having a great time chillin in P-Town with my friends and there is only a month of school left.  Praises are being shouted!!  Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Monday, March 2, 2009

AHHH Real Monsters

Not going to lie to you last week was no bueno for multiple multiple reasons.  But it ended well so that's all that matters.  
I should be working on a review right now but I'm taking a break instead.  
I finally am going to get to volunteer at the Provo City Library tomorrow so I'm so excited.  I've always wanted to work in the library.  
Also, I decided on a career, I think for real this time.  But my Bishop said it's ok if I change my mind again.  Anyways I want to be a meteorrlogist and work for NASA.  Wouldn't that be AWESOME?  
Also I looked really good yesterday, I just thought you should all know.  But today I don't look so great.  
I'm really busy this week so I hope I can get everything done.  
Anyways...I'm also moving next fall into the same condos Lindsey lives in and that's exciting.  The ward seems to be great too.  
And what else...I had the flu type a a couple weeks ago but don't worry i'm all cought up in school and even ahead.  So that is good.  
And I missed a test while I was sick so I went in and made it up and got 89% and that was better than the class average so I feel really good about that especially since I missed like 3 or 4 days of instruction (I can't rememeber).  
And I got a 91% on the American Heritage test, which made me the curve ruiner i found out.  Oh well I better just continue to do better than everyone else to keep my good grade.  
I really like that class.