Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stranger Thoughts

Have you been watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix?


If not you should try it out because it's pretty good man.

We are 4 episodes in now and we look forward to watching 1 or 2 episodes every night.

Although, when I first heard about the show I was told it was going to be like an X-Files type show. And I guess it kind of is in the way that there's a conspiracy (or is there?) But the thing about the X-Files that I loved is it was scary.

So scary I wasn't allowed to watch it for years. So scary that watching it now still scares me sometimes.

And makes me laugh too sometimes, but mostly it was scary.

Like episode 2 of season 1, THAT GUY GETS INTO YOUR LOCKED HOUSE AND EATS YOUR LIVER! AND HE HAS YELLOW EYES, "SO HELP ME, YELLOW EYES!" (10 points if you know where that quote is from).

But I digress...

"Stranger Things" has so far only made me cry a lot.  It has a few on the edge of your seat moments but mostly it has just made me cry a lot.


Because a little boy goes missing and that makes me sad.


because I cry super easily. I mean I cry at commercials for goodness sakes. Not the Sarah McLaughlin animal cruelty commercial. But the "Touched By an Angel" lady commercial with the kids in third world countries who don't have families.

Basically anytime I feel like a child is hurting or a family is hurting, I'm going to cry.

Anyways, that got a bit too serious and sad.

But yeah, Adrian's coworkers told him "Stranger Things" was scary. One of them even had to watch a happy show afterwards so they could calm down and go to bed after they finished.

So far I'm like "This is just sad, not scary!"

But I think it gets scarier towards the end. Right now it's the setup and then the scare. Hopefully. Yes maybe.

If you spoil this show for me, you should know that I will find you and I will give you a purple nurple.

You've been warned. 

Or a swirly.

You've been warned.

Or a package of Oreo's that is EMPTY! And then you'll see me enjoying all the Oreo's with a nice tall glass of milk. And when you ask for some, I will say "NO! Go give yourself a swirly," while giving you a purple nurple. And then I will finish watching "Stranger Things" and glare at you periodically because I already knew all the shocking parts.

You've been warned.

I mean just because it's not "X-Files" scary doesn't mean it's not good. And I love this kind of show best because it makes you think so much. A very good thriller fo' sho'.

Just be prepared to cry if you cry easily like I do.

Ok Bye

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Oh Hey There ;)

Guys, I'm sorry it's been like what... 3 years.

Yeah, I was busy working and having a baby and being married and checking Facebook and you know browsing Pinterest and watching Gossip Girl and working on my Master's degree.

You know all the important things.

No but seriously I guest blogged for my mom on her blog 3 Winks Design and it made me miss blogging so I'm back.

(Seriously my mom is a genius you should check it out. She makes the best stuff on there.)

So instead of writing a lengthy post about all the marvelous things that have happened to us in the last 3 years I will just leave you a list of  

10 Important Things That Have Happened in the Last 3 Years to the Maruri Family. 

(Um I will work on the title of the list later...ok? OK)

  1. We had a baby! We call him Little Buns(LB) and you will call him that too. He is just so little and cute. He makes our lives so much fuller and meaningful. Honestly he is the sweetest cutest baby in the world. I love him so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sooooooooooooooo much.  (so I tried to hold down the 'o' to put a lot of 'o's and it wouldn't let me it kept wanting to put an 'รถ' [umlaut{?}]) He came 6 weeks early and my water broke 8 weeks early and I had to be in the hospital just basically laying in bed for two weeks until my emergency c-section after having been in labor all day. But it was all worth it. Because he's the best, hands down.
    In the NICU
  2. Adrian got a job at Pixar! so we moved to the Bay Area (California). Getting this job involved a 6 month internship in which Adrian was in CA and LB and I were still in Utah. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
  3. I stopped teaching, because we moved here and I didn't get a job teaching here and I have to stay home with the LB. Which I'm happy about. My sister was living with me while Adrian was gone and she took care of LB while I was working. But then when we moved here she shortly after moved to Kansas to live with my brother and take care of his kids. She is an excellent baby sitter. They hardly get squashed at all.... HAHA Get it? Baby sitter! No but really she's really good.
  4. We bought a new car because our old one was leaking gas and we were about to have a baby so that probably wasn't safe.
  5. He's not playing with them here but they are using tracks he recorded.
  6. Adrian played in a band called Festive People. They are fantastic! And they got to play at Stadium of Fire. It's a HUGE 4th of July show that is put on at BYU. Um Journey was there so that was awesome. Obvs he doesn't play with them any more because they are based in Utah and we are here. But he misses it, and I do too sometimes because I like their music. FYI they have a new album coming out soon and you should pre-order it on itunes because it's available for pre-order and you won't regret it.
  7. I found out I have Hashimoto's. It's the it's not actually but it is annoying. If you google it though people act like it's the worst. I'm like "I thought I had cancer so this is much better." My Dr actually told me, "Of all the autoimmune diseases you could have, this is the one I would choose to have if I had to have one." (I feel like it was comforting in a weird way). No but it is annoying because you have to take a pill at least 30 minutes before you eat breakfast and I wake up starving a lot. And I mean you are insanely tired all the time, and it suppresses your metabolism so I basically haven't lost any baby weight (after a year), oh and it makes pregnancy difficult and causes premature births (see number one on the list)
  8.  Adrian Graduated from BYU!
  9. We went to Ecuador! It was so fun and awesome to visit his homeland and see all his family.
  10. Adrian won an award for the sound design he did on a student film called "The Surface" and he was nominated for another award at a different festival.
  11. Adrian and LB went to Disneyland for the first time and they loved it and we can't wait to go back.
Ok I made the last 4 short because it was getting kind of long. Sorry about that. It's probably because I have all this backed up blogging energy I guess. 


P.S. All this editing to change the fonts and stuff takes too long and is not as fun when I don't have assignments to procrastinate. So I probs won't be doing it anymore unless you tell me you like it.