Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things to Cross Off

SO I am still pretty stressed about all these decisions that need making and the uncertainty of my future but I thought I should share that I can cross off

See both parts of the 7th Harry Potter Movie

from my 22 list!


Yeah it was and did you see Justin Beiber in it at the end?

Ok I KNOW it's not him it's just a joke ok!  Get off my back.

 Geez ruin all my fun. 

Wizards and muggles alike enjoying our Harry Potter Party!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Dear Friends,

I am sure you have noticed but I thought I should officially announce that I need a break.  Whilst on my hiatus, please keep me in your prayers for I have many changes coming up in my life as well as things now that seem difficult for me.

I love you all.

Love, Alicia

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Back

Note* I wrote this awhile ago but just hadn't posted it because I planned on putting pictures and then I was busy/lazy so here ya go :)

Oregon was awesome!

Tom being Pensive at the beach

It's very green there.  When we were driving to the coast (Oh yeah, we went to the coast) you couldn't see more than a few feet off the road to either side.  It's crazy.  Quite different from the desert where you can see for miles.  It reminded me of the East coast, driving through Massachusetts.  It was gorgeous.

When I was flying in and we were descending it was so awesome to look down, though hard because I didn't have a window seat.  SO yeah it mainly consisted of me sitting up really straight and tall and kinda stretching over the empty middle seat to try to look out the window.  But there were hills and you couldn't see the ground at all!!  Just trees, thousands and thousands of trees!!!!

And also when we were still a bit higher up off the ground it was way awesome to see the mountains peaking up through the clouds.  Pretty sure those are the Cascades but remember I'm only half a geologist so I could be wrong.  But it was totally cool.

When I landed I was really hungry and there was a slight delay in my ride to Tomkins house from the airport so I went to go eat at Wendy's.  And guess what, the girl behind the counter is a member of the LDS church (or Mormon).  Dang Isn't that funny that the first person I meet off the plane is Mormon?  We're everywhere haha

Anyways.  Then Tom came and we went back to his place in the rental car he got for the weekend.  Then we got pizza it was good.  We tried to watch a movie but I fell asleep and Tom fell asleep.  Seriously and it's a movie I wanted to watch too "Big Fish" because I've never seen it but I fell asleep really fast.  Oh well.

Me all happy at Pudgy's
The next day we went to the coast.  (As previously mentioned)  It was great just very chill and relaxed.  We ate at a place called Pudgy's which is fancier than it sounds.  We just had burgers.  Quite good quite good.  And we looked around in all the touristy shops and sat on the beach, even though Tom forgot a blanket...That's right it's totally not my fault.

And then we went back to Beaverton for a ward activity.  There we had hot dogs and played badminton and I met Tom's friends, they're great and it was fun.  By the end of the day I was tired but it was good.

And the next day we just hung out.  We watched Little Red Riding Hood with Amanda Siefried or however you spell her name.  I was surprised I liked the movie because I'm prejudice against her because she made Channing Tatum cry and that was mean.  I mean I know it was just a movie  (Dear John) but it broke my heart to see him all sad.

Then we went bowling.  I don't remember my score 120-something.  And then we went to Panda Express which was good.  And then we went to watch "The Green Lantern."  In truth it was a bit anti-climactic but it was funny and entertaining.  I liked it but I would wait till it's in Redbox to watch it again.

And the next day was church which we were half an hour early too because Tom thought it started at 1 but it starts at 1:30.  Haha It reminds me of that time I seriously showed up to a class an hour late, so it was over.  It was in the middle of the semester too so I'd been going to this class three times a week for two months.  Really no excuse I just lost my mind momentarily.  Though I think it's better to be early than late.

Also that night we went to game night.  We played Apples to Apples which I only got one card because I seriously had the worst cards ever.  I ended up not even looking at what I was giving the person who was "it" because my cards were lame.  Then we played Taboo.  Oh yeah did you know my family can be really competetive so sometimes it's hard to play in groups?  Oh well I think I was pretty ok.  And I did well at it.
But then it was time to leave and I was really sad because I was having a lot of fun with Tom and I didn't want to go.

I am very happy though that I got to see Tom because he is my best friend and I love him very mucho.  And I hadn't seen him in two years!  That's half of the time we've been friends.  Crazy right?  Well it's true.  Soon too he'll come back to Utah and we can have more fun adventures but now I'm back in Utah and it's back to the daily grind.  

Ah well C'est la vie!