Wednesday, May 28, 2008

this mushroom doesn't make you grow

I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. It's very good and I highly reccomend it. It takes place in 1957 so the opening song was already out in case you were wondering.
But that's not really what I want to talk about.

The Atomic Bomb. That's what I want to talk about. In the film you get to see him survive a nuclear explosion. (I won't tell you how because it's very nifty.) It was a cool movie effect for sure. But as I was sitting there watching what the explosion did to that little town I was thinking how sad it was that we dropped those bombs on Japan.
I'm not trying to argue whether what we did was right or wrong, so please don't use my blog as your platform.
No I just think it's sad.
That is the information I read on it. Well I didn't only read that because it's wikipedia and can't always be trusted. But that had the most information of what I read and most of it has citations.
Anyways I think it's sad that all those people died and that so much was destroyed there.
And it leads me to another point. It's not about atomic bombings, it's just also sad.
Where I work in the mornings they give out free New York Times and sometimes I will pick one up. So I did the other day and I read 2 front page articles, one extremely sad and the other was sad but had a good side to it.
The first one I read was about genecide in South Africa. Apparently some of the native South Africans hate immigrants and have taken to beating and killing them, leaving their bodies in the streets. As I was reading this I wondered what possesses people to do these acts. It's horrible. And why do humans hate other humans simply because they are from a different country. The people feel like the immigrants cause too many problems and take their jobs, so they beat them to death. 50 have been killed already and many others hurt. Scenes like the one below aren't uncommon. Dead people lieing in the street.
(I don't know if this will work the link because I tried to go to it again and it said I needed a membership so sorry if it doesn't work.)
Now you may be thinking that I am a hypocrite but I don't hate immigrants. I hate that some come here illegally, but I don't hate the people. I'm definately not against immigration just against breaking the law. And I wouldn't beat people just because they are from another country.
I also wonder about the government in these countries and how they can let this happen. Aren't they suppossed to be protecting the people of the country, even if they have immigrated? It just doesn't make sense to me. It seems to me that no matter where you go on the earth people are people. Different areas have different cultural things but basically all humans are the same right? So why do people kill other people just because they immigrated? I guess the bigger question is when will people look past where you are from and see what's on the inside?

I don't know it's just very sad. And these genecide killings seem to happen a lot in Africa. It seems like that kind of thinking should have died with the dinosaurs, which is to say it whouldn't have even been with humans in the first place.
So the second article I read was abou the earthquake in China and how the chinese people are rising up to give aid to the victims. It was really very cool to read. I guess the Chinese government doesn't usually allow it's people to give aid in the ways they are now. They like to keep everything under the microscope you know. But they are allowing their people to give back and help. Just ordinary civilians are heading to the epi-center of the quake and offering what they can. And I think that's cool. I guess Colbert would give them a tip of the hat. So do I. It just goes to show how there is still goodness in the hearts of people.

The quake was real sad news though. I mean I knew it had happened, but the continuing news of the death toll rising and the number of people without homes. It makes me wish I had a passport or something so I could go help. I read nline about this church that was destroyed just after some weddings had taken place there and they were taking pictures when the photographer felt a quake. He told everyone to run and continued to take pictures of the destruction of the church in the quake. It was sad. I saw before and after pictures and that church was beautiful and really old. And after words it looked like the ruins King Luie lived in in The Jungle Book.
This is kind of a depressing post. Sorry.

Friday, May 16, 2008


so I work at the MTC. It's good. People always ask me about Tom. It's funny.
Also I work in the HRCB doing custodial. I found out this morning that if I got a degree in Physical Facilities or something like that I could start out making 70K to 100K+ a year. That would be sweet. Its not just janitorial stuff I would need to know it's like how to fix AC and lights and other things so It could be interesting and way easy and then I would be rolling in the dough too...just another path to ponder I guess. I suppose I should have really thought out my futre before I went away to college but things change I guess...
so I need another job I'm open from 9-2 everyday so if you know of any... let me know k And I don't have a car so if I could take a bus or my bike that would be total sweetness. I'm in Provo. And I need a job that pays really well too. So please keep these things in mind...
bah I need to sleep I get up at 430 to go to my custodial job...