Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roonil Waslib and Batman

IF you are unaware Roonil Waslib is what Harry's mates call him...look it up in the 6th Harry Potter book.

See he's other people's hero too!

So I'm going to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tomorrow night at 10:10pm which is extremely appropriate for me since that is my birthday. And this year is 2010...Too bad Harry Potter didn't come out on my birthday. Well actually not too bad because my birthday was on a Sunday so I wouldn't have gone to see it anyways.

Anyways I'm sooooo suuuuper excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what about Batman you ask. Well there's this guy who I know and in my head I call him Batman. He pretty much is like Batman from Batman Begins only not as creepy as Christian Bale.

Yes I find Christian Bale creepy...the whole American Psycho thing really scared me as a child and I've never been fond of him since. Except for in Newsies. I think it's because that's before is American Psycho days...

Anyways Batman is quiet but hilarious. And he actually talks to me first sometimes...or all the times we've talked, because I don't really know him and find him quite mysterious actually.

I think he would fight crime at night if he didn't live in Provo. Maybe he should move to a more dangerous city, but then he wouldn't be here for me to have funny interactions with. I would say conversations but we don't really have conversations, more like 3 line dialogs that always end really awkwardly.

I guess you're wondering why I never have real conversations with people. I guess I'm wondering that now too.

And I guess now I'm going to have go do some introspection to figure out what is stopping me from actually creating these conversational connections with people.

Oy vey.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My 22 List: An Update

So it's been a month since my birthday, you may be wondering how my list is coming along.

I think it's been going quite nicely.

I have written in my journal everyday!! Ok so one of the day's was when I started writing at 11pm one day and finished at 1am the next. But it counts I decided. And it's not long either only 2 little pages. It took so long and yet is so short because I was watching a lifetime movie. I would write during the commercials.

It was a good movie well as far as Lifetime goes. It was "Accused at 17" and it's about this girls and her murder friend who blames it on the girl. It was crazy.

I digress, I just have a weakness for those Lifetime movies.

They're just so intriguing.

Ok enough about Lifetime

So yes the journal is going well. The picture a day thing...sometimes it's inspired and sometimes it's like "Dang I need to take a picture before I go to sleep!" and I end up taking a picture of something in my room.

ok here's a cool thing I can cross this off the list.....I made a telescope!! And it didn't cost me anything!! Unfortunately I am dumb and didn't take a picture of it. And I couldn't keep it, and it wasn't in a tube either. SO you're like "wow sure you made a telescope."

But don't be so skeptical. I made it for my Physics class. We were learning about lenses and we had to use these lenses they gave us to make a microscope and a telescope. So my group let me do the telescope and focus it and stuff. So it was awesome. It was a telescope, It let me look at something far away magnified. Also it was inversed which you were expect. It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!

I've been reading the Bible too. I'm only in Genesis still but give me a break I'm still in school and have a lot of reading to do. I figure that over Christmas Break I won't have a lot to do all the time so I can read a lot of the Bible then.

I didn't get to eat sushi yet...but I did buy my ticket to see Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes all those ! were necessary.

And my family may go to the East Coast this next summer and I might convince them to drive through DC. My Daddy said we could go backpacking next summer too! And I went to the Provo Temple, which is in Utah, and I'm planning to go to Timpanogos soon!!

So I feel like my list is going well.

I love you guys. You're awesome!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shopping WOAHS

I went grocery shopping this weekend. I only spent $15. Would you like to know what I got? Of course you would :D
  • 2 bananas
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 1 head of green lettuce
  • 3 or 4 apples
  • 1 bag of brown sugar
  • 1 gallon of milk
  • 1 8-pack of turkey hot dogs
  • 2 canisters of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • 15-16 chicken legs (can't wait to fry them)
  • 1 frozen juice concentrate
  • 1 box of margarine
And more things that I can't remember...

The point is that I have proven to be once again a most excellent shopper. I don't sacrifice quality to spend less. I just spend smart and shop around. We went to 3 different grocery stores Sat night in order to save.

One annoying thing people keep saying is, "but was it worth it in gas money?"

Then answer is yes. Think about it. The combined total of driving was less than driving out to Walmart and back. Plus we had a strategy. We just went in a circle; first Smith's, then Macey's, then Buy Low, and then we stopped at the Creamery at Wyview on the way home to pick up milk (3 gallons for $5!! What a great price).

View our shopping route in a larger map
This is a map I made of our journey. I think you'll have to zoom in to see it better.

And after comparing prices I'd just like to say to all you people who believe that Macey's is cheaper: You're Wrong, totally wrong. A thing of Oreo's at Macey's is over $4!! At Smith's it is $3.12. And at times you can even get them for $2.50. We also compared prices of other things we buy at Smith's to Macey's. Most of them were the same price or even more expensive at Macey's. Obviously some things were cheaper otherwise we wouldn't have gone there. But those were special sales that Macey's was having from the ads. So ie not normal prices.

And lastly why Smith's and Fry's are my all time favorite grocery stores: They carry Kroger store brand which is far superior to the ickiness that is Western Family.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Nope I am not going to write about bears except that little bit I just wrote about them.
I'm mad at my English teacher. Right she's not even a professor because she's a grad student.

This class is ridiculous. We have to spend so much money to get things printed and bound on nice paper and in color, and then she lost our projects. A project I put many hours of effort into and spent over $6 on printing, and binding. A project I actually wanted back, because I spent so much time on. It's seriously the most annoying thing ever.

And so now I have to e-mail it to her. And she said the file isn't opening. Annoying.

Ok sorry for complaining.

In other news I went to El Salvador today with my amigo Matt. We met in geology. Anyways we went and got Pupusa's. Those are delicious El Salvadorian food things. Yummy. and they are fairly cheap too. You can get one for $1.60. 2 is filling enough. Anyways...

Matt and I had never really had a real conversation before, I think this is because we are both hilarious...probably. Well I told him we had to have a real conversation because we were going to eat. So we did...although he still hasn't told me what he would do in the case of a Zombie-Utah Raptor apocalypse.

When it was time to go Matt paid for my food! That was very nice. Thank you Matt.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Frank would be the best blog title.

Because for one thing it's a real name.

And for another thing, it tells us how you will be writing, which is 'frankly.'

I rest my case.

Anyways, this semester is creeping up on me and causing me much anxiety. You know what else is giving me an ulcer? My job.

I should be getting up at 3 everyday so I can get ready and then get to work on time. But lately I have been late a lot. Waking up at 4:34 when you should be there at 4:30 at the latest is not a good idea. I apologized to my boss for being the worst employee ever and she said "You're not. You get extras done that I can't ever get anyone else to do. And I walked through your area today. It looked good." She's the best. I love her.

This doesn't mean I'll be waking up late everyday still. That's just not how I like to be. But it does make me feel a little better.

maybe if I had this alarm clock then I wouldn't have trouble waking up on time.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Weekend

This weekend was a bit unusual.

I spent a some time cleaning (ok that's not the unusual part people), some time falling asleep while doing homework, mindlessly flipping through channels while eating something, (and now we get to some unusual things) spent hours talking on the phone, and going to three parties!

I am not a party person unless I am throwing the party and will know every person or close to every person at the party. Being in a large crowd of people I don't know makes me uncomfortable. It stems from my shy past, which I am slowly trying to get over.

But you're thinking the most unusual thing about this weekend was how much time I spent talking on the phone aren't you. "Don't you hate talking on the phone Alicia?" The correct answer to this is "Yes, unless..."

Here's a list of exceptions to when I hate talking on the phone
  • It's with my family
  • It's with a very, dear, dear, dear friend
  • It's someone telling me I won a billion dollars
this is the happy phone I love to talk on. When I win a billion dollars they'll call me on this phone.

This weekend I was able to talk with the second option a lot! And it was very good and so it will continue for past the weekend. I also was able to talk with my family too. And it was very good so I will still be calling them on a regular basis. As well I expect calls from them. Especially from my little sister now who apparently has a cell phone even though she's not even 16 and has no job...haha I'm just kidding. I often think "Man I wish MadJoy had a phone so I could tell her something right now." But even then she's still in the high school and so she should not be texting during school hours.

Anyways I digress...

I'm still waiting for the third option to happen.

Well I guess it's just really good to hear from people you love even if it has to be through a form of communication you aren't really fond of.