Monday, April 22, 2013

The Rolling Stones

I think the world needs to listen to the Rolling Stones more.

"You can't always get what you want
You can try sometimes
But you might find
You get what you need."

I just feel like people are very focused on themselves and if people could just stop and think and realize that

  1. Everybody makes mistakes-YOU are not perfect.  Just like everyone around you.  We are all trying to reach perfection but we are not there yet.  I guarantee it.  If some one calls you out on something you have obviously done wrong DON'T ARGUE.  It makes you sound like a 7th grader (believe me I know, I teach 7th grade).  And now that you know this apply this to other people.  Ok you make mistakes but it's not ok for your friends to make mistakes.  No everybody does.  Welcome to life. Enjoy.  Forgive people.  Don't carry their mistakes around with you.  Learn from it and move on.  (Of course I am talking about petty things that get people so indignant).  Also if you really weren't doing the thing they accuse you of, politely talk it out with them.  Snapping back "No I wasn't blah blah blah."  makes you sound guilty.
  2. Not everything is about you-Sometimes people are happy, it's not always going to be because of something you did.  Sometimes people are sad, it's not always because of something you did.  Sometimes people will say things, it's not always directed at you.Sometimes people will do crazy things, it has nothing to do with you.  Just stop taking everything so personally.  Usually if some one is speaking to a very large group, they are speaking to the majority and the experiences the majority can relate to.  They aren't trying to say your experiences are worthless or that you are wrong.  Try to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have good intentions.  If you really have a problem, grow up and go talk to them like an adult.
  3. Sometimes we have to go out of our way to help- I just feel like this is self explanatory.
  4. People have standards and values that aren't the same as our standards and values-Something that has pushed my buttons since I've heard about it is that people are making fun of my sister for going to church.  Seriously!?  That's like making fun of a person for being gay.  And you may disagree but it is. Going to church and belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a big part of who my family's identity.  Making fun of something that is part of someone is just rude and hurtful.  And the only reason you're doing it is because you think that they should suffer because they are wrong.  I know this is the hardest thing on this list for all of us because usually our standards and values run so deep within us that when we perceive an attack on them we get very emotional.  Ok let the emotions calm and TALK IT OUT.  I am not implying that I am perfect at number 4 (see number one on the list) or actually any number on this list, but I'm trying to be better.  I'm also not saying that you should give up your values but attacking some one because of their values is wrong.  Respectfully disagreeing is ok but attacks are where trouble happens.
Ok I'm done.