Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm Half Geologist...

...and half a pansy.  Well probably more than half.  But I have a story to tell you.  It's good and involves me walking from Lindon to Provo. 

Actually that was the short short version of my story.  Here's the long version.

I had an interview up in Lindon today, barely in Lindon but still there none the less.  I took the bus there and ended up there an hour early.  Which is way better than an hour late.  But then I didn't end up going into the interview until a half hour after my scheduled time so you know I ended up being there for two hours.

I started walking back to the bus and I realized that it was such a nice day and I wanted to walk for as long as I could.  So first I stopped at Del Taco because they have these 49 cent tacos and I was starving.

Dear Del Taco,  Good thing I like lettuce and cheese because your tacos suck and they only have like a teaspoon of meat on them. Thanks.  Alicia

Yeah I was really less than thrilled with them about that but whatevs.  It was only 49cents though right?

Anyways so then I just kept walking down State Street.  and things are just fine I have a lot of time to think about things and ponder life.  And I have 3 hours before I need to be anywhere so things are good...or so I think. 


I got to 800N in Orem and I think oh I should go this way because I think it will be faster.  (I'm not sure why I bet it's all the same but whatever).

So I'm like walk walk walk, think think think.

And this guy rolls down his window and he says "Hey do you need a ride anywhere?"  I suppose I did look like I might because I'm dressed all nice in a dress and defs not wearing walking shoes.  But I said "No thank you."  and kept walking. 

He could have just been trying to be nice but really strannger danger people.  I defs could not have taken that guy on.  He was pretty built.  He seemed well meaning but I can't take any chances.

So i'm like walk walk walk think think think.

And I get to Harmons and I'm like "oh well I need to go to the bathroom so I better stop here and go.  And buy some cookies and candy."    

So I did.

And then I'm like walk walk walk think think think.

And then the sidewalk ended.  No warning or anything, just ends.  What the?

All there is, is this tiny space between a canal (fenced with barbed wire) and the road (lined with those concrete baby wall things).  I think to myself... "Well I'm half geologist I'll just walk along that little space, it's hiking with a purpose."  

No it's frightening and gross.  Frightening because all these cars are wizzing past you and your coat gets stuck on barbed wire and you almost trip into grossness.  Which is a decomposing body of a deer.

Yeah a deer.  Gross. 

I thought it was an abandoned rug at first but then I saw the hoof and then the bones and the skull sticking our from under the fur.  Sick.  Gross.  Heebby Jeebies. 

I found a spot to step that was just loose fur and then hopped over the rest.  Oh my it was sick.  

During this time I wondered why Utah hates pedestrians, as they often just randomly end sidewalks.  And try to run them (them being pedestrians, not sidewalks) over.

Ok so I decide once I get out of that place to turn onto this residential area because even the sidewalk ends there, it's not likely any decomposing animals will be in my way.

The sidewalk didn't end.  In fact I took Palisades Dr (?) all the way to Center Street of Orem.  At which point I wanted to be all arms because I thought I was defs closer to Provo than that and it was a bit past 5 which meant I had only an hour and half to get to the Hinkley Center on campus for dinner. 

Well before I got to Center Street I saw down into the valley (because I was on a hill where all the rich people in fancy houses with moats and really nice cars live) a building I recognized to be APX (which is called vivant now I think).  I thought "oh maybe I could just go down this hill and then I would know where I am exactly.  I am half geologist."  But then I looked at the hill and I though "No I think my bigger half is city girl in a nice outfit."  This hill was steep and full of pokey plants and animals I could hear them all over the hill.  So I stuck with good ole Palisades.  

I kept singing Palisades Park in my head.

So anyways I'm walk walk walking think think thinking down center street.  And then I see the Welcome to Provo sign and I don't think I've ever been happier to be in Provo.  Well I don't know that I've ever been super happy to be in Provo but I love BYU for sure.  That's a post for another day ... or not.

Anyways so I decide to walk along the Provo River Trail.  Which is like a serious NO NO for girls when they are by themselves because have you heard all those stories?  But don't worry that was all by the Branbury so I think I was a bit safer walking along this busy street.

So I'm walking walking walking thinking thinking thinking.  And the time is going so fast I get to Wyview at like 5:50.  And I'm like dang I need to book it to get the Hinkley Center on time.  SO I'm walking so fast and I notice that the light is going to change so I can cross so I start to run to get there which was so hard to do in a dress and then my phone flew out of my pocket (But luckily blessings did not fly apart as it normally does).  So I had to run back and get it and then make it to the corner.  I made it just in time but the race is not over yet because I only have this half hour to make it there.  I decide that cutting through Helaman is the best choice so I'm walking all fast and it's 6:15 and I can't find a way to the road.  I can see the Hinkley Center straight in front of me but there's this hill full of bushes in the way.  And I'm afraid if I got to the top there would be no sidewalk.  But I went up anyways and there was a sidewalk.  But then guess what?  You can't cross to the Hinkley center from that side of the road.  You have to cross to the other street across from it and then cross again and then walk down the road where you can finally cross to get to the Hinkley Center.  That's sounds confusing because it is.  

But I made it.  And you were all worried.  Just as I was crossing the last street Come Come Ye Saints started playing on the carillon.  I love that it plays that I'm always like "Yes I will wend my way with JOY!"  Woohoo.

And I made it to dinner and it was awesome.

The moral of this story is:  Walking is great but maybe do it when you don't have somewhere to be.  And that Utah should care more about cleaning up roadkill and about their pedestrians.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Compassion Over Fear

Today I was invited to an event on Facebook.  It's called Compassion Over Fear and it's to help raise money for a victim of extreme abuse.

I am attending this event and I would like to invite you all to attend this event too.

I don't know the person they're raising the money for, and I probably never will, but I believe that it's for a good cause.  

I believe that this is a way that we can help her feel loved and happy.  Maybe provide hope for her future.  

that is their website blog and it can explain better than I can what this is all about.  

Please  check it out.  Spread the word.  

So I guess I want to say something more but I'm having trouble phrasing it.  So please bear with me.

When I read the description of the event and the blog I was really touched I kind of wanted to cry.  Child abuse or abuse of any kind is something that has really pulled on my heartstrings.  Why or how can people  be so mean and cruel to other people?  It really breaks my heart.  I just want to take the person and hug them and let them know everything is going to be all right.  

Abuse is real and it's scary and no one ever deserves to be abused.  Please don't turn the other way if you see this is going on.  Help.

Here's a link to the national domestic abuse website.  You can find phone numbers there and other sources of aid.  

So I really am happy that I know people who are so willing to give and help those in need.  I think it's a really great cause.  Please check it out.

I love you all and wish you the best.


I Love Geology

But not as much as you you see...
But I still love Geology
Always and Forever.

So I went on my very last geology field trip as an undergrad this weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  Though it was really cold, especially when it was snowing. 

But it was still a lot of fun.

I liked it when we stopped and looked at rocks.  Which is all we did. Because it's geology.  Which is the study of Earth, which is made of rocks.

even though the constant getting in and out of the vans was really annoying.  But what can you do?

It's cool to see how much I've learned because you don't really notice how much you've learned until you need to suddenly use all your knowledge.  So I'm glad I am learning things and retaining information.

We got to find dinosaur bones.  Though I'm not sure find is the right word because they were just sticking out of the rocks everywhere.  It's like you walk up to a rock and you're like "I found one, oh here's another one, oh there's some more."  So that was pretty cool. 

We stayed the night in GreenRiver, Utah.  In case you're wondering that's the place we like to call the middle of nowhere.  But it was still pretty awesome.  So I suggest you take a trip to nowhere soon.  

We stayed at the Super 8 motel.  And we ate at Ray's Tavern.  Which is really pricey, but I guess they can do that because they're the only good place to eat in town.  Well, so I have been told.  From my experience it seems to have been true, but the only other thing I ate was the Motel's Continental Breakfast.

The danishes tasted like lard.  They weren't so tasty... unless you like lard tasting things.

The tavern was pretty cool, and the service was quick, but not with a smile so you take what you can get.  Plus they have free pool which provided a show for us to watch during dinner.  Because some people are really good at pool and some people are really mediocre at pool. 

Also you can see the stars a lot better in nowhere than in Provo.  It was great.  I didn't see any shooting stars though.  But both Matt and Ernesto did.  Except Ernesto wasted his because he didn't wish on it.  Oh well.  It was cool to see all them stars.  

But I'm sad about not going on anymore geology field trips because they're a lot of fun.

have I made it clear how fun they are?  A Lot.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet My Friend Bekah!

 Hey guys.  Meet My Friend Bekah!!  I met Bekah, well her name is Rebekah actually but I have always called her Bekah I think.  Anyways we met when we were in the same ward two years ago.  She was the Relief Society pres and she was my Visiting Teacher!  She is the best.  I'm super glad that we got to know eachother.  

When we first met Bekah was just starting to date her now husband so I got to hear their story piece by piece and it was awesome everytime she would come I would ask her about her Boy.  And I loved to hear the stories she would have to tell.  Anyways Bekah is flipping awesome.  You guys are so lucky you get to meet her.

Oh and also you know I love Bekah tons because when I first got my Polaroid Camera I was really picky with who I would take pictures of and I took a picture of her and Parker (her hubby).

Hometown: Dallas, Oregon
Birthday: August 24, 19-- (turns out like a million bad things have happened this day...like the huge volcano Vesuvius errupted on this day, Pete Rose was convicted on this day, mountain climbers fell to their death on this day, and on and on)  The Universe had bad things happen to balance out the awesomeness of Bekah being born.
Major: I studied International Relations at BYU, graduated and now I am going to law school in the fall...either at BYU or the U, I haven't decided yet. I haven't either because on the one hand I'll be in Provo in the fall but on the other I moving to Salt Lake in the winter....so I can see why the choice is hard
Hair: Dirty blond...that is what I always grew up calling it...Parker (my husband thinks that is naughty, so he calls it light brown)

Favorites: I am not sure what Favorites mean exactly, I LOOOOVE anything pumpkin flavored...lately I have been in a real dark chocolate streak, I like to run a lot...I am doing a half marathon in April. Alicia Reynolds...I like her a lot in that plantonic former visiting teachee kind of way, just kidding...you know you were always one of my favorite people in the friend kind of way. so haha Favorites is just the title of this section, but I like that you filled this out because these are things I should ask people, also sorry you love running and I hate it...

Color: Blue, but I LOVE color...I truly do. this is true I can verify she does love color.
Food: Like I said anything pumpkin, but I also love Lasagna...I could eat my weight in the stuff.
Movie: Hard one...I love old movies like It's a Wonderful Life, Charade etc...pretty much anything with Jimmy Stuart, Gregory Peck, or Carry Grant :-):-) 
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee...love it. Changed my life forever. Hence becoming a lawyer. 
Band: Vampire Weekend LOVE them...except they have three songs with naughty words...so don't listen to those, but the rest are amazing. I liked Vampire Weekend before they were cool, and that is why now that they are cool, I feel reasonable about continuing my infatuation with them.  I'm glad you don't dislike them now that they are super famous that is one of my pet peeves.  "Oh I liked them and then they became famous so now I don't like them because I like to be original and for no other reason and so now I'm going to listen to lame music that sucks because I know that will never make it."  Dumb ... Sorry I'm so passionate about this
Sculpture: There is this statue of Venus...who as you know is the goddess of love...only it's not the one you are thinking of, it is stout shortish kind of rotund figure, but it always makes me smile, because I think no one today would think that figure was a goddess of any sort let alone the goddess of love. I guess it always reminds me that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and that we are all made different for a good stinkin' reason.
Architecture: I like Sagrada Familia. It's a cathedral in Barcelona...it's sort of trippy, and it's been in construction for like a million years...one side of it always makes me think it is melting just by how they make the stone look at stuff...Anyway, it's kind of cool.

Other Random Questions

What would you do if you woke up from a coma to find the world in a zombie/velociraptor apocalypse?
Goodness...I suppose if you can't beat them...join them right?

Which Ninja Turtle would you be? Michaelangelo...i like Nunchakus. well you do have all those awesome nunchakus skills

What TV character would you like to be? Probably, someone from LOST, but someone who lives...there are precious few of those.

If you could date any celebrity it would be... yikes, one who is really nice to people and not that into himself, can you find one like that? maybe when they first become famous...

If you could visit any 2 historical dates they would be... I would probably want to visit during the forming of the LDS church, and I would probably want to visit during the women's suffrage movement.

Anything Else?? No ma'am...only that for this privilege of being featured on your blog, I will consider naming my first child (girl or boy) after you...if I ever have that first child :-)

:-)And so there you have it, you have met my beautiful friend Bekah!  And if she does name her child after me that would be freaking awesome.  But it is definately not required...unless I become really egotistical.  But that could be a far ways off....

If you would like to be featured on MMFW lemme know.  Also if you have any questions you think would be good to ask, tell me them.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Very Little To Say

I have been pondering how I have grown since I was young lately.

When I was young I hardly ever talked to people I didn't know.  This wasn't just "Stranger Danger" but a complete fear of anyone who wasn't in my immediate family or a very close friend.  It could take weeks for me to warm up to someone and find something to even say to them.    

"How are you?"
"Good. You?"
"I'm good"
"Good"  .... crickets chirp... I awkwardly look around trying to think of something to say.  And then hopefully some one else would come up, or the person would leave or I would have to leave.
"Well see ya later."

I've had so many conversations like that it would be impossible to count.  

I had never really seen it as a bad thing, I still don't really.  But I guess when you don't have good conversation skills people can think you don't like them or something.  I promise you it's just because I am not a talker.

I think it runs in my family, from my Dad's side.  One day I was watching a thing about the Dust Bowl on the History Channel so I called my Daddy to ask him what his grandma said about living during the DustBowl

"Well she said it was dusty."
"That's it?"

I bet he was embellishing the story a little.  

Anyways.  Now a days I kind of force myself to talk to people and look them in the eyes.  Um I really don't like looking people in the eyes because I'm not really sure when you should break eye contact and when continued eye-looking into is creepy rather than comfortable.
After re-reading this post I want to clarify that I'm super grateful for the friendships I have made and When I say I force myself to talk to people it's not because I don't want to talk to someone it's just because I always felt weird talking to people I don't know because I don't know why.  Why is a shy person shy?  Why does a cow say moo?  These are pressing questions that are the focus of my current research....

Haha anyways, now I have conversations with people and things however funny they may be.  All I can be is me though I don't know any other way to be.  Well except Valley Girl I'm really good at being a Valley Girl  (That's like saying I'm not good at a lot of things.) (Fifty points if you know where that joke is from)

I think I'm getting sidetracked. I don't like to fill things with fluff.  But I do like things to be funny.

That's why I'm putting my twitter updates on my blog.  (I had to get Twitter for a class...weird I know).  Because when funny things happen sometimes I think of really funny one-liners that could fit in 140 characters or less and I'd like to share them with you.  

I do not expect you to read them as I update.  Gosh that would be annoying for you.  But maybe if you're feeling blue and need a pick-me up you can read a funny tweet, and it'll cheer you up.

I had this excellent idea whilst on my way to work yesterday.  I walk there and leave my house around 4:15am.  About 30 sec after leaving I saw a 60yr old man just out for a stroll.  Only it wasn't really a stroll, it was way more creepy because he was in a trench coat and he wasn't smiling and even though he was walking slowly he was walking with a purpose that seemed ominous.  Like the kind of walk a serial killer would have in a movie as he just walks after his running, screaming, panicked, victims.  

And I thought.

"There's something really terrifying about a 60 year old man out for a walk at 4 in the morning."  

Which may seem scary a few min after you read it but I think at first glance and out of context it's funny.  I'm sure the man is really nice don't get me wrong, but at 4 in the morning when you are a 22 yr old girl everybody outside seems terrifying and every sound is a zombie.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Check Your Attitude at the Door

Maybe you recognize the title of this post from the DARE song.

If you don't know what DARE is, it's a national program in the US designed to teach kids to stay away from drugs.  Each letter of DARE stands for something.

But I don't know what...except from the song.

D I won't do Drugs
A won't have an Attitude
R I will Respect myself
E I will Educate me now

Anyways...DARE at my school was really lame.  Only one person got a t-shirt.  And they told us how to make Meth.  Which isn't the best way to keep kids from drugs.

But my post isn't about DARE, it's about attitude.  

There's this quote by Mark Twain that is painted on the wall of one of the buildings on BYU's Campus.  I can't remember it exactly but it says something like
"Travel is fatal to all prejudices."

At first you're like oh yeah that's true.  But Then I think "Well wait no.  That's not true.  Travel can aid you you in your journey to lose those prejudices but isn't travel what created those prejudices anyways?"

Seriously think about it.  I'm pretty sure the prejudices he was talking about was racism and thinking you're better than everyone.  Or having misconceptions of what life is like for the people of that culture.  But I'm pretty sure those were started because people traveled and thought they were better than the people who were already there.  

So the point is they had that high and mighty attitude.  And they traveled.  And that just fed their attitude.

You're following me here right?

I'm sure Mr' Twain's quote could be correct if you go to a different place with an attitude of learning and respect.

But it's like that with anything.  You'll get out what you put in.  If you go to a service project hating it and not wanting to be there, you probably won't feel the love of service.  That testimony of service won't grow for you.  But even if you just go with an open mind and find even one thing to be grateful for, try to have a good time, it can help you grow in that respect.

Anyways, I have just been thinking this lately because sometimes I think "No I can't." or things like unto it but obviously I can do anything I put my mind to.  I just need to have the right attitude and trust in the Lord.  Nothing is impossible if we just trust in the Lord and come to him with a willingness to learn, be humbled and to serve.  


I hope you all have an awesome Sunday!


Love, Alicia

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Eyes

Ah so I have green eyes.  Actually I love my eyes, even though they are huge and there are only two types of contacts that will cover my corneas.  But I think my eyes are nice, the actual ball part of my eye, and the color.

Anyways last year almost a year and half I guess, I dyed my hair dark brown which ends up looking black.  I loved it because it made my eyes really stand out.  And I really wanted to dye my hair again this year for St. Patrick's Day...but even though the dye is only $4 I deemed it an unnecessary expense.  

Sometime's I really hate how practical I am.  Like I'm too practical to be a true romantic.  Like wouldn't it be so great if the guy of my dreams (Zach Morris...too bad he's not real) rode up on a motorcycle and then I just hop on the back and we drive off into the sunset to California where we will live until we move to New York or Boston or Georgia?

Sure that's what the romantic side of me thinks and then the practical side of me punches the romantic side in the face 
And because my romantic side is weak she just walks away all-armsy with her head hanging.  

All-Arms is a thing that my friend Jenny and I made up.  You know how people say "Wow she's all leg."  When a girl has really long legs?  Well what if she had really long arms, like drag on the floor long?  She'd be all-arms.  You imitate this by bending over quite dejected like.  

Imagine Carpet in Aladdin when Abu starts yelling at him when Carpet gives Abu his hat back.


Anyways, now you realize how extremely crazy I am.  

Well if you hadn't realized it already, I'm sorry you're unobservant...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rex Lee Run

So I guess you're wondering how the 5k went.  Maybe you thought I died because I didn't post anything.

Surprisingly I did not die I didn't even kind of die actually.  All I can say is trust in the Lord with all your heart because with him anything is possible.  That's how I feel about this 5k business.

Because trust me I tried to run today and I was like "no way I hate this", and then I couldn't believe that I actually ran for 3.1 miles on Sat.  Probably I'm just all run out or maybe it's the running in a huge mob of people that motivates me, but mostly I think I did well because I asked God to help me not die and to do ok.

Anyways, it was good.  I finished in 34 minutes exactly I think.  I tried to get across the finish before then but I didn't so I'm glad with that though, a little over 10 minutes a mile, haha good enough for me, though it wouldn't have been good enough in Jr High.  The miles then had to be done in 10 minutes.  Which I thouhgt strange because in high school we got 12 minutes... anyways.  Matt pointed out my time may be skewed because I didn't cross the start line right when they started the race.

Funny story.  I was supposed to meet Matt at the race because Jenny and Shirley were going too so I thought I would just go up there with them and then meet Matt there.  But then we didn't leave until way late and Matt was like "well I'm not going to  have my phone with me anymore so meet me by the bleachers."  But when we did finally get there I noticed that the bleachers were quite large.  how would I ever find him among this large crowd and such large bleachers?  And then they started the National Anthem and I can't be walking around when that's going and the colors are being presented.  It's just kind of disrespectful ya know.  And then pretty much the race started and I didn't know where anyone was!  Not Jenny not Shirley and especially not Matthew.  So I was just standing there thinking "Well I guess now I don't have to worry about dieing in front of my friends, and I could just go to the end of this mob and start there so I'm at the end.  Or I could just go home... No I paid."  I get up on this curb to try to see my friends in the crowd of people "Dang why don't I have outrageously tall friends.  Or outrageous looking friends.  They would be easier to spot."  But then I heard some people calling my name from behind me and it was Jenny and Shirley.

"We thought we lost you!  Where's Matt?"
"I don't know."  SO then Shirley decided we should call his name so she did, but I didn't because I just don't shout very well or loud I think it's from my quiet home I grew up in.  I don't know how to be that really loud person all the time.  Even in big crowds.  Not to say that I've never been loud, but those are moments that are few and I don't really plan them they just kind of happen...Anyways.  So the race starts and we were like walking because there were so many people you know.

Anyways race goes on.  I RUN the entire thing without a breaksie or anything.  And I finish and after I cross the finish line I tell Shirley I feel bad that we didn't find Matthew and that I realized like halfway through the race that we should have been yelling buddy anyways.  And then I look up and there's Buddy and he's literally right next to Shirley but I still have to say his name at least a billion times to get him to notice us.

Haha isn't that funny? anyways.... I guess it's not that funny but it was to me.

Then he had to leave, and so we three girls ate some of the delicious food they had like Great harvest bread and oranges.

The end.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Je Déteste Courir!!

I hate to run!!

That's the translation if you didn't know.  It's also what pops into my mind every time I hear the word run, or see someone running, or think about running and well you get the picture right.

Mostly I hate it because it's painful.  No you're wrong.  I know what you're thinking "well you have to build up to it" or something similar every time I tell people that. But it's not my muscles, my muscles are like "Whatevs, this is boring."  But my lungs like to not fill with air when I run.  

They're like "Ah why is she breathing so deep?!! No not air ugh why NOOOOOO"  I'm not sure why my lungs hate to have air in them, that's what they were made to be filled with.  But when I run I feel like there's a big fat elephant sitting on  my chest and I have to concentrate really hard to get air in there.  Weird.

Also Running can be boring.  Good thing I have Cecelia to keep me company, she will play me songs of wonderful delight and I will dance and sing while I run...well not sing because the whole air thing but I lip sync.

But aside from those things I do actually like running a baby bit.  I like the feeling I get after running.  I'm all hopped up on those endorphins (or those happy little guys that come out when you exercise to make you feel all happy and accomplished).  I like that I can be a total goofball when I run because I already know I look funny when I run so why not dance and sing?  Who really cares right?

My face gets beet red, My hair starts to curl (sweat...yeah).  I'm wearing my totally awesome sweat band.  And I run to the beat of my music, because that's how I do things, to rhythm.  

Yeah it's good.

I suppose that is one reason I'm doing a 5k in the morning.  Though I'm pretty sure I can't run 3.1 miles straight and I'm super scared to do such a thing.  But it's like whatevs, I'll tell my friends they don't have to run with me because I'm slow and dance while I run.

I guess I can run 2 miles pretty ok...what's one more.1 right??? 

Yep your prayers would be appreciated!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet My Friend Mallory!!

Ok are you ready to meet my cousin/friend Mallory!?    Ok My computer is being ridiculously slow and underlining everything and won't stop underlining...weird.  Kind of annoying but we'll deal

Anyways...I don't actually remember when I met Mallory because she was a baby probably which means I was rather young too.  But I do remember when her family would come visit it was always really fun!  I rememebr one time Mallory was telling us all that we didn't know how to say "y'all" correctly She would say "Y'all don't say y'all right.  It's not y'all it's y'all."  She was young when this happened though so I'm not sure if this is something she would remember.  Also once as a teenager she came to Phoenix over Christmas New Years and she came to the New Years dance that my stake put on.  Too bad the dance was totally lame and we wanted to leave early.  But they lock you in and won't let you leave.  Good thing we were like well My dad is here to get us so we are leaving. Anyways the point is We like to have fun together.  Haha one time we all went to the mall when Mallory came to visit and she and my other cousin were slightly obsessed with Backstreet Boys.  Every time they saw something with N*SYNC on it they would turn it over or put a Backstreet Boys thing in front of it.

Now HEEERE'S Mallory!!

First of all the Basics

Hometown: Round Rock/Pflugerville TX
Birthday: May 3rd 
Major: Good Question
Hair: Nasty. Jk its naturally blond but it has like 843789 colors in it right now (just FYI Mallory has really pretty hair I like it).


 Green or Charcoal...Green just seems happier
Food: BBQ. No doubt about it.
Movie: We Are Marshall..but I am also obsessed with Sweet Home Alabama
Book: Anything by Nicholas Sparks
Band: I don't know if this counts as a 'band' but Luke Bryan
Sculpture: .....If I say I don't have one I will seem really uneducated...but hey, I'm from Texas so I get at least one free pass right? (I think it just looks like you don't have a favorite sculpture...MMMHHMMM)
Architecture: The University of Texas at Austin football stadium.....don't judge.

Other Random Questions

What would you do if you woke up from a coma to find the world in a zombie/velociraptor apocalypse? I would like to think that I would somehow stop it and save the world but we all know that is what Jack Bauer is for so I would gladly step aside and let him save the world for me. 

Which Ninja Turtle would you be? Raphael..unless Splinter qualifies. (I vote that he does so it's official you're a giant talking rat and it's just what you always wanted... :) )

JWhat TV character would you like to be? Jack Bauer. Well not him but someone who works closely with him. I don't wanna chose a certain character cause they all pretty much die. (thanks...I guess I never need to watch 24...haha)

If you could date any celebrity it would be... Paul Walker. He is hot and he was raised Mormon so...REACTIVATION!

If you could visit any 2 historical dates they would be... The Constitutional Convention and...I'm not sure this will count as 'historical' to everyone BUT I would like to visit the whole 'time' of The Notebook.

Anything Else?? I am Alicia's favorite cousin but I'm sure anyone who has had even a short conversation with her would know that. Also, any spelling or grammar errors should be covered under the whole 'I'm from Texas' thing. Thanks.

So now you have met Mallory.  Isn't she the bomb.com?  All that and a bag of chips!  You know it.  Word to your mother.  Try not to be too jealous of how awesome my family is...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Haha!  You thought I was angry but I'm not, that's the name of the restaurant that Mallory and I went to eat at on Friday night.

So would you like to hear the wonderous adventure we had?  Of course you would, because you continue to read...

Well it all starts like this around 20ish years ago Mallory was born...and then 20ish years later she moved to Provo where I am living.  And now we can have awesome adventures.

We are so excited.  And so we went out to eat, and my  Aunt Ellen, known as Mum to Mallory, paid for us to eat.  That is awesome!  Thanks Aunt Ellen, We did delight in the food we partook of.

Now here's what went down...

Mallory came and picked me up around a time in the evening.  I think around 6 because I was watching Gilmore Girls.  And we went to her apt to make some future plans.  And then she was like "I'm hungry, are you hungry?"  and I was like "Not really... I ate a steak like 2 hours ago."
"A steak?"
"Yes my friend gave me a steak because I've been wanting one for a long time."  (This is actually a good story I should tell y'all later)

Anyways, it was decided that we should go eat at some sit down restaurant.  Because we're fancy people duh..

Anyways, first we wanted to go to Chili's.  So we drove there and guess what it's Friday night in a town where the sole purpose of most of the residents is to get married.  Needless to say, it was packed and people would stop at nothing to get a seat, including cutting in front of us in the line to the hostest stand.
We figured there would be three types of people in the restaurant: People on Dates, People out with Families, and People like Us. (except technically I guess we're family but I think we meant people who are friends and don't have babies).

And then we added another group: People who came alone...sad.

We were right, those were the people there.  Mostly people on dates and families though.

Well we didn't even make it to the hostest stand because Mallory was like "Man I'm starving, I don't want to wait this long for food."  So we left and decided to go to Macaroni Grill instead. 

While we were driving over there, driving nest to us was a ginormous truck.  I think Mallory and I were dancing to music...possibly I was dancing and she was driving safely.  Anyways the kid in this truck (I mean kid) who was driving kept looking at me and Mall.  And he and his friend were trying to get our attention.  Well it worked because I turned to Mallory and said "What is he? Like 12?  Why is he driving?"  She agreed that he was just a baby.  Weird anyways.

When we got to Macaroni Grill it seemed more promising because there was no huge mob of people in the doorway.  But when we asked the hostest the wait for two people, she said "45 min...Would you like to wait?"  I look at Mallory and she was like "No we'll leave"  She was starving.

So we're driving around the Shops at Riverwood's looking for a place to eat.  Mallory sees a Subway.  "Let's eat there."

So then we drive around the same parking lot 3 times trying to get into a parking spot.  So many people were pulling in and out and then others don't know how to park so well and they take up too much room...but we did it finally.

Subway was the emptiest restaurant in town, I promise you. But we did not go there.

First we walked around, looking for other places.  We saw some pretty dang fancy places.  But we weren't in such a fancy mood.

Then we went into this cool toy/candy store: Blickenstaff's ?  I think that's what it's called.  Anyways they had jaw breakers the size of baseballs, and a ginormous teddy bear that I would seriously love to sleep with every night, and these fun-house mirrors.  Mallory and I saw what we would look like if we were literally all leg and what we would look like if we were little people.  It was awesome.  It reminds me of the hilarious scene from the credits of Brother Bear.

You know that scene I can never tell people about without laughing hysterically because it's so funny I fell out of my chair in the theatre when I saw it the first time, I was laughing so hard.  Look it up, so funny.

Then we saw the Provo Beach Resort and really wanted to go there and go surfing.

And finally Mallory was like "Ok Chinese or sliders?"
"Well I've never really had either so you can choose."

And that's how we ended up at SHOOTS.  It was really good.  I got Tangerine Chicken and dang that was some good stuff.  Mall got General Tso's.

haha So when we walk in I saw this guy who was a waiter and I was like "I hope he's our waiter."  And guess what HE WAS!  He was really nice, plus he totally was into Mallory.  Some body at another table got some dish that was really steamy and I said "Dang that's steamy." right after our waiter left and mallory said "Which one?"  get it?  Haha I have such good comedic timing even when I'm not trying and Mallory is quick with her wit.  We make a good comedy team.

Anyways one last thing.  We got fortune cookies and Malls said her sports team is going to do really well and mine said I would attend an unusual party and meet an important person.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marching Bands

Well first of all, I tutor this girl in physics.  She's 15 and she's super smart and awesome.  She also records music.  She gave me one of her cd's that she just recorded.  IT'S TOTALLY AWESOME!!  She's really so talented.  And she wrote all the songs on the cd.  Except one which is a cover of "Put Your Records On" by Corrine Bailey Raye.  I'm very proud of her.

Anyways I just wanted to write about some musics I like in this post. 

I was listening to this song by Brad Paisley today; Online.  It's so funny.  But also there's a marching band in it and I just love the sound of a marching band.  They make me super happy.  Really, what would a football game be like without the band?  Not as fun that's fo sure!

Also I have been thinking lately that there's more to music than a guitar.  And don't get me wrong I love the guitar and I give props to those who can play.  But I love the different sounds bands utilize in their music.  For instance you already know I love the banjo, but I also adore the mandolin, the violin (fiddle), cello, tamborine and whatever makes a good sound that's interesting.  Something that adds texture to the music, I guess.  Harmonica, can't forget that beauty.

Man you guys.  I feel so blessed that we have music.  It makes me happy.  Really. Really happy.  I feel blessed that I know so many talented people that can create beautiful music for me to listen to.  Like My brother Tyler, actually my whole family is talented at music so I am very lucky, well blessed because I don't necessarily believe in luck.  Plus I have friends from high school, Lori and my old roomie Kelli Jean (<---this is a link to Kelli's Youtube page).  And now Hunter.  I feel so happy that these people share their awesome talent with me and others. 

Yeah, It's AWESOME

Moral of the story: make your friends share your talents with you because it's the best.