Wednesday, March 21, 2012

AND Thank You! AND

Sorry I have been MIA.

My life is like a race against the hourglass.  Some times I feel like Jasmine trapped in it.  

Time is not something I have a lot of to spare and so some things had to go.  
Even though they are things I love to do.  Like shave my legs every day, 
and pluck my eyebrows, and of course, write on my blog.  
My journal must feel very neglected too.  

And I don't really have time to tell you all about student 
teaching, except that it has been one of the biggest
 learning experiences of my life.  

And very tiring.

     And emotional.

And I would like to say thank you.  
Because there are so many people who have 
helped me so much these past few months.

Adrian, he is my crutch and, poor man, he has to 
listen to me cry and be a big baby sometimes 
because 8th graders are the bane of my existence.  
And of course I'm always bugging him with wedding stuff.  

And my mom and daddy for doing all this 
stuff for our wedding and reception and everything.

And Adrian's mom for doing the whole open
 house for us so we don't have to worry about it at all.

And Lindsey, and Shirley and Jenna for doing
 my bridal shower and having it be absolutely lovely.

And Gustavo and Jenny for letting me eat with them all the time. 
And being so welcoming and helpful and 
letting us borrow their car.  I really appreciate it very very very much.  

And Mr Hrynyshyn for being such a great person 
and mentor teacher.  I feel so blessed to have been put with him in that class.

Even though we have some stinking rotten kids 
I'm grateful that my student teaching experience 
hasn't been a piece of cake
 That I have been challenged and even that 
some kids hate me.  
I guess you're not doing your job right until 
some one isn't happy with you.  
Haha just let me believe that is true ok.

And I wish I could name everyone here because it seems like I have ten million more people to thank.  I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you because you really have touched my heart and I really love  you all so much.  You really have lifted me and help me keep my head above the swirling pools of sand gathering at my feet.

And I wonder how many more times I can legitimately use the word 'and' in this post? 
We took our engagements.  Here's a collage!