Monday, June 30, 2008

A-A-A Apple's harder than it looks! Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things.. nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.
GIRL NAME: Allison
A COLOR : Aqua
SOMETHING YOU WEAR: Aviators (sunglasses)
BEVERAGE: Apple Cranberry Juice
FOOD: Asparagus
A PLACE: Alabama

Thursday, June 26, 2008

India Jones

I'm going to be an archaeologist I decided. I was a bit nervous about this decision because that meant traveling lots and being away from my family (when I'm married and stuff) But then I realized that I could also work in a museum. So I would still like to travel though and dig and stuff. But how did I come to this decision you are asking. It's so different from the Electrical Engineering course I was pursuing when I first came here. So here's the story:

I was worrying about school this coming fall and life in general. I decided my inability to choose a career stems from when I was younger and people telling me I could be whatever I want. Ok it's true, I can, but anyone who knows me my biggest hugest flaw is making choices. Not the moral ones, but everything else I'm indefferent about. When I say I don't care I really don't. If you put three flavors of ice cream in front of me and tell me I can have only one, they will be all melted before I make my choice. So I have all these career choices to make. What whould I do? Engineering, teaching, archaeology, business woman, etc. I even considered english for a very brief momnet in time. So that is how you know how confused I was about it all. So I decided to go down the list of majors BYU has and pick one. Because apparently you have to have one declared by the end of your sophomore year which is this coming december.

So anyways I sit down to look at them all and Tom calls so I made him help me. We're going down the list I read him a major and he tells me yes or no. But then I see something interesting Anthropology: Archaelogical emphasis I didn't even know BYU had that. That seemed so interesting to me. I said I could be the next Indiana Jones but Tom and Jenessa said I would have to be the girl version (India). I continued down the list but I kept that one in my mind. When I got to history Tom said yes "Why?" I asked "Because you love history." Well that's true I do love history but I love science too.
the hotness of Harrison Ford-------->

And I had this thought what is archaeology exactly? It's the study of ancient cultures isn't it? That's history right (ancient cultures) and it's science too because there is lab work and hypothesising and those things. SO I decided archaeology would be combining things I love plus I get to dig in the dirt!!

I don't know I think it would be a wicked sweet awesome job. And I would have the best career on my kids career day at their school unless the kid with the astronaut for a dad is in my kids class...

Even if I don't really ever make it into the field (which cross your fingers that doesn't happen) I get to learn all this cool stuff about archaeology and I could do it as a hobby. Plus I just get to learn which I love, I just hate the homework. Or I could also take some paleontology classes and go into that. Because they are related a bit but not the same They work together but they study different things. So Anyways be happy I've decided.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cool Rider

Tell me where the title of this post is from and I'll give you a hug the next time I see you. Yep I know wow.
After work today: Take off my dumb jeans and put on my turquise soffe shorts. And take off on my bike with Jenessa close behind. I put my bike in 4th gear to start out, because this is for exercise and a nice liesurly ride around Provo.
We are the cool riders of Brick House East....

LOLOLOLOLOL That was funny. I like it I should make us shirts.
Anyways, Jenessa and I decided we would start riding our bikes in the morning for an hour. So today we started that. Only we went for and hour 45 min. But see it was totally worth it. We rode along the Provo River on the trail there. And we went all the way to Utah Lake State Park. It was sweet. The river was really pretty and the trees and things. I rode the whole thing in 5th practically. I think everyone should go there at least once in there life and walk, bike, or blade along the trail. There was so much summer snow fall with all the cottonwood trees. And there are three parks along it. Also when you cross the highway on the other side in a tree along the river there is a swing on one of the trees. It's so cute. AnywaysWe decided if we keep this up we get to buy new outfits for riding our bike in the morning. So all in all we rode about 13 miles. Probably more.
I'm going to have the best legs ever.

Snail On a Turtle riding Molasses in January

Here is how my day started: The first thing I remember is wondering how I got my phone in my hand or why I woke up. I looked in my phone and I had gotten a pix message with no picture. But that didn't wake me because I got it at 2 in the morning which means it had to be from Tom. Then my alarm went off and I looked and it was my 4:30 alarm which meant I had grabbed my phone in my sleep to turn off my first alarm. That is why I have more than one alarm.
Anyways when I got to work everything started out normal. I was sleepy and didn't wan to work but I do anyways and I work fast. So does Jenessa. And we use our brains too. The other girl we work with is slower than molasses in January and isn't really awake when she gets there I guess because she got the inside door wedged shut with the vacuum cord. It was really a funny situation. I walked out of the custodial closet and she was standing at the elevator and she goes "Why won't the elevator door open?" I was thinking that she just hadn't waited longenough for it to come up from the 1st floor and replied "I don't know that's weird" And went off to do another job. Then I hear a commotion a bit later, also I was looking for Jenessa because she had the full details on the job I was doing. I go over and find Jenessa and the girl standing at the elevator. Jenessa had opened the outside door of the elevator but the inside one wouldn't open. So I came to look at it. Yep the cord had wedged the door shut. The girl starts saying how she didn't understand how it could happen. And I was losing my patience with her (which I don't have much of) she said she put the vacuum in the elevator and then went to plug it in. Well there's your problem I thought. I just said "You plug it in first and then you hold the door open button to vacuum" "Oh" that's all she said. I think my tone surprised her because usually if I do talk to her it's nice but I usually don't. Jenessa went to go get Pam. Pam said it's happened before, but those times the elevator went down and ripped the cord out of the vacuum which is the worst case scenario. She said to shut the door and she'd call the people to come and fix it. And then guess what happened. Yep worst case scenario. It happened. The elevator went down and you heard this noise that must have been the vacuum lifting off the ground and then a crash. Pam ran downstairs to check on it. She rode the elevator back up and got stuck in it. obviously but she was able to kick the door loose and got out. I'm glad because I love Pam.
Honestly that girl is slower than the title of this post.

Monday, June 9, 2008

He could still starve, give him fish too

So you know that saying "If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime." I'm here to tell you tht's bull crap (please excuse my language) Because taking it literally you can know how to fish, like me, but never catch anything when you do go fishing, like me. So you see that is horrible you just torture the guy with the thought of food. And he'll never get any food so you'd better at least give him a fish too.

And You can give someone the tools and the training to do something but it doesn't mean that they'll be good at it. Like me. I tried to cut my bangs with the razor Tracy gave me. Bad idea. Well they aren't that bad. but they are uneven. and kinda straight across.with one long section at the end. Oh well