Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Journaling Like a Boss

Oh yes, I thought it might be time for another 
journal entry from my past...

(Did you just read that in a dreamy like voice?  
It's ok if you did, 
it's not ok if you didn't because you're ruining the effect I want to create on my blog.
 Jk jk...
but really go reread it if you didn't, 
you know the voice I mean)

This one was written in cursive.  
I confused my UPPERCASE cursive D's 
with UPPERCASE cursive G's for awhile


"Gear J,
Today I was almost
late fore school but
I made it Today 
was a half day and 
thiers no lunch wich
ment no sience, art 
solshole studies, and 
lots more. Of course
we did have math,
I hate math not
adding but I hate
subtrackting espeishelly
regoupine. I'm 
going to fill a
lot of pages
tonight because I
skipped a lot of
impported times
like my birthday,
It is because I
have not written 
a lot in this 
book.  Here we go.

How could I have skipped all those 
impported times!?  
And why was I learning about the complicated 
french math regoupine
at such a young age?

50 cool points if you can figure out what all the words are supposed to be.

Also I went on to write two more pages of impported times: 
my birthday and the first day of school.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hot Fuss

I have three  (3) favorite bands.  They all suit me for different moods.

What are my 3 favorite bands?  

Flogging Molly
Mumford and Sons

Right now I am listening to The Killers.  Whenever I listen to Hot Fuss it brings me back to high school.  Jr Year I think.  I get this feeling like I'm just a little kid pretending to be an adult.  

You're probably like, "Then why do you listen to it?  That sounds depressing."

And yeah maybe it is.  High school isn't a time I'd like to relive.  I think I've changed a lot since then.  Well actually I know I have.  I've worked really hard to be a better happy person since then.  

Sometimes I just like to listen to Hot Fuss because 
it reminds me of how far I've come.  
From everything being the end of the world to 
finding reasons to
be happy in every situation.

It's good, when things don't happen the way I think they should 
I try to think of things to be grateful for.  

Hot Fuss reminds me that it's possible to change.  
Because I have changed since I bought that cd.  
Brandon Flowers has changed.  
Millions of people change everyday.

Not because of The Killers, but because 
the Atonement makes it possible.  
Because Jesus made the Ultimate Sacrifice for us.  
Because God wants us to live with Him forever
Because Jesus wants us to too
Because we make that choice to be better and change.
We make the choice to use the Atonement to 
change our lives.

I'm super grateful for this gift.  The Atonement is great! 
 I would be seriously lost in a dark abyss without it.  

Woah you guys.  This is not why I started this post.  But I am very happy with the way it ended.

I love you.  I believe in you.  
If you think you're hopeless, believe me, you're not.  You have so much potential!  You can be your best self.  Yes it will take work, but all the best things in life come after hard work.  Just rely on the Lord because his arms are always stretched out (Psalm 136:12, 2Nephi 20:4, D&C 136:22) to lift you up and help you and guide you along.  And to give you a hug
because sometimes that's just what you need.

And that's saying a lot from me because I am not a hugger.

Love you!  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving was SICK!

In pretty much both ways we use the word sick; meaning cool and sickly.

Everyone got sick that week, one by one.  Some threw up and had other stomach problems.  Others just felt a general queasiness that wouldn't leave them for the day.  

I, myself, got sick on Sunday, the day we drove 12 hours to come back to Provo.  I threw up 2 times before we left, and maybe 4 more times on the road.  It was a delight for all the passengers in the car.  

If you think I am serious about it being a delight, then you belong to the 
Adam's Family. (*snap* *snap*)

Even more sad my favorite person in the world got sick on Friday so he couldn't come with us shopping for wedding stuff...He was really sick ok.  I know your thinking "How convenient that he got sick on the day you were shopping for wedding stuff..."  But when we went on Sat he wanted to come too.  And he did and he liked it. 
(Name that movie for 60,000 cool points).

Now onto the cool sick part.  Adrian fits in so well with my family.  I knew he would, that's why I wasn't nervous.  And I think we had a lot of fun and nothing really embarrassing happened atall (as my Grandmother would say).

Except my family informed me that we are loud kissers.  
Which I think we kinda already knew.  

Well your really here for the pictures aren't you, but actually I didn't take that many, but I took some so here they be in a Thanksgiving collage!