Monday, March 26, 2007

More Things That Bug Me

I feel like being angry today well right now. So I will list some ridiculous things so called intelligent adults have madeup.
  1. The Astronaut Farmer no I don't know if it's spelled right but I really don't care. This is probably the stupidest movie title. It does not in any way make me want to see this movie. Not to mention the fact that we are supposed to believe Billy Bob Thorton is a farmer. Sure he's got the name down but he just seems so unfarmerish to me. I digress, I mean they couldn't think of anything better? Why not borrow the name Harvest Moon at least that would have been more creative. I mean would any one have seen October Sky if it was called Rocket Scientist Coal Miner? or Field of Dreams if it was Baseball Playing Farmer? I really think not!
  2. Global Warming is it real? is it not real? That's not what bothers me. what bothers me is that it's called WARMING and we're supposedly being plunged into an ICE age. Last time I checked ICE was not WARM. I don't know Pluto is no longer a planet so I guess anything could happen. Which brings up my next point
  3. Pluto is "not" a planet what WHAT? What is that? Pluto is a planet end of story. How could it not be? I did a report on pluto Freshman year. And it was a most excellent report I must say. I did a really awesome job on it me and my two friends. It was really cool. All right back on track now If you really research the scientist reasoning for it not being a planet you'd be like "Wow that's how you classify a planet?! That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!" Honestly if that's how they've always classified planets could they not tell pluto wasn't a planet before? Why did it take so long? Did they have to lie to us for so many years? So ridiculous.
  4. Standardized Tests HORACE MANN, CURSE YOU! What do these tests really show? That you are really great at taking tests under pressure?! Stupid stupid stupid. All these tests are either extremely easy(Standford 9) or ridculously hard (AP tests). Seriously, and you know what I really hated about the Standford 9, they always had that same example question on the reading portion. It was about this kid waiting for his brother to come and he was hoping his brother would get there before the storm came. But they never told you if he came!! No they just left you hanging like did he die in the storm? Does he get there safely? No you don't even know. Oh it drove me crazy and when I was younger I would worry about it ya I know weird but I was a pretty weird child. Curse you Horace Mann, Curse you!!

Well that's about it for now. There are other things but I want to play tennis and need to study for Calculus (I hate Isacc Newton) so I need to go. BYE

Horace Mann Stinks!! >:{(

That is a frowning face with a moustache. I think it adds to the angriness!
I hate school. Don't get me wrong I love learning but I hate the work! I hate how teachers think their class is the most important. I hate how they pile on work like there is no tomorrow. AGHK! No I don't even know how to make that sound that's how stupid school is. When I go East this summer I will spit on Horace Mann's grave. He invented text books and standardized tests!!!! Stupid Horace Mann!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Secret

So Brother Bentz, the best sunday school teacher ever told us about this movie that shows you how to get whatever you want. It's called the secret, refering to the secret of life. It's filled with ideas that we pretty much already know but puts them all together for you. Anyways here's the link if that doesn't work you can go to google and search under videos for the secret conspiracy.He also gave us a list of scriptures that provethis concept. Here they be. D&C 130:20 Hebrews 11:1 Hewbrews 11:3 Romans 4:17 Alma 32:28 1 John 3:20,21 2Nephi 2:14-16 Mark 11:23 Matt 21:21,22 Luke 17:6 D&C 78:19.
At the begining it kinda seems like they are only using it for wordly things and stuff you don't really need and they are. But in the end they talk about how those things are worthless unless you have good and strong relationships. The quotes they read from the people kinda seem creepy the way they do them but whatever. Tell me what you think.
By the way if you want to start out having a good day clap your hands in the morning and don't just do it like "oh i got to clap my hands" but like do it with happiness it will make you a lot happier.