Sunday, May 20, 2007


So it was seminary graduation...the much better graduation of my life. I've always like seminary except for the 2nd half of my sophomore year. But that's in the past. SO my best friend spoke at graduation and Amy Huff sang. It was a nice ceremony. We got our diplomas and Brother Bentz also was up there giving the kids from his class another little thing a scripture about wearing the armor of GOD and then a picture of someone wearing the armor of God afterwards they had these tiny little cinnamon rolls ... They were good but I only had one. Then Sister Patnude wanted to take pictures of our class with brother Bentz (our teacher). Kyle and Ashton had already left but thats ok because Ashton slept through seminary everyday and Kyle was always late. I liked that when he did attendance though because then I was never marked late that year! ;) so anyways... I also got a picture with Brother Bentz. It was awesome. He was like "My favorite student, you are awesome. Any man who gets you is very lucky!" I said thankyou very much. Let me just tell you something about Brother Bentz... He is the smartest most amazing guy ever. He and Brother Collins they are both brilliant and I love them. I've learned so much in seminary the last two years with Brother Bentz. He is awesome! Ok well maybe I will get those pictures soon to post but I do not have them yet. GOOD BYE!