Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hey I'm Back

So I decided to start my Joy In The Journey blog again so check it out. I might even stop updating this blog. Who knows?

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

What the World Needs Now

Is love, sweet love.

I went to this Broadcast on Sunday and it was awesome.  I think the main message I got from it is that we need to be more loving to everyone.

Even people who don't think the same as we do.  It sounds weird to write that sentence because it sounds like we're thinking collectively as a group all the same things, but that's not how it is.  I think and you think and every individual thinks and has opinions.

And that's a good thing.

Sometimes we don't agree.

And that's ok.

Sometimes we can talk about how we don't agree and still be friends and loving with each other.

That is the message I took from the conference.  Well A message not THE message.

Because I mean the message was on missionary work.  And I got that message too.

And I loved all the messages and answers to prayers I received directly from that broadcast.  I felt like Heavenly Father had been preparing me all week for that broadcast.  I was really grateful he had been.

I would make a link so you could watch the broadcast but I don't think they are rebroadcasting it.

On another note...

Sometimes I read these other blogs and the comments people make.

And it makes me sad.

Because a lot of times the comments imply that because I think differently than the majority of people on that site I am a "closed-minded sheep that just follows and obeys what I'm told to do."  and that I'm "hateful" that I shouldn't vote based on "what I think is best for society no matter how many people it hurts."

And that last one was confusing because I don't think that is anyone's thought process when they vote.  Except crazies, like Hitler.

And don't we all (or shouldn't we all) be voting on what we think is best for society and using our moral compass as a guide?

And I don't think calling me names is really going to persuade me to look at your  arguments any further.

Also I don't think I'm hateful.  I try to be really nice to people and help everyone.  I think that I can dislike someone's actions and still like the person.  To say that's not possible is to deny God's plan for us don't you think?

Heavenly Father gives us agency to make choices.  He tells us there are consequences to choices, for both good and bad.  He knows we can choose to sin.  He also loves every single one of His children.  I do not think that if God hated people who sinned He would have provided the atonement so that they could return to live with Him forever.  I do, however, think that He loves us unconditionally, but He doesn't have to like all of our actions.

Just like a parent loves their child who hits their brother.  The parent still loves both children equally, but doesn't condone the actions of the first child.

I think many people are capable of this kind of love.  Because I think that's how Christ loved.  Yes he loved the adulterous woman, and he didn't condemn her to death.  What did he tell her?  To "go and sin no more."  Because he loved her and he wanted her to be able to live with God forever and with her family.

That's what I want for everyone.  I want everyone to be happy and know that, YES, sometimes life here is hard, but we are loved and there is no reason to give up because we have the Atonement and we can repent and live forever with our families if we endure to the end.

Eternal perspective.  It's important I think.

Anyways I digress, my point is let's just remember that just because we disagree doesn't meant that one of us is a "hateful sheep."  And we can love people without loving their actions.  The greatest examples of this being Christ and Heavenly Father.

Friday, May 31, 2013

I Noticed Differences

I can't sleep. Which really stinks because I need to be up in 5 hours and then drive for an hour. My mind is just racing for some reason. So maybe laying out some thoughts will be helpful.

The school year is almost over.  I feel frazzled. I'm really glad I have a day without students that I can use to focus on getting my room organized the way I want it. It was hard coming in during the middle of the year. I still feel like I'm in another teachers room.  So I'm looking forward to that most defs.

Also I've noticed some differences from my first school to this one in the way I'm treated.
At my old school we were all pretty much first year teachers. But we had a lot of responsibility. I feel like as a middle school we really bonded as a team and really tried to work together more. We talked about how to handle different kids and to make learning and responsibility a priority for our students. I had to go to TONS of IEP meetings because, let's face it, I was ata charter school and like 90% of my students had IEPs. I miss all those students so much.  Anyways at my new school we're actually told we are part of these teams but I don't really feel a part of my main team. Mostly because I don't really have a strong bond with the other two teachers. I feel like they see me as this young new teacher who they saved from this horrible situation and who doesn't really know much. I know why they think that; it's because I'm very quiet when you first meet me. I just am. And we were I. An IEP meeting the other day witha mom who didn't speak English. So when I was giving feedback I had to wait for the interpretation which threw off my flow. And afterward they were like treating me like I was trying to sugar coat the truth. But the reason I struggled was the flow interruption. They were saying things like "You just learn after awhile that you have to just lay things out how they are." And All I could think was yeah I know I've already been to billions of IEPs. Plus I'm an honest person, I know lying will help nothing. I'm not mad because I know they we just trying to be helpful but it was irritating because I know that I'm capable of what they were assuming I couldn't do.

And then idk why it bugs me so much that they treat me like such a newbie. Maybe it's because I've been teaching or tutoring in one form or the other since high school. Teaching is just what I do. I taught sped kids math in high school as a sophomore. Then I was a peer tutor for chemistry as a senior in high school. I'm pretty sure I was a peer tutor my junior year of high school too it i can't recall for what class. Then I was a science teacher at a private school. And a physics tutor. Then I was a physical science 100 ta at BYU. Plus my student teaching, I just feel like its just something that interests me and I'm good at it. So yes it bugs me when people treat me like I don't know anything about teaching.

I'm not saying I do know everything, and I do appreciate advice and help. And I do love and appreciate my teammates. They are great people. It's just very different than what I was at. Some good different and some bad different.

Oy vey I'm just glad the first year is over.

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Rolling Stones

I think the world needs to listen to the Rolling Stones more.

"You can't always get what you want
You can try sometimes
But you might find
You get what you need."

I just feel like people are very focused on themselves and if people could just stop and think and realize that

  1. Everybody makes mistakes-YOU are not perfect.  Just like everyone around you.  We are all trying to reach perfection but we are not there yet.  I guarantee it.  If some one calls you out on something you have obviously done wrong DON'T ARGUE.  It makes you sound like a 7th grader (believe me I know, I teach 7th grade).  And now that you know this apply this to other people.  Ok you make mistakes but it's not ok for your friends to make mistakes.  No everybody does.  Welcome to life. Enjoy.  Forgive people.  Don't carry their mistakes around with you.  Learn from it and move on.  (Of course I am talking about petty things that get people so indignant).  Also if you really weren't doing the thing they accuse you of, politely talk it out with them.  Snapping back "No I wasn't blah blah blah."  makes you sound guilty.
  2. Not everything is about you-Sometimes people are happy, it's not always going to be because of something you did.  Sometimes people are sad, it's not always because of something you did.  Sometimes people will say things, it's not always directed at you.Sometimes people will do crazy things, it has nothing to do with you.  Just stop taking everything so personally.  Usually if some one is speaking to a very large group, they are speaking to the majority and the experiences the majority can relate to.  They aren't trying to say your experiences are worthless or that you are wrong.  Try to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have good intentions.  If you really have a problem, grow up and go talk to them like an adult.
  3. Sometimes we have to go out of our way to help- I just feel like this is self explanatory.
  4. People have standards and values that aren't the same as our standards and values-Something that has pushed my buttons since I've heard about it is that people are making fun of my sister for going to church.  Seriously!?  That's like making fun of a person for being gay.  And you may disagree but it is. Going to church and belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a big part of who my family's identity.  Making fun of something that is part of someone is just rude and hurtful.  And the only reason you're doing it is because you think that they should suffer because they are wrong.  I know this is the hardest thing on this list for all of us because usually our standards and values run so deep within us that when we perceive an attack on them we get very emotional.  Ok let the emotions calm and TALK IT OUT.  I am not implying that I am perfect at number 4 (see number one on the list) or actually any number on this list, but I'm trying to be better.  I'm also not saying that you should give up your values but attacking some one because of their values is wrong.  Respectfully disagreeing is ok but attacks are where trouble happens.
Ok I'm done.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New School and Stuff

So I started my job at my new school in West Jordan.

Yes I left Quail Run, which has since had it's name changed...idk what it is now.  But don't people who have something to hide change their name?  Just Sayin'.

I miss my QRPS students really badly though.  I love their stinking guts.  Even if they did drive me crazy sometimes.  I miss them though.

The new school is good.  I only teach 7th grade.  Which is so different than having 3 preps and teaching 5 different classes.  I feel kind of lazy.  Though my number of students has been multiplied by 5, so there is a lot more grading to do.

The kids all seem to be very nice.  I mean they're 7th graders slowly turning to 8th graders.  So some of them are getting into that stage where everything I do is stupid to them.  It's so weird to see that transition in them.  But I do like them all and I can't think of any of them I am going to be at odds with all the time.  So I am excited to get to know them.

I still miss my kids though.  Yes I call them my kids.

Let me just tell you, Adrian is the best.

Friday he asked me to go out with him.  He took me to Red Robin.  And then surprised me with tickets to "Oz The Great and Powerful."

He's the best.  I love him.

The movie as a movie and not associated with the Wizard of Oz was absolutely fantastic.  I thought it was a great film.  Funny, visually captivating, and it pulls on your heart strings a little.  No it may not win any awards besides for visual effects, but it's a Disney movie and they mostly always do a great job.

As far as being in line with the book...fell flat on its face.  If you dont know, The Wizard of Oz is one of my most favorite books.  But I will do a full comparison some other time.

Well I must go.  TTFN

Friday, February 15, 2013

February Post

So a lot of things are happening this month that are crazy.

And some things are making me mad.

So where should I start?

Let me just make a long story really short, I'm looking for a new job.  For the rest of this school year, seriously.  The place I currently work is taking a turn for the worst.  I'm not comfortable there.  It's a hostile environment. 

So I'm looking around and I'm excited. 

My sister is going on her mission to France.  She leaves on Weds!  Her and my parents are coming here on Monday so we can spend time together.  So that is grood.

The saddest thing about leaving my school is that I will miss my kids (I call my students my kids).  I will miss them so much. I love them all.  Today I showed my 8th graders a video that posed a physics question, and I asked them to figure out the answer, and they all actually started doing it and using their knowledge from what we've learned.  It was awesome.  And then in Earth Systems we were learning about clouds and I gave them all cans of shaving cream so they could make the cloud formations with the shaving cream.  I told them they had to make one big giant cumulonimbus cloud in the middle of the room (I had a dropcloth) and we ended up with a half a meter of shaving cream in the middle of my room.  It was awesome.  My 7th graders are doing body systems and we're learning about the circulatory system and taking care of your heart so we did aerobics today and took their pulse and then did corpse pose which they really did not grasp the relaxingness of it but it was still fun.  And I love them and I'm really going to miss them a lot.

And finally, I'm really sick of these Mormon Feminists.  I read this list of "grievances."  And all I could think is way to be offended by things you made up.  I'm starting to think that Mormon Feminists are girls who liked to start drama in Jr. High and never got over it and then of course hipsters because they always have to be "better" than everyone.  And what way to be better than everyone than finding fault?

So anyways as I was reading this list half the list made me react like this:

"You made that up in your head, because that is not even true." 
Like the one about turning a baby blessing into being about the man.  Guess what no one is thinking about the men as they are blessing the baby.  They probably aren't even thinking about the mom.  And if they are even thinking about anything it's the BABY.  Because the baby blessing is a blessing from our Heavenly Father for the Baby.  It's not like priesthood holders got together and were like "How can we make births about men?"  That didn't happen, I promise you.

And the other half made me think:
"You don't have to take everything people say in church as doctrine."
I just have never heard from a general authority that man has the final say in the home.  Just because some one says something in church doesn't mean it is true.  Doctrine is given or clarified at a time when the whole Church will be able to hear or have access to that information (General Conference anyone).  Not from Brother Smith in the Young Men's Presidency on a random Sunday in your ward.  I was in church once and the RS teacher kept quoting her mother on 'doctrine.'  This did not make me feel like questioning the church.  This just made me wish the girl had actually prepared for her lesson instead of talking to her mom on the phone for 4 hours.  Or when I was in RS and all the girls kept saying how we don't need science.  There is no official Church doctrine that says that.  So I just move on. 

I have never felt inferior when I go to the temple.  Or when I'm in church.  Or at mutual.  Or when I got my Young Women's manual instead of a Duty to God manual.  If you do, it's probably because you aren't understanding what is happening.  And you don't understand gender roles. 

I guess I just feel like maybe if they read and studied The Family: A Proclamation to the World they would understand a bit better.  I was telling Adrian how great the Proclamation to the World is.  It came at a time when same-sex marriage and relationships wasn't as big of an issue as it is today, and Mormon feminists were not even on the radar.  And it came because God knew that these issues were coming and we needed a resource and a guide to tell us of our sacred responsibilities as men, and women and as husbands and wives. 

And comments like this:
"I feel unequal when women have less prominent, prestigious, and public roles in the church, even before and after childrearing years." {via}
Make me feel like they just want the prestige of being seen and I just don't think that's why the men do those things.  I don't feel like they aspire to be Prophet or a general authority.  They may aspire to be like Christ in their actions, which I feel is worthy and something not exclusive to men at all.

And if men do aspire to those positions they usually don't get them.

and yes I realize that this sounds judgmental.

Monday, January 7, 2013


This year I will be a better blogger.

At least once a month.

Though, I'm not sure if any one still reads my blog.

We really started the new year off well.  We drove back from Phoenix on New Year's Day.
From warm, sunny Phoenix to freezing, snowy, depressing Provo.

Our drive back was nice though. 

I asked Adrian what his goals were for the year.  And we talked about our goals as a couple for the year. 

I think it's going to be a good year for sure.

I was going to add a nice picture of my family but it's being dumb so you'll have to just imagine us all happy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ring Out Wild Bells

So 2012 is over.

That's good

Woah I just looked out our window and there was a perfect flying V of ducks.

quack Quack QUACK QUACK

If you think that is weird then you need to watch "The Mighty Ducks" more often than you have.


It was a great year.  I got married and now I live with my best friend and that is really fun.  That was the best part of 2012.

I got a job teaching.  It has been interesting.  Fun and hard.

I'm looking forward to 2013 though.  I think it will be good. 

This year we will spend more time on the important things, like family and taking better care of ourselves.  Spiritually and physically.

Though things in the world seem perilous at times I'm really happy to know that I have Adrian with me.  He makes me feel safe.  I love him very much.