Saturday, September 15, 2007

Roomate Sunday Dinner

so I know the pictures are out of order but oh well Picasa wouldn't load them al on at once. We had a Sunday dinner together last week and it was very nice we had much fun and there was much bonding.
<---Kelli Jean washing dishes after dinner
<--- Taylor helping to clear the table
<---Jenessa drying the dishes after dinner
<--- Our fridge's face...Isn't he a doll?
<---We named him pamplemousse (grapefruit in French)
<---- This is Jenessa putting the chicken in the oven.

<----This is Kelli helping to set the table

<----This is Jenessa making the smoothies

<----This is the makings for our dinner of Hawaiin Haystacks

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Mom said...

You and your roommates are all beautiful. You are going to be known as the "Hot" apartment! plus, you are all smart! What a winning combination.

wilbur said...

mom, never say or write "Hot apartment" ever again. I like Your fridges name.

Tony said...

Jenessa has shampoo commercial quality hair.