Monday, September 29, 2008

I am watching- my computer screen

I think - i'll go to bed soon

I want - to live in the east for a bit

I have - food

I wish - wouldn't you like to know

I hate - toothpaste all over the tube

I miss - many people

I fear - the wind...10 points if you know what that's from and you aren't in my family

I feel - sleepy

I hear - my fan

I smell - bad

I search - for an answer

I wonder - why

I regret - saying some things

I love - you

I care - yes

I always - breathe

I am not - on a boat

I believe - in Harry Potter

I dance - to music

I sing - when i know the words

I don't always - have patience

I write - in my journal

I win - hardly ever

I lose - my hair when i comb it iin the shower

I never - buy cigars

I listen - very well

I can usually be found - on my bed

I'm scared - of the guy in the vents who eats your liver from xfiles

I read - the news

I'm happy about - no classes tomorrow


Renny said...

You are funny.
"What are you doing?
I fear the wind..."

Chelsea said...

"I fear the wind" was the first thing I thought of when I got to that one on mine. hahaha.

It's from some made-for-TV Disney movie about a girl who was really a bubble or a mermaid or something, I can't remember. Sorry. Now I lose points and ruin for everyone else.