Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shark Bait OO HAHA

earlier this evening I was minding my own business reading geology when this guy comes up to the girl at the end of the table and burrows her. Then he keeps saying "I love you so much I love you I love you." While it may have been a sweet moment for them as they very soon got up and left afterwards, I wanted to do 2 things
  1. Laugh - it was extremely funny because I don't think the girl was really saying anything back just patting his head
  2. stare at them- I couldn't believe what I was hearing slash seeing from the corner of my eye
I didn't do either of these things. I may have smiled to myself after they left the room though.

I just found it very weird. The weirdest PDA moment ever.

In other news I got a 94% on my geology test after the retake and a 95% on my floral design test. I think my ending score for my BOM test was 92% so overall I'm doing alright. Of course I also took a history of creativity test I don't know the score for yet.

Oh the guy who just sat across from me at the computers just started to pretend to type really fast. It was funny. So many funny people at BYU. Love it.

I'm funny it's true.

Also my Polaroid Camera broke. Sad. Also my computer crashed. Sad.

I think I'm going to write a play for my Creativity project. It will be awesome. The end anyways I've got the end fo' sho'.


kelzone said...

i dang well better be a character in your play

Renny said...

will it star me?
Also, I'm glad you said, "burrowed." I've trained you well. You should have stared and laughed. OUT LOUD.
Also, shake it like a Polaroid.

kewwi said...

Dear Alirara. I'm not really sure why you call yourself that but i like it. Anyway i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed reading your blog today. Your a good writer, which makes me excited to read your play. Well i want to come to your house and eat dinner one day. So i am inviting myself. I will bring food. Anyways if you would like the pleasure of my company just let me know!