Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tyler McKay

Today is Tyler's birthday! Happy Birthday!!
He is my older brother, by 2 years.

I shall share some favorite memories I have of Tyler.

When we were really little, Tyler and I would lay out a sleeping bag and get our mittens for the snow and box like we were in a rink. I know Tyler doesn't remember doing that because I asked him once.
But I remember it and it was fun.

We also used to go hunting for money so we could buy pool toys.
No, we didn't have a pool, but we would always get the Leslie's Pool catalog and want the cool pool toys.

And one Christmas we got a laser tag game, which recently we found! (Except my laser tag gun which is lost in the mountain of toys in Jacob's room). It was so fun we ran all around the street playing laser tag!. I know you're jealous.

Tyler is my big brother. He's funny and quiet. I've never heard anyone say they don't like Tyler because he's nice to people and loving.
In June he married Jessica, who is awesome!!
Last October they came to Provo for my birthday party, and stuff. And it was fun! We went to Bridal Veil Falls together and it
was awesome.

We had to go because Tyler had come up the weekend before and we couldn't find it (Jenna was driving and missed the turn...). Haha
In short I love my brother, he is awesome. Happy Birthday!!

And in our family we have big heads but not that big usually. I don't know what happened in that picture to make his head appear so large. But I love it!

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