Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ring Out Wild Bells

So 2012 is over.

That's good

Woah I just looked out our window and there was a perfect flying V of ducks.

quack Quack QUACK QUACK

If you think that is weird then you need to watch "The Mighty Ducks" more often than you have.


It was a great year.  I got married and now I live with my best friend and that is really fun.  That was the best part of 2012.

I got a job teaching.  It has been interesting.  Fun and hard.

I'm looking forward to 2013 though.  I think it will be good. 

This year we will spend more time on the important things, like family and taking better care of ourselves.  Spiritually and physically.

Though things in the world seem perilous at times I'm really happy to know that I have Adrian with me.  He makes me feel safe.  I love him very much.

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