Sunday, March 10, 2013

New School and Stuff

So I started my job at my new school in West Jordan.

Yes I left Quail Run, which has since had it's name changed...idk what it is now.  But don't people who have something to hide change their name?  Just Sayin'.

I miss my QRPS students really badly though.  I love their stinking guts.  Even if they did drive me crazy sometimes.  I miss them though.

The new school is good.  I only teach 7th grade.  Which is so different than having 3 preps and teaching 5 different classes.  I feel kind of lazy.  Though my number of students has been multiplied by 5, so there is a lot more grading to do.

The kids all seem to be very nice.  I mean they're 7th graders slowly turning to 8th graders.  So some of them are getting into that stage where everything I do is stupid to them.  It's so weird to see that transition in them.  But I do like them all and I can't think of any of them I am going to be at odds with all the time.  So I am excited to get to know them.

I still miss my kids though.  Yes I call them my kids.

Let me just tell you, Adrian is the best.

Friday he asked me to go out with him.  He took me to Red Robin.  And then surprised me with tickets to "Oz The Great and Powerful."

He's the best.  I love him.

The movie as a movie and not associated with the Wizard of Oz was absolutely fantastic.  I thought it was a great film.  Funny, visually captivating, and it pulls on your heart strings a little.  No it may not win any awards besides for visual effects, but it's a Disney movie and they mostly always do a great job.

As far as being in line with the book...fell flat on its face.  If you dont know, The Wizard of Oz is one of my most favorite books.  But I will do a full comparison some other time.

Well I must go.  TTFN


Anonymous said...

I think of you every time I see the ads for that Oz movie! Glad you got to see it.
Love, Mom

planmaster said...

I think of you every time I see the ads for that Oz movie! Glad you got to see it.i like your working style