Wednesday, February 14, 2007


i feel obligated to write about AZ for Az statehood day because both Chelsea and Lindsey wrote about Arizona. So i will first mention some random facts about Arizona for you not arizona people.

Arizona has a state tie, yes, it is the infamous bolo tie. Quite popular in the southwest, the bolo tie is just simply a string (usually of leather, (then it would actually be a thong by definition but that's a word that conjures unhappy thoughts)) with a decrative slide (usually decorated with a giant piece of turquoise).
Also Arizona probably has one of the most boring national parks you could think of and it's in the stupidest city in arizona. Of course I am talking about the Saguaro national Park in Tucson. Of course the park is beautiful at first and maybe strange to people who have never been to AZ before because the saguaro only grows in AZ But ,in fact, it's not a park you would like to walk through because you would get a bunch of cactus spikes in you and this would not be fun.
Now many people outside of az think tucson is cool but in fact it's just boring and full of weirdos...end of story. Phoenix the capital is way better.
Arizona is old, and so are many residents of arizona. We have cities dedicated to old people for instance, the most popular would be Sun City. It's a regular mini florida.
Also another interesting fact about AZ is that the people are so laid back here. Way less uptight than any other state. (Mostly, except Scottsdale which is labeled Snotsdale by all other Arizonans because of their snotty ways)!!
Ok and it also is against the law to pull out the feathers of other peoples' ostriches. So don't do it!!
It is never out of style to wear shorts. Even in winter, shorts and flip flops are perfectly acceptable attire.
Well I hope you all feel like you could come to arizona and blend in. Not that it matters Arizonans love to meet people from out of state. below is a friendly Arizonan welcoming you!


Lil Renny said...

The Saghuaro is awesome. Everyone must love it, especially in the spring when it blossoms. AZ also has the largest Ponderosa Pine Forest. What other state has such a vast array of plantlife? I'm gonna go with zero.

alirara said...

ya mom told me how to spell that wrong i guess
But Az is pretty cool

cschramm said...

Um, who is that girl, the supposed Arizona person who is welcoming me?

mom said...

Um, Lindsey, California has everything, except maybe the Saghuaro, (is that how you spell it?) But, California also has the beach, so beat that! I shall die a California girl--the cutest girls in the world!

Mom said...

Although, I know 3 Arizona girls in particular who are pretty darn cute, and I am not even biased.

alirara said...

That girl is my sister Amy! She would like to welcome everybody (unless you're stupid) to Arizona!

Lil Renny said...

Ahem, Alicia, I know you didn't mean to do this, but it sounded like you called Chelm stupid, and I cannot find that acceptable. Now, update your blog.