Wednesday, February 7, 2007


i feel so strong saddish today. And for some reason everything on my computer is unusually large looking and then i'm just having a bad day. So i'm so depressed my friend died. this is shoking. i was in shock for hours like it didn't even hit me until way later. I cried. No we weren't like even great friends more like aquaintences you know but we would talk and laugh and could have a conversation. She was a very nice person too that person that everyone likes you know because they are just so selfless. She was so alive she went hiking every night and she was very young. So it just makes me so sad to learn this so i don't know. it was depressing. I know the plan of salvation though so this keeps me from breaking down completely.
My table was mean to me and also i'm just having a crappy day my computer burns cds slowly and i can't even win a game of hearts. Also i look like crap in every one of the pictures from my best friends bday and also i found out my other best friend was talking crap about me all 3rd hour which we do not have together so that is depressing I did really bad on my calculus quiz even though i thought i knew it all and Sadella was put into my gov class and she sits by me the horror. I have so much homework and life is pretty crappy now.
I guess that i can only go up from here though right.


Lil Renny said...

Leesha- be happy!!! Nate said he is sorry your friend died. Its hard because we should be more sad for the people that die that aren't nice, but they're not nice... so lets just all remember we're children of God. So everything will be okay. I love you and I will see you of Friday.

alirara said...