Monday, April 2, 2007


AHHHHH!!! I'm totally buggin' here. I'm about to throw up my stomach! They want me to speak at graduation. GAh my nerves are already flying off the handle. I'm getting that feeling like i want to cry. Why me? If I had known I was going to be speaking at graduation I would have been nicer to the people in my class. OOPS!! Well I'll try my best. If you have any ideas to help me please post them. I need to turn in my first rough draft in 2 weeks. yes so ya eeks!


Lil Renny said...

you should talk about how memory is important because it shapes who you are and you evolve with each memory formed. Well, I think you should also talk about how its important to keep learning. this is the moment where your life turns from everything your parents have done to make you who you are
to everything you must now do to be someone that makes yourself proud.
Just a reminder of our conversation. PS, who cares about who likes you, graduation is the list time you'll ever see them :) You should just be nice to everyone anyway.

alirara said...

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