Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm Coming to Get YOU!!!

That's right I'm talking to you people. People who think they are above cleaning or just butt into other peoples business without knowing the whole story. Or "Mr. I'm so cute all the girls like me" because in reality you are just dumb and not even that Cute no guy is as cute as that man at BYU Idaho I don't care who you are. Plus you are rude and inconsiderate. This look is to just warn you of what is to come. Ya I know you are shaking in your boots and you should be!! Of all the people in my family I'm the meanest. Its a complex you get from being youngest and middle child. So GET OVER YOURSELF!!!


Lil Renny said...

My sister loves me

Mom said...

If you are the meanest, we are safe.

Lil Renny said...

>:{ I want an update... hurry up and take your AP tests so you won't have anything to do with your life besides blogging.

Lil Renny said...

1) Update your blog
2) when I call you answer your phone
3) if you simply are unable to answer your phone, CALL ME BACK
4) Don't even be comparing your mom to mine cause mine is way better!