Sunday, June 17, 2007

High School Graduation

I'm too lazy to move these pics down

No I did not throw up like in Princess Diares when I gave my grad speech. I wasn't that nervous because being a member of the church has helped me to no tbe nervous at public speaking. I'm not sure if that sentence made any sense but who cares... Any ways graduation was good. Only an hour and a half long...and no one booed at my speech which, yes, I was afraid would happen. So that was good. I was watching Legally Blonde last night though and she speaks at her Graduation and I was like man I should of just said all that except for the stuff about law. Well Now I'll put on pictures from graduation. there was nothing really special about it except I'm uber excited not to be in high school anymore. Ok here we go... I look stupid and ugly because of the dumb cap we had to wear and no one told me to fix my bangs...}:(


Mom said...

You never look stupid and ugly.

Lil Renny said...

Well, except for sometimes... just kidding. You look good. Congratulations! Oh and PS, don't even start a fight about who's dad is better than who's, I can take you, and I will.