Monday, July 16, 2007

lack of adventure

I've realized that I have had a lack of adventure in my life. I was looking at my friends facebook where she took a 3 day roadtrip with some of her friends to sedona. It looked fun. Anyways I always thought I would be taking a senior trip somewhere but friends were never allowed so we never did anything. And it has made me sad. Of course we did go to Sedona for one day and I loved it it was so fun but I'd alsways wanted to go camping with my friends or something but they aren't allowed so to no avail i have not had that awesome adventure i've always hoped for. And anyways maybe college will bring up this opprotunity.
On the plus side I only have 2 days of work left before my family takes our trip to Boston. So this may satisfy my appitite to leave phoenix. BYe I'm so excited for the trip.


Mom said...

you should have put some of your Sedona pix on here! Our Boston trip will be awesome!

Lil Renny said...

Boston sounds like an awfully great adventure to me.