Tuesday, October 30, 2007


October is Birthday Month. I could tell you why but I'd have to kill you. So since I don't actually want to kill people I'll just talk about the people who have Birthday's in October in my family.
First is me, October 10th, 1988. It's a very easy birthday to remember 10/10, see that's not hard. It's like 20/20 divided by 2. yep anyways.
I'm cool but there are others with October Birthdays, namely my 2 blood sisters and my 1 siamese sister twin attatched at the elbow sometimes.
So first is Lindsey she was born October 29th, 1985. Yesterday was her birthday. She is amazing. Probably one of the best people I know. So for her birthday i got her a card, I made her a pumpkin pie, a cake and some chicken and that's the order she ate them in. Yep. Well I love Lindsey she is my big sister and we had many fun times as children. Lindsey remember when those girls beat us up at the ice cream truck? Oh good times...jk but we did have good times they are just too good for everyone reading this blog. HAHA! Sasquatch. Lindsey is my favorite big sister and the best big sister in the world. She has introduced me to a whole new world of music and I am extremely grateful for that. My world would be musicless, pretty much, without her. Lindsey likes pumpkins So do I. When I was younger I just wanted to be like Lindsey so I always copied her. yep. She's most excellent.
Next is Madalynn, today is her birthday. She was born October 30th, 1995, ending my reign as the cutest youngest child in our family. That's ok though. For some reason everyone thinks I am bitter but I'm not actually, to me it was just a joke but then people started taking it seriously. Whatev' Madalynn is my favorite little sister always will be. Plus she is the best little sister. She is very nice and I remember when she was young and so cute and I could be like "Look a worm!" And she would get so scared, that was cute. yeah. But now she's all big and 12 and I was looking for a presant to buy her for her birthday and I just wanted to buy her little girl things but I didn't. Because she's not little any more, although in my mind she will probably always be 8. hmm. I'm old. Wow Madalynn is very nice, always being nice to others, that's just how she is. And she likes animals. Madalynn and I aren't sames, but that is good because it would be not good to have a little mini me running around. Plus it makes things fun. She does like to read and I like to read but we read different books. And she doesn't read books if she sees the movie. I love her very much.
Lastly is my siamese twin sometimes attatched at the elbow born 21 days after me sister Amelia, or Amy as she is more comonly known. She was born October 31st, 1988. Amy and I met in the 7th grade when we had homeroom together. I sat in the back and she sat in the front but we had the same last name, Reynolds. Thus began our sisterdom. No not really it was actually quite some time later into the year when I found out she had a sister named Alicia and a brother named Taylor, which isn't Tyler exactly but pretty close, n'est pas? So thus began our sisterdom. We hadn't become siamese twins yet, this happened in high school I can't remember the exact day but Spirit Week was coming up and one of the days to dress up for was Twin Day. SO we decided to be siamese twins sometimes attatched at the elbow. Oh We have had so many great times together and I'm very glad we both had the same homeroom in 7th grade. We get along so well we are Best Friends Forever (BFF carved in a tree that stands for Boom Fwam Foosh). We have the same sense of humor and have just a good time always together.
So there you go the best birthday people of October.


Mom said...

Your blogg made me cry. I love all of you birthday people in October.
Love Mom

Lil Renny said...

Mom, why do you spell blog with two 'g's?

Mom said...

I like to spell blogg with two "g"s.

wilbur said...

it would be funny to see a little alicia running around. but not if it was me.

Lil Renny said...

Remember how you went to Idaho and didn't take any pictures? >:{