Thursday, October 11, 2007

Silly Boys

Boys can be so weird sometimes. Like when they wear girl clothes. When a girl wears guy clothes it can be cute, or funny, sometimes strange but not really that creepy. When a guy wears girl clothes it is always creepy. Emo kids creep me out because the boys wear girl pants. I don't get it. WHY? It's very creepy you look like a flippin' girl. Today I saw this boy wearing normal clothes but then he was wearing girl boots. It was very strange. I wanted to take a picture but that would have been equally as creepy. He was wearing those suede tan kind of boots that are fuzzy on the inside.
Kind of like mine only not as cute. This got me thinking: what kind of boots should boys be allowed to wear with out seeming completely creepy. So I've thought of a list; work boots, ski boots, snow boots, hiking boots, combat boots, and if worn correctly with the right outfit, cowboy boots. But that's it. Boys shouldn't wear suede boots with fuzzy inside. They probably shouldn't wear them as a fashion statement either, just when needed. Hiking boots when hiking, combat boots when in combat, snow boots in the snow, work boots when working, etc. Otherwise none boots should boys wear. I just don't know, it's creepy. I love boots really. I own like 3 pairs of boots. and I love them. yep. And if boys wear cowboy boots they should be in cowboy attire and have spurs and marry me if they are actually a jk about that last part.


Lil Renny said...

boots boots boots. A gay boy.

wilbur said...

u r weird. enuf sed

Creepy Old Hobo said...

I only wear girl clothes on special occasions. Like summer.