Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sometimes we lie to ourselves...

So I agree with Lindsey so far this summer has had good moments but overall has sucked like a dyson vaccuum.
Sometimes things just don't go as planned, but it's all about making orange juice with your lemons right? And leave everyone wondering how you did it.
That's why I'm trying to break my shy shell. Let me tell you it's not easy nor do I like it.
Imagine you've never really had a good conversation with anyone besides good friends. Now you suddenly have to. Not fun
I know what you're thinking, how did you get good friends with out conversing with them first. Don't ask me God just loves me I guess and sent these great people to me. We were just suddenly good friends and that's always how it's happened with me.
I call it the kindergarten effect. Cuz you know when you're little that's how you become friends with people you meet someone on the playground and you guys are just bff's.

Anyways, it's also hard to do because I work three jobs. But don't worry I'll make enough for tuition. so that's good. But I don't get to go to ward activities and they've stopped telling me about fhe. Which is a bad idea cuz that's just kinda rude. Tom never gave up on the people who wouldn't come. He went to their apartments and asked them to come pretty much everyweek or called them. One girl came once or twice and trevor hardly ever came. but he tried.



Bubbles The Duck said...

weesha! I'm so sorry i deserted you. but i know the feeling. no one in the ward has called to ask where i've been for the least few weeks... alas, i will return and no one will even know i was gone!

madii (wilbur) said...

yay! you updated! thankies!

Renny said...

"sucked like a dyson vacuum..." probably my most favorite line ever.

kelzone said...

i love you! i'm so glad i got to see you and i hope we are kindergarten friends, because i think of you as a dear friend! i hope your summer gets much better!
much peace and love