Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm telling you a funny story because lindsey is whining at me. She keeps doing it. Now she's laughing at nothing. She's weird.

One time when Tom and I were doing our laundry and this girl in our ward came in. Let me describe this girl to you. She is dumb. "And that's about it." No really she's just one of those people who thinks she's way super spiritual she's a "holier than thou" type. So she was dating this guy in our ward. He is actually really cool but he had just left on his mission. So Tom says to her "So are you going to wait for Chase?"
"Well not officially," she whispers back because that's how she talks,"But in my heart I'm waiting for him. I want to go on a mission so he has to wait for me too."
I at this point am trying not to laugh because she is so dumb.
"Oh that's nice." says Tom
When she left we both started laughing.
The real funny part is that now shes engaged. Apparently to a guy she's only seen 8 times before but whatever.

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