Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Challenge: March Madness

The challenge this month has nothing to do with basketball. In fact it's anti-basketball.
Because when I think of March I think of Saint Patrick's Day and when I think of good ol' St Patty I think of Flogging Molly which makes me think of 2 things; awesome music, and dancing!

So the challenge this month is to dance. Yep Dance. It's one of the funnest things ever to turn on music when you are alone and just dance by yourself in a room. I've been enjoying this activity as long as I could remember. I would dance to the soundtrack of "The Women in Red." I've never seen that movie but for some reason my family had the soundtrack, and I had a whole dance worked out to the main song. I would also dance to my mom's tapes she used to sell, I'm not sure what they're called but they were for kids and there were fun songs to dance to like "See Me Run" and the ballet one. I was also quite fond of Sesame Street ABC's.

Anyways more specifically the challenge is to dance for 15 minutes a week. I really don't think that's hard. So pretty much you have to do it. You'll see it's the most fun thing ever.

Anyways I succeeded in my February challenge. But some of you didn't. That's ok because I epic failed January.

All right now I have to go study for Chemistry...


Renny said...

See me run! Running around in circles running and running, running around the room!
See me skip! Skipping and skipping, skipping from night 'til noon!
Now I hop! Hop, hop, hop! One foot then the other-
Don't you know its time to rock? See me rocking? Swingin' just like my big older brother. Then-
See me twirl! Twirling and twirling, twirling until I DROP!
Then stop!

alirara said...

your memory is outrageous

Ruth said...

I love this. I can just see my mother in law in Michigan in the dead of winter, unable to exercise outside, so she would put in an eight track of ELVIS and dance away! Great idea. ;-)

Docface said...

Last night I was teaching Tyler the swing.