Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm Back Mommy

I'm back my vacation was fun. I will write about it soon. But I thought I needed to pay tribute to me mum for today is the Day of Mothers.

My mommy is awesome, better than yours and she is so hilarious (that's why all her children are so hilarious too). I know you're jealous but that's just the way life goes.
My mom was born and raised in California (round abouts the Clovis area). After high school she went to BYU where she met mon pere. My dad fell madly in love with my mom at first sight. But the girls in my family know how to play hard to get. Don't worry they got married and had wonderous adventures in Germany, and Kansas and Arizona where they finally settled. Mother became a substitue teacher and is quite often the sub kids hope to have when their teacher will be gone.

Some things I'm really grateful for that my Mother taught me:
  • The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To take responsibility for my actions
  • How to fold fitted sheets
  • etc

I have to go now because I'm at work, But I love you Mommy. You're the best!!


Docface said...

Thanks sweetie. I love you too.

Ruth said...

I love to see your momma honored! And I love your humor. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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