Thursday, May 27, 2010

Challenging Posts

Oh yes I remembered last night as I laid down to go to sleep for a second time about my monthly blog challenge and how I hadn't done one in 2 months.

I think though that's ok because April being the last month of school was extremely busy and May I was trying to get my footing on this whole summer break thing. It still seemed foreign to me for some reason.

The challenge for April was going to be that you could only drink drinks that didn't have added sugar (limiting your choices to water, milk and 100% juice, maybe other things but you know what I mean). This stemmed from the idea of "Drip, drip drop little April Showers" but of course it pretty much snowed here all through April (and May) so I wasn't really thinking of April Showers that much.

(This is how Utah works, seriously, only with snow)
I digress, so anyways and the "May flowers" thing came to my mind for the May challenge. In May it was going to be give someone flowers, of any sort; real, fake, weeds with flowers, paper, drawn, virtual, etc etc. Get the idea. It would have been perfect for Mother's Day.

But I've missed the mark on posting those...So here's what I'll do: Everyone gets two free points for April and May, but if you do the challenges you'll get 5 extra points! OF course April will take longer but just keep track.

Ok and next week I'll post June's challenge so be on the look out!

Mucho Love!

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