Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mon Frere Aaron

So my brother's birthday was the 16th. But since I pretty much don't have responsibilities right now I lose track of the days and things. Don't worry I called him and told him happy birthday. But I don't know what day it is today actually... But my sister wrote a wonderful post about my brother you should read here. And then keep reading her blog it's good.

But I wanted to add to that blog post she wrote.

Aaron is my big big brother I say big big because I have to big brothers and he's the oldest, not because I think he is fat or something, because he's not.

Anyways I thought I would just share some memories and things about Aaron with you.

When I was younger I always thought Aaron and I had a special bond because both of our names started with the letter A. Also for 7 years we were the bookends of the children in the family.

You may have read Lindsey's story about when I had the chicken pox and Aaron bought me a cd. What Lindsey didn't include was that Aaron not only bought me a cd he bought me a COUNTRY cd. Aaron hated country then (he tolerates it a little more now) It really meant a lot to me because I thought I was dieing. Though it seemed like I wasn't grateful at the time because I was so sick, I do remember asking him to put it in my discman for me though.

Some of my favorite memories are with Aaron. I liked that we could just chill and it was nice. Aaron would take me with him to see movies and out to eat. Even still he does when I come home from college to visit. Quite fun.

Yeah, I remember too this one time I was really young. I don't even remember what mall we were at but I got lost from my family and Aaron came back and found me. Pretty sure I was crying, but I was so happy to find him. And he was just happy to have found me. Probably no one remembers that but me.

Also my brother is very overprotective of me. Which is nice to know.

Anyways I'm not very eloquent but I just want to say, I love you Aaron, you're the best! Thank you for always being there for me and for caring. Thanks for the example you've set. I love you so much and I'm excited to come home for your wedding!
Love, Alicia


Anonymous said...

I don't remember the time you got lost. That was sweet. Love you, MOm

Ace Rey said...

Thank you Alicia. I love you too.