Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Break it Down

Well life has been shall I say crazy!

Ok since I last posted I...
  • quit my job at the MTC (sweet freedom)
  • Got a job doing early morning custodial on campus
  • Started the semester with 20.5 credits
  • Started today by dropping a credit (goodbye Chem 107)
  • Went on a two week geology camp for one of my classes 2 weeks before the semester started
  • Applied for a tutoring job (fingers crossed)
But all of that is beans compared to the most exciting thing that happened.

My brother Aaron (mentioned in the post before) Got married!! On me mum's birthday!
It was super awesome and exciting and now I have a new sister (Korina) and a neice and nephew (Shiane and Kyle). Yeah!! They are awesome and such a cute little family.

Now for the bad news...Pretty sure I'm having a nervous breakdown. How can school already be so stressful when we've only been in for a week? It's totally uncool. This is part of the reason I dropped Chem 107. Another reason being that they wanted me to pay $40 to join a website and guess who doesn't have the money. Um oh yeah, me. Not working for a month and a half but still paying bills will make you poorer than Anne. (probably no one will get that joke but it's from french class in high school; "Pauvre Anne").

Cha I need a big huge chocolate cake please. With Reese's baked into it. Oh my that sounds too good to be true.

Ok Imma post something happy now.

Cha Bye!


Renny said...

Did you get my text this morning?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, school is busy for me this semester, too. I only have 13 credits, but about 36 hours of homework a week. On day one, they gave us a 25 hour project that was due the next week. No time for anything except the occasional football game. :) You should see my new big TV.

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