Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Journaling Like a Boss

Oh yes, I thought it might be time for another 
journal entry from my past...

(Did you just read that in a dreamy like voice?  
It's ok if you did, 
it's not ok if you didn't because you're ruining the effect I want to create on my blog.
 Jk jk...
but really go reread it if you didn't, 
you know the voice I mean)

This one was written in cursive.  
I confused my UPPERCASE cursive D's 
with UPPERCASE cursive G's for awhile


"Gear J,
Today I was almost
late fore school but
I made it Today 
was a half day and 
thiers no lunch wich
ment no sience, art 
solshole studies, and 
lots more. Of course
we did have math,
I hate math not
adding but I hate
subtrackting espeishelly
regoupine. I'm 
going to fill a
lot of pages
tonight because I
skipped a lot of
impported times
like my birthday,
It is because I
have not written 
a lot in this 
book.  Here we go.

How could I have skipped all those 
impported times!?  
And why was I learning about the complicated 
french math regoupine
at such a young age?

50 cool points if you can figure out what all the words are supposed to be.

Also I went on to write two more pages of impported times: 
my birthday and the first day of school.

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